Internal Sin: 097


Many, many years ago, there was a world where everyone had a soulmate; some were fortunate to have been paired with the right one, while others were unlucky.

According to what I have read, it was not always like that. Everyone was happy with who they were paired with until there was some sort of imbalance in the system and things got out of hand, and people started getting paired with people they were not compatible with. Soulmates abused and killed each other, but not anymore. Soulmates were becoming increasingly rare in the world I grew up in, and nowadays anyone could be with whoever they wanted without having to wait and look for their soulmates. When soulmates realize they love someone else, they usually break their bond.

Well, my name was Cameron, a small-time painter with my studio in the bustling big city, and I did not believe in soulmates.

Having a soulmate was not necessarily a bad thing; it would be nice to fee
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