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My name is Kai and I lived in a world where guardian angels were assigned to an individual once they were 14, you are meant to only feel their presence and know they are with you and once you are 16, you are meant to meet your soulmate and your guardian angel's purpose will be done. However, I was 18 and in my senior year in highschool and never for once have I felt a presence, it was like I was forgotten and abandoned. I lived my life as the abnormal kid and pursue my dreams of getting into college but one day, that perception of my life changed when I walked into my room to find a glowing boy with wings on my bed, grinning at me. Was I supposed to see my angel?! What was the meaning of this? And instead of an innocent and delicate being, I was blessed with Chaos itself and like a switch, my once abnormal life took a dangerous turn and was flipped upside down, committing an Internal Sin. And what was all those flashbacks about, why was I getting memories of a life I've never lived? "You broke the wrong parts of me. You broke my wings and forgot I had claws. I should have plucked your feathers when I had the chance!" - Kai "A demon? Oh no, I am much, much worst," - Ralph "I'd kill them all if I fight back," - Cameron "I have no Master," - Rhys There is only one way to find out more. Click Read!

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Enjoyed this so much
2024-01-18 08:35:33
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Amazing... I enjoyed it very much
2023-12-25 06:03:03
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Collins Umeh
This is interesting, first time reading this type of theme in a bl, hope it's won't be disappointing
2023-03-12 21:16:40
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Great! Another BL, this author is delivering what I like! So Excited!!
2023-02-09 15:55:10
101 Chapters
Internal Sin: 001
(Kai's Point of View )The night sky was ablaze with color. White hot flames shimmered through fierce yellow and into burnt orange as the flames licked the trees.It was the true definition of grisliness yet I didn't look away, watching that catching fire and withstanding the urge to run in but my legs remained embedded on the ground, I was unable to move, not even his enigmatic screams and laughter, or the look of anguish, betrayal, and fire in his eyes that peered back at me was able to haul me in.The flames crackled with hunger, its desire was never satiated as it greedily devoured everything on its path, nothing was spared, including me as it burnt through my clothes and set my soul on fire yet I didn't move cause the fire never hurt me, it burnt but not my flesh.Suddenly, he was standing in front of me, dark, soulless eyes blazing with flames, gawking into my essence. "I won't let you burn with me!"I managed a smile, my hand reaching out to caress his cheek and I watched him l
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Internal Sin: 002
(Kai's Point Of View)Getting to the garage I called home, I stood in my room that looked like a bomb site.The fading light of a winter’s afternoon strived to puncture through the dark and dingy atmosphere within the bedsit. The walls were discolored, leaving them a sad shade of grey. The whole room reeked of despair. It was almost impossible to stand here without being overwhelmed by nausea but matter how bad it was, it provided shelter and there was nothing greater than having a roof over one's head.I dumped my bag pack on the floor and strode over to my bed but paused when I heard the sound of knocking on my door. I sauntered over, opening the door to reveal Ms. Charlie, red eyes blazing with execration and malignancy while a bottle of wine hung low on her hand."Where's my money?"I nearly cringed at the unpleasant smell from her mouth. It was so early yet she was crapulous and inebriated out of her mind.I opened my mouth to speak but words denied to leave as I realized I didn
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Internal Sin: 003
(Kai's Point Of View)After my shift was over at 10:30 pm, I sauntered down the desolated pathway that steered to my basement with a paper bag of leftovers.My mind trotted back to what happened at school and the restaurant. What was going on with me?Sleepwalking and daydreaming, that had never happened to me in a while. The last time I sleep walk was a detailed calamity and I was 10, still living under the roof of my dad and stepmom, it was the same night that I was bounced out with my brother. I swore never to sleepwalk again and it had been uneventful till now.Nothing favorable ever happened whenever I fantasize or sleepwalk. With a sigh, I grabbed the handle of my basement door but found it unlocked. No one had a spare key except...I nudged the door open and went inside and was saluted with my room hurled upside down while Rhory and his mate Keir inhabited the only chairs beside my study desk."Ah, look who finally decided to show up, isn't it my precious kid brother," Rhory
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Internal Sin: 004
(Kai's Point of View)"Hi"I blinked a few times to be sure what I was seeing was correct, and indeed, it was. Was this another of my fantasies?When he jumped up from the bed and approached me with a genteel grin that made his appearance more attractive with hazel eyes and golden hair, I jerked and put my back against the door."Who are you and how did you get access to my home?" I questioned, wishing to disappear through the door since I was dreaming again. It had to be a dream.He came to a halt in front of me and pushed his body closer, smelling and nodding. "You smell great, exactly to my liking,"I glared, the fear I once felt gone from my nerves as my gaze got harsher as I had no idea why a glowing boy in white with huge pair of fucking white wings was doing my apartment at 11 pm. I swung the door open. "Get out while I'm being nice, and before I call the damn police and have you arrested!"I watched taken back as his hazel eyes suddenly glistened, a smirk curved on his full re
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Internal Sin: 005
