Internal Sin: 096


As golden guardians, it was our responsibility to protect humans and ensure that they were happy with their soulmates, regardless of their background. It was a crime for a golden guardian to look away from his assigned human, and most importantly, we did not fall in love. It was an internal sin that resulted in an internal penalty.

I recall the moment I realized Kai was in love with a demon. It was when he stopped wearing that cold face that the hardness in his eyes seemed to fade. He was more carefree and careless, and he was willing to give up his title just to be with that demon. I was happy as long as he was happy, but only if that demon shared his feelings.

Kai wept before having his wings torn off and receiving his punishment, I recalled. Although it was inhumane to watch him suffer from the blast of thunder every hour, it was the penalty for an internal transgression. It took Kai a century to finally be born as a soulless human.

As his best friend, I tri
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