In Love With Vengence

In Love With Vengence

By:  Kyndra Danielle  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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Jamie has run away from mafia leader Marcel Giordano, along with her brother and father under Russian mafia leader Roman Petrov's protection. It's been a year since she has seen Marcel, or any of his men, and Jamie has taken up a much different point of view on life since the past events. She grows closer, and closer with Roman, making memories fade into the back of her mind. Doing nothing but train with her father, and Roman to follow in her father's footsteps she finds herself being assigned an extremely dark task to prove herself. Mean while Marcel has been stewing in his anger, and hatred for Jamie, and he can no longer stand it. He wants revenge, and he wants it now. How will Marcel satisfy his vengeance? And will Jamie be able to set forth this daunting task?

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Štefánia Poláková
Please, update the book, thank you
2023-02-24 21:50:44
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Hey author! I was curious if you knew when this book would be done? I’m almost done with the first one, anxious to start this one, but I don’t start a book until it’s finished because the wait is always absolutely awful lol any insight on when this will be done would be so appreciated! Thank you! (:
2022-08-07 01:30:49
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Monique Creel
Amazing book
2021-09-17 13:41:33
default avatar
Monique Creel
When will the other book to follow this one be out? Also I love your stories
2021-09-17 13:40:33
13 Chapters
Book Two: Chapter One
 In Love With Vengeance  By: Kyndra Danielle Book Two                                                                 Chapter One                                                                  One Year Ago                  
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Chapter Two
                                                           Chapter Two                                                          One year Later                                                                 Jamie “I swear I’m going to beat your ass one day, little bro!” I declare to Josh, as sweat beads down my face, he lends me his hand with a roll of his eyes to help me from the cold mat on the ground. This is t
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Chapter Three
                                                               Chapter Three                                                                    JamieI wake up to the sound of a soft knock on the door, it’s so soft that I am surprised I even woke up to it. “Who is it?” I ask softly. But there is no response, so I pull the white comforter off of me, and swing my legs out of bed. I realize I am wearing nothing but a silky white nightgown, which confuses me because I vividly remember putting on my fuzzy pajama pants with little elephants on them, and a tank top.When I finally
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Chapter Four
Chapter FourMarcellus Her fake, red fingernails are digging into my back as she breathes into my neck with the smell of liquor on her breath.“Oh, Marcel.” She hisses into my ear, making me want to tape her mouth shut. But instead of taking such an aggressive approach I sit up from atop her, and turn her over forcefully making a sickening giggle escape her smeared Red lips.Ignoring any sounds she makes as best as I can, I slam myself into her from behind, focusing on nothing but the pleasure her surprisingly tight entrance gives my pulsating length. My eyes close, and my head goes back in absolute bliss, sex feels so fucking good, and it pays to have a bitch that doesn’t mind me smashing into her at full force every thrust. I can easily block out her annoying cries of fake pleasure with my thoughts, and it works out quite well, enabling me to let off steam.A knock sounds at the door, interrupting my internal shiel
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Chapter Five
Chapter FiveJamieWalking into the front door of the villa is like walking into Catherine’s palace where the Romanov family lived, it most certainly looks as if royalty lives here with it’s red painted walls and gold colored trim. As soon as you walk in, there is a large, wide set of stairs with a red carpet, and golden colored railings. The outside looks very modern, but walking in feels like I have been set back in time with the Crystal chandelier sitting above the center of the stairs. The decorative candle sticks sitting on either side of the railings, and marbled checkered red and white floors. It’s absolutely magnificent, I feel like I am visiting a King in the mid 1800’s.“I know it’s a little behind the times. My father liked it that way, and I've never cared to change anything about it.” He says, looking a little lost as he examined the home, as his men come in from behind taking our bags up the stair
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Chapter Six
Chapter Six                                                JamieJab! Jab! Jab! Jab! Kick! Jab! Jab! Jab! Jab! Jab! Kick! Over and over again I hit the punching bag with all my strength, I have been going at it for hours, it seems like, trying to clear my head of all the thoughts that are flying  like little miniature jets all throughout my head.  I am starting to exhaust myself but I can’t rest, if I rest it will give me time to ponder those thoughts and I don’t know if I want to
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Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven JamieThe silver gown hugged my curves tightly, showing off my hourglass figure. The black flowers going up the side of it made the dress incredibly unique, no one else would have a dress like it, I am almost sure of it.  My hair is put up halfway, showing off my neck and cleavage. It didn't help that the dress is extremely low cut, but I’m honestly not complaining. I feel beautiful, my slightly slimmer figure than I had a year ago seems to be giving me confidence I never knew I had. Maybe it’s not just the slim figure, but it’s maybe because I also feel more powerful, I know all the work that was put into this shape. I know what I can do with it as well.  A knock sounds at the bedroom door
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Chapter Eight
   Chapter Eight                                            JamieIf there is one thing that I’m absolutely sure of, it’s that Marcel is an idiot for thinking that it’s going to be easy sneaking out of here in broad daylight. Although Roman has been avoiding me ever since last night, I haven’t seen him all day. He didn’t even acknowledge me when we came home. He just went straight to his room, and I believe I know the reason. I mean honestly there could be several, he might feel ashamed that Marcel had the upper hand, and he belittled
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Chapter NIne
Chapter Nine Marcellus There is not a word to describe the fury and frustration that is building inside me as Luca stands in my office yammering on about why my plan will never work. And I am so fucking sick of hearing it, in fact, I’m this close to blowing his fucking brains out. “She’s just too heavily guarded, Roman is probably on his way here right because you just had to make a scene at the Congregation… you’re losing it man! You really are-” Luca just keeps chiming on and on. Little does he know a volcano is gonna erupt inside me if he doesn’t shut up. She never came to the car I had waiting for her like I planned she would, I was so sure, and usually nothing surprises me. Maybe she couldn’t find a way to sneak out, I hope she burned that fucking note. The great Nightingale has taught her nothing if that's the case. The clock on my wall is ticking louder, and louder, and Luca’s voice going farther and farther away, until the ticking becomes so loud, it’s
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Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten Jamie “Dad, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.” I tell him, he sits with his legs crossed in a chair behind Roman’s desk, looking as unimpassioned as usual. “It has, have you kept up on your training during your stay here?” He asks. He doesn’t say hello or get up to give me a hug, He just sits there with a deadpan look, as if his very own son isn’t being held captive by one of the most powerful men in the world, it absolutely disgusts me. “Well of course father, would you like to see all the new things I’ve learned? I would love to test them on you.” “Hmm maybe some other time, we obviously have much to talk about, and I also have some very bad news to share with you.” He doesn’t seem to notice the obvious aggravation in my tone, or maybe, he just doesn’t care. I’m too eager to know what he has to say to try to make my anger at him even more obvious. So I stay silent, and patiently wait for him to continue. Roman sits behind his desk, intently listening, as if he
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