Neon Desert

Neon Desert

By:  Bolterpyre/Jefferson Dizon  Completed
Language: English
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The Sons of Trident--a Protectorate Regiment originating from the Ocean World of Triton. The Regiment was deployed to assist in the defense of a desert world belleaguered by alien beligerents. The story follows Centauri Patrol Team as they uncover the mystery behind the attack of the Dusk Riders, which was bolstered by an unlikely force...

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13 Chapters
Chapter 1
The humid wind blew across the sandy fields of V'rounsthan; grains of dust slammed against the surface of his Aquarius-Class Battle Gear but the sound never bothered him. It was, to his ears, alien just like the environment around him. In their homeworld of Triton, they lived in islets surrounded by a vast dark blue ocean that were occasionally disturbed by the storm that came from the grey cloudy skies.Here, however, was a desert that changes color depending on where the sun would stop at a given time. In the horizon, it would be purple. If the sun was at zenith point, it was light tan but when the sun sets and paved way for the moon to shine, it was green.The Solar ADF had grown on calling it 'Neon Desert', for some reason.Heaven's forces have landed in the heart of New V'roun City. The Human Monarchs of the planet had requested aid against the green-skinned race that were classified in the government's records simply as the 'Dusk Riders', mainl
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Chapter 2
"What's the plan?" Razion asked as he laid with his stomach flat on the ground."By the looks of it, they were probably around fifteen. It's nothing we cannot handle." Keron assured himself. "This was getting frequent." He added in a whisper."I heard that." Razion replied. "Are you going to talk to the Supreme-General about this?""Do you hear yourself? He only communes with the Tribune-Commander. That's whom I will take my sentiment to." Keron replied as he took aim at the advancing column. The shadow of the monolith obscured them all from immediate view, giving them advantage."Say he listened and he took your imploration to the V'rounian King. What if he simply ignores it?""Then this conflict will draw more days until something of significance take place. Maybe the end of this world." He sarcastically said. "Have we not seen enough planet lost because of incompetence?""Maybe it wasn't the Supreme-General's fault?" Aran said
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Chapter 3
By the time they arrived at the octagonal compound, the sun was already asleep beneath the planet. The green moon had took its reign, bathing the sands in the same color. Even the stars above the night sky appeared to be of greenish hue. Keron stared above in wonder. Despite being there for months, V'rounsthan never failed to amaze him.Ahead, a pair of Sons of Trident Protectorates stood in attention. Keron knew them personally but none of them were in the mood for a casual conversation. The two saluted and greeted him in the Name of God, which he responded with an appropriate reply."Peace be with you, brothers." He said.The Protectorate on the left harshly banged his fist against the gate of the compound, catching the attention of a Solar ADF soldier from the Division of the Black Squadron SAS. He approached with a weapon at hand."Something wrong?" He asked."What do you mean 'something wrong'? Sergeant-Commissar Keron's Patrol Team
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Chapter 4
The door of Forward Post-131 opened. The walls of the circular structure had no corners but it was big enough to house the modular radio and monitoring equipment inside. There were fifteen Protectorates from the Sons of Trident assigned to the post, but half of the detachment were missing.Keron was greeted by a fellow Tier-4 Sergeant-Commissar, whom he also knew personally. She stepped aside to allow the Patrol Team to enter."Where's the rest?" Keron asked."Responded to an alert." She replied with thick Tritonite accent of the Isle-Dwellers. "But that was three hours ago.""Still no word?""That's why we called you in." She replied.Keron and his team stepped inside. His gaze went around the interior before settling it at his fellow Sergeant-Commissar, who approached the monitors at the farthest back of the room. They followed her."What's going on, Toran?" Keron asked. "I've never seen you so quiet before."
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Chapter 5
Dawn slowly breaks in the horizon as the first rays of the sun peeked from behind the mountains beyond. Keron watched the thermometer gauge of his display link to see the gradually increasing temperature. If he was a mortal with no protective suit, he would have fell sick because of the chilly wind that blew in the air.A portion of the green desert now became purple as the sun rose in the horizon. Pillars of sand flew as the passing wind carried them up. The grains battered against the plates of their armor while they walked. Aran momentarily looked behind to see the long trails they have left.Keron kept his gaze ahead, looking occasionally from left to right to check for immediate threats. He glanced at the screen of his TacBracer to see how close they are to the beacon. Seeing no difference in the grid, they continued.It was until they rose at the peak of a slope when they heard a noise in the distance. Keron held a fist up and crouched as he searched for t
