Immune (Alpha, Human & BloodHound romance)

Immune (Alpha, Human & BloodHound romance)

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Madeleine Cross -one of the few humans immune to the deadly virus Zion- after an unfortunate turn of events such as the loss of her last remaining parental figure finds herself captured by a BloodHound, a genetically enhanced being, designed to identify and retrieve the last remaining Negatives. She gets thrown into a sterile room to be subjected to various tests, under the pretext that her blood would be the key to develop an antidote against the deadly virus... Warning: contains dark erotica themes such as non-consensual and/or violent sex Enter at your own risk!

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Madeleine Cross -one of the few humans immune to the deadly virus Zion- after an unfortunate turn of events such as the loss of her last remaining parental figure finds herself captured by a BloodHound -a genetically enhanced being, designed to identify and retrieve the last remaining Negatives roaming the Earth.She gets thrown into a sterile room to be subjected to various tests, under the pretence that her blood would be the key to develop an antidote against the deadly virus...But that couldn't be any further than the dark truth.What will happen with her? Will the emotionless BloodHound that captured her grow a heart and try to save her or will she remain there trapped forever and at the mercy of a team of heartless doctors?What will happen when the cruel Alpha of the Laxian planet learns of her existence? Will she manage to escape him or will she be caught in his claws, set for a miserable life as his personal breeder?Warning: contains dark erotica themes such as non-consensua
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EarthYear: 2077Location: UnknownMadeleine shivered in anticipation, licking her chapped lips as she clutched the gun with both hands and close to her heaving chest, the undulated outer walls of the gas station they had just stumbled upon digging into her poorly clothed back as she struggled to keep herself still.They had been starving for too many days and the lack of nourishment within their organisms was already starting to show its negative effects.Her sky blue eyes darted back to Tate, her best friend and the closest thing to a paternal figure as he'd been the one to take care of her and basically raise her since she'd lost her parents right after the start of the pandemic.She smiled as for the millionth time, she recounted the way he'd found her five years ago, wandering the streets all alone and starving.She still couldn't fathom how she'd managed to survive on her own for almost a year, after the death of both her parents, thanks to the virus.Right on cue, her stomach c
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Deep, gravely silence followed, the girl letting out a shaky exhale before finally daring to raise her head and look around her, noticing the four bodies lying around.Like a newborn cub, she got up on unsteady legs and looked back to what was left of their old Cammie, breaking out into a pained sob as she could notice Tate dangling inside all motionless.With tears streaming down her cheeks again she took a few trembling and painful steps in his direction, only to have them falter as soon as she accidentally noticed the outline of a tall and bulky body steadily approaching down the road.Furrowing her brows, she took a better look, noticing his olive green attire and black army boots, along with the heavy gun strapped to his thigh.Trailing her gaze to his face, she looked at that black mask covering his nose and mouth, immediately realizing what he was.BloodHound.Her eyes widened, alarms going off in her head right before her body turned in the opposite direction on its own accord
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Madeleine's heartbeat increased, a horrible scream erupting from within her lips as she jolted awake from a nightmare where her Tate was dying all over again, right before she got caught and raped by those disgusting scavengers.Her breath came out in short and laboured pants, feeling her skin sticky and damp with sweat as her eyelids fluttered for a few moments, adjusting to the bright light coming from above.An explosion of white greeted her as soon as she looked around, taking in the bare white walls, apart from the small round table and single bed she was sitting on, ultimately noticing the fourth wall was actually mirror-made as she caught herself staring at her own reflection, only now noticing what she was wearing.She was only dressed in a simple white tank top and a pair of white cotton underwear instead of wearing her raggedy jeans and hoodie like she were in those last awake moments, the thought of that alien undressing her making her shudder unpleasantly.Slowly and hesit
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Few days passed yet the girl didn't even dare touch the food, despite the fact that she was basically starving.She anxiously paced the room like a restless lion in its cage, her stomach cramping in protest as she held an internal battle with herself, torn between the hunger and the fear of what could possibly happen to her if she ate it.Oh fuck it."Are you sure she's ready?" Dr. Nasri asked her co-worker as they watched the girl crazily pace around her room."Well, she's completely healed, and we cannot waste anymore time, you know that," Sasha answered matter-of-factly, giving his co-worker a look.Dr. Nasri blew out a tired breath,"Well let's hope that this one will survive," She crossed her fingers whilst hopefully looking at the girl.The other experiments didn't exactly succeed as they couldn't even survive the first three months of pregnancy; the BloodHounds' offsprings being way too powerful and life-draining for their Earth-raised bodies. That is if they somehow survived b
