San Joaquin Community Hospital, San Francisco 

Samlin Greenham 

I wake up from the strange dream.

    Though I can't remember the dream and I don't feel or see any urge to remember it. My eyes move around the room, the smell of antiseptic hitting my nose. Almost everything around me is white, white bed cover over me, the curtains of the windows are white, the shirt I'm wearing right now is white. 

So, I am in a hospital, the place I hate most.

  I slowly lift my head up, it's pounding like someone is squeezing it forcefully. I remove the oxygen mask from my face and push it to the ventilator machine. I inhale deeply, but it's feeling like there's lack of air in the room.

"You are awake?" Emilia and Lucas shout in unison, stepping in the room. She sits beside me on the bed and hugs me tightly, laughing. "Oh God, Sam! Did you have to scare us like that?"

"I scared you?" I smile slightly. "Tell

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