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Chapter 6
Once more, they walked across the sands of V'rounsthan. The sun was peeking at zenith point, painting the desert in light tan. The slopes obscured their advance, covering them from the prying eyes of the Dusk Riders who were encamped in the distance. They were half way across when Keron heard the rumbling of engines and the sound of spoilers spewing smogs in loud coughs."They're advancing!" Razion said."And there is nothing to be afraid of." Keron replied as he continued. "We will be able to outflank them definitely.""I hope you are right."They reached the end of a long slope and moved around the corner. Keron strode with confidence before a round was fired and penetrated his right breast. Keron recoiled backwards as he spat blood from the interior of his helmet. The filters ejected the red liquid while his Battle Gear automatically doused the wound with healing fluids that were dispensed from the damaged part of his armor.
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Chapter 7
The world streaked past in a blur in his eyes like feverish dreams that he get whenever he was subjected to deep REM sleep after every extended campaigns. He finally familiarized himself with the manipulation of the alien vehicle but the fear of making a mistake was still there. After all, it was just his first time to control such vehicle since things like these never existed on Triton. He does see some ADFs from various star systems use motorbikes but he never cared to learn how to use them.Beyond, Keron could see Forward Post-131. The walls were perforated with dime-sized bullet holes while the front door was left open, allowing grains of sand to flood through. Keron halted before the lone structure, his eyes never leaving the open doorway. He pulled his Blast Rifle out as soon as he disembarked from his bike and approached."Cover my back, brothers." Keron ordered as he neared the doorway.He could see fragments of glass beyond. Keron guessed th
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Chapter 8
The city was surrounded by large concrete barriers simply known as the Wall both to its citizenry and defenders. It measured far taller than the mundane corporate buildings inside the city borders but its height were equal to the tallest skyscraper there is. It was the last line of defense for the inhabitants of V'rounsthan and the Dusk Riders, unaided, would never be able to penetrate it...yet.Outside the Walls stood a column of armored artillery, each bearing the colors of their respective ADFs. The Solar ADF M1 Abrams and Cromwell tanks being black and blue while the futuristic armored beam tanks of the Gemminite being bright blue and gold. In the opened cupola of the Gemminite vehicles stood bright blue droids with golden skull face plates. Red lights emanated from its empty eye sockets. Green lensed monofocals were attached on their left eyes, displaying yellow corsairs at the advancing Dusk Riders.Beside them, the Divisions of the Black Squadron SAS, 666th
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Chapter 9
In the distance, Keron and the Patrol Team arrived in the littered battle zone. He never had the time to react to his surroundings because his attention was caught by the Dusk Riders congregating in the middle, firing their twin pistols at the Protectorates.In an attempt to evade it while keeping his bike steady, Keron leaned to the left. The fender and the dashboard of his bike exploded in pulverized metal and plastic. His front tire was punctured, sending him off the path. His bike ran over a mound of dust while going out of control. He was sent in the air, his bike splitting in half before he hit the ground with a bone breaking impact.He found himself staring at the purple skies, his vision was blurry but gradually gaining clarity. He saw spheres of plasma streaking past above him. The environment was chaotic but he could not hear anything but a loud ringing, which only lasted a few minutes."Brother, get up!" Razion appeared from the corner of his vi
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Chapter 10
Keron led the team ahead, his Blast Rifle sweeping the view from left to right. He continued a few steps further when he detected no immediate threats and entered the city's border underneath the archway of concrete.Beyond, the streets were asphalted in grey. The structures that flanked it were small business establishments with dead neon signages. Perhaps the conflict had the owners running elsewhere, leaving this street in gloom. He could see shards of glass and broken furniture in front, tell tale signs of conflict. Keron eased his trigger finger but kept it inside as they moved further. As the Tritonite saying goes, he does not trust the air."Me neither, brother." Razion replied out loud after hearing his leaking thoughts. Keron reminded himself to teach Razion a lesson later in the sparring mat after they are off-world for intrusion, if they ever make it out."Keep your eyes peeled." Keron simply replied, redoubling his mental defense as they travel
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