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Madeleine sat over the bed, her back resting in between the two corners of the room as she held her knees close to her chest.Her tortured mind kept reeling back to those hazy moments, reminiscing that stabbing pain as that alien monster forced his way into her, the way he held her as he invaded her body and that last, unbelievably intense and overwhelming sensation...Help me...Those words kept repeating themselves into her mind, making her fret as she incessantly wondered why did he whisper those words to her.Help him with what?How could she?She was the one trapped, locked into that stupid room for torture, not the other way around!Her gaze narrowed as she looked at the mirror wall, a wave of anger surging within her.She had to do something. She had to escape somehow. She could not let these monsters torture her and drive her any more insane.She was going to fight. No matter what.She had to at least try. She owed it to herself.And Tate.Another stray tear fell from the corn
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Dr. Nasri sat right next to the sterile white countertop, taking notes as she observed on the screen the reaction between a chemical compound and a small Negative blood sample while the BloodHound stood in his usual spot, frozen like a statue and arm at ready, since he was also her designated guardian.The habitual silence stretching through the lab got mildly interrupted as the small hissing sound of the glass door sliding open tore through, indicating that someone has entered.The BloodHound remained unmoving as Dr. Nazarov stormed inside, wearing an unsatisfied frown plastered over his juvenile features."She is still not impregnated yet..." He informed his colleague with a sigh, running a hand through his blonde locks in utter frustration."What? How?" Neylani's dark brows shot up with evident confusion since they had never even heard of such thing happening before.The BloodHounds were creatures designated to succeed in every single aspect, their bodies being genetically enhanced
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Madeleine sat on her knees over the bed, her awaiting food long forgotten as she stared at herself through the mirror wall, her gaze unfocused as those words still repeated themselves within her mind, over and over again.Help me stop this...Was he somehow a prisoner too?She couldn't help but wonder, a frown marring her features as she stared at the same wall long and hard.Why were these people doing this anyway? What did they really want from her? Aside from sending that alien monster to have his way with her and keeping her captive within these walls, they hadn't done anything else to her. Yet.She shuddered as her mind pictured various scenarios where she was being tortured and prodded at, making her involuntarily wrap her arms around herself for some sort of protection.She wanted to escape so badly... But how could she?She didn't even have a single tool she could use since her eating ustensils were made out of some sort of organic cardboard -aside from the steel tray, which s
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"Come with me,"She hesitated as she stared at the intimidating creature before her, letting out another frightened scream as the lights suddenly turned red, a loud alarm blaring through the building.Knowing what that meant, the BloodHound immediately let go of the gentle and calm pleading and shot forward to just grab her instead, earning himself another scream as he threw her over his shoulder and started moving as fast as he could.There was such little time.The frail little human being kept struggling and crying over his back as he shattered a glass door with just a strong kick, his gloved hand hovering above the gun strapped to his thigh as his eyes quickly scanned the area for any threats.All clear.The shards of glass crunched under his combat boots as he stepped past the threshold and fastly moved down the hallway, dead set on his destination; the pods.However, as soon as they reached another corner, he abruptly stopped as he could hear the sounds of heavily breathing, bei
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What kinds of monsters were these people?She wondered as the BloodHound kept dragging her after him, down a hallway and to the left, then to the right and so on, her mind slightly dizzy and her feet aching as she struggled to keep up.And why the sudden change? Why would this creature want to save her?Her gaze momentarily fell to that gloved hand wrapped around her wrist, failing to even notice when he had suddenly taken a halt, her forehead inevitably smacking against his bare back.She stumbled back with an "oof", mildly rubbing her forehead before she took a step and warily peered from behind his broad shoulder, noticing that same young woman she'd only seen once before into her sterile prison along with a young male she'd never seen before.Both looked pretty shocked as their gazes kept shifting between her and the BloodHound, the latter wasting but a single breath before he expertly pulled out that gun strapped to his thigh and pointed it straight at them, making the dark-skinn
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