Internal Sin: 099


Two lifetimes, three lifetimes worth of memories—they felt like a weight was placed on my shoulders—ones that were occasionally too much for me to bear.

I recalled every lifetime I'd lived and every second I'd lived without having a clue where to find Ralph.

Every time I failed, it felt like a needle was being pressed into my heart. This was my third life and I was 25. In this life, I worked as an architect for a decent wage, owned a restaurant with Rhory and Keir, and lived in an apartment in the middle of the city. Keir and Rhory were fortunate to have reunited as soulmates.

They probably kept my memories to make me realize how much I was losing and probably laughed at my face as I failed to find Ralph in the lifetimes I'd lived.

I sighed, slammed my pen on the table, and stopped trying to figure out a building pattern.


I raised my head in response to the tiny voice and discovered a tiny head with silver locks poking through the door. In an instant,
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