My mind slowly regained consciousness, feeling a weight on top of me and a trek of fingers on my cheekbones down to my lips, and before I knew it, a finger was poking through my mouth, my eyes instantaneously snapped open, squishing whatever was on top of me, and I heard a thud, then a shriek that caused me to look at the floor, and my face contorted."YOU!" I shrink back on my bed and my head banged against the wall. "What are you doing here, and why the heck am I still dreaming?" I slapped my cheeks to make sure I was dreaming but it hurt! "Ouch!He grumbled and got to his feet, running his fingers through his golden locks, showing more of his flawless forehead, and flexing his muscular biceps as his upper torso was exposed. "Good morning," he greeted with a smile. My stomach churned.I grabbed my pillow and tossed it at his face, but it stopped in midair and fell at his feet. I gaped."Why are you still here, I told you to fuck off in the morning!""Tsk, I'm y
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Internal Sin: 006
(Kai's point of view)"Hey, Kai! Why don't you quit behaving like a chicken and come out here and fight like a man?"At moments like this, I wish I could shrink or melt into a wall instead of dealing with Kyrell's verbal and physical abuse.I moaned again, self-loathing as I rubbed my molten palms together on the lavatory toilet, shut away from the mocking parasite outside the door.A guardian angel?Ah! I laughed at the hypocrisy of those words as I began to wonder whether he was an angel or a circus performer with some tricks under his sleeve, but if he was, he had succeeded in exposing my idiocy.I knew an angel could never act like that, but I decided to accept his nonsense and now look at me, just a few steps away from getting punched in the face again.I stayed in there, pleading to whatever was listening to help me, and as if in response, the voices stopped, followed by slamming doors and departing footsteps.I sluggishly climbed down, opened the door, and peered outside, sighi
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Internal Sin: 007
I flinched, my fingertips sliding down the marks on my exposed chest.I couldn't even recognize my own physique when I looked in the mirror. I was not only covered in old and new puncture wounds, but I also appeared famished.With a sigh, I slid a shirt over my head and stepped out of the bathroom, coming to a halt when my eyes were drawn to the figure in white laying on my bed, enormous white wings spread widely on the bed.He suddenly sat up, as if sensing my presence, and his smile immediately deteriorated."What the hell happened to your face?" He addressed, already up on his feet and lunging towards me, I grunted when he cradled my face and inspected the bruises. I pushed him away."If you are truly an angel, you should be aware," I snorted at him and moved by him, but he seized my wrist and I veered abruptly. "What the heck are you looking for?" I yanked my hand from his hold and pointed at his face. "Listen, Ralph or whatever your name is, I don't know wha
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Internal Sin: 008
(Kai's Point of View)I froze as I pushed the cafeteria doors open, every pair of eyes reeling our way. Goosebumps rose on my skin as I swallowed.I took a timid step forward, and everyone's eyes did as well. I groaned, bent my head, and went to the counter to grab something to eat."Come sit with us, Ralph!"The bids came from both the left and the right. I frowned in distaste as I grabbed a tray of food, Ralph following my lead, and we made our way to the unoccupied table in the cafeteria's corner."It's just your first day, you're so highly regarded now," I added, observing how the number of eyes on us hadn't been distracted yet. The majority of them appeared envious."I'm extremely beautiful, I know," came Ralph's simple response.When I glanced at him, he was staring at the fork as if it were the most abnormal thing in the world. He clearly had no idea what to do with it. I kept myself from laughing at the simplicity.He wasn't from this world at all."Here," I said, waving my ha
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Internal Sin: 009
(Kai's Point of View)Leaving Ralph at home was more difficult than I had anticipated. He was already following me to school, and I didn't want him to follow me everywhere; I didn't want a shado()w.It had taken a lot of persuading to convince him not to come with me or, at the very least, to be fucking invisible so that no one could see him, not even me. I didn't want those hazel eyes on me after what happened at school today, and the way he had gazed at me earlier gave me shivers and had my insides twist in an unfathomable way."Kai!"I went around the corner after hearing Reuben's shout. He gave me a box with an address scribbled on the front."Our delivery guy called in sick today and since there are less to no customers today, Boss wants you to deliver that," He clarified, passing me the keys to a scooter and a helmet. "Drive cautiously," he advised, patting my hair and turning to face the customer.I stepped outside after removing the waiter's apron, practically shivering at the
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Internal Sin: 010
(Kai's Point of View)I found myself in the middle of a vibrant forest. The leaves were as green as they could be, dripping with water and allowing beams of sunlight to shine through.The view was lush, green, and lovely. What was I doing?I didn't know I was moving until I started smiling and breathing the dirt of the flesh.I moved closer and closer to what was propelling me ahead until I came to a vast field filled with the most cherry blossoms and the most vivid blue clouds. My smile deepened at the sight, but it vanished in the blink of an eye.The flowers on the Field all perished and shriveled as the sky turned drastically from blue to a dark shade of black.I gasped and took a step back, watching as a person dropped from the sky with gigantic white wings on his back, his back to me. I moved closer, attempting to see the man's face until I was standing directly in front of him.I exclaimed. It was me!That wasn't me!But everything about him and me was the same, except for his
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