In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

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A girl who always looks alone during extracurricular activities disturbs Harry's attention. Not only that, she also withdrew from the crowd when other children tried to familiarize themselves. Starting from the sympathy Harry could not ignore Debbie existence who was always alone. But the truth is that for Debbie solitude is the ultimate comfort for her. When Harry tried to get along, Debbie already had a bad assessment of him. The reason is because Ivy's valentine's chocolate event failed completely because of Harry. The young man did not know that Debbie had bad feelings for him, that Debbie turned out to be good friends with Ivy. But then because of one incident, Debbie began to open up to Harry to grow a sense. think it's because of a misunderstanding, Ivy see Harry treat Debbie differently and pay special attention. She felt very confident that Harry put his heart to Debbie. Then it became known that Harry likes his own friend―Grace who is now officially dating his best friend which be best friend to Harry as well. Harry suffered a broken heart, as did Debbie whose hopes were dashed before planting. Time passed, they became seniors. At the end of the second year Harry admitted to Ivy that he could not forget what had happened between Debbie and him a year ago. When Harry wants to start seriously facing his voice of heart and also Debbie. The girl had already completely turned her back on others long ago. Harry realized too late, when Debbie had already confessed her love to Eric openly by accident until one school knew. Did Debbie's declaration of love work? This time will her love be requited.

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97 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Student Orientation Period
Little by little the busy crowd began to look neatly forming a line. Their appearance did look a bit chaotic and conspicuous, with the old uniforms they wore from their previous school. It was approaching 07:00 in the morning, it was time for the new student admission ceremony to begin.“Most of them are the old faces we know, huh.” turned around to the left-right direction, he to observe the group of students in the line."At most students from our school are in this class, guys!" Said a friend who wore a name tag on chest that read 'Dirly team-3'."Since earlier, why haven't I seen Alfred?" Harry asked surprised, even though he was looking for Alfred's figure he couldn't find in sight. In his heart he wondered if it was because of his friend's small figure that it was difficult to find him in this crowd."Well, Alfred doesn't line up here, but There!” Grace replied, reminding Harry who forgot what Alfred said before parting with the group."Oh yeah, that's right." Harry ended the ob
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Chapter 2 - Locked in the Bathroom
Who would have thought the bathroom queue would be snaking long. What happened during the ceremony actualy? Did people refrain from going to the toilet until the ceremony was over. Debbie didn't have much time so she decided to look for the bathroom in various available places. That's when she found the queue of people less than anywhere else. Coincidentally again, some of the people standing in line at the door were her group mates. Debbie thought that if they were with them when returned to the group, the come back would not be too obvious by the seniors."Since we all don't have much time and afraid it's going to be too long, how about we use the bathroom together?" One of them suggested."It's good idea, so the senior don't look after us because takes too long." Another person support the idea."Yes, I agree, after all who here now are girls. So, It's okay right?" Ask a friend who is in the same group as Debbie.Debbie who joined last in the queue did not intend to express an op
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Chapter 3 - Extracurricular Demo
Amy becomes Debbie's first friend as well as her seatmate. A girl with a round, stocky body with chubby cheeks with thick minus lens glasses that is clearly visible. Amy has an appearance and posture that is quite a contrast to Debbie when they are side by side. Debbie has a fairly small but proportionate body posture. Because of her height, Debbie always stands in the front row at every formal ceremony."This week we have to choose what extracurricular to join, but I haven't made a choice yet." Extracurricular is an additional activity that is carried out outside of school hours. The school requires every student to attend at least one extracurricular at school."Me neither, but don't worry. Today the seniors will perform, demo their respective extracurricular activities in Malabar. Let's go together, okay?” Amy asked Debbie."Today? After school?" Debbie was impressed, where did Amy get this information from?"Yeah... We'll go there together with other." Amy smiled innocently. That
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Chapter 4 – The Beginning of the Story
Ivy's laughter lasted for a moment, until she fell down in her seat during the afternoon break. Adele, her best friend, is talking about how other children like to tease her, especially the treatment that comes from boys. Is it because of puberty, Adele feels that her male friends like to do physically touch while joking, starting from holding shoulders, pulling hair or point cheeks carelessly. But what Ivy laughed at was not about that, but the nickname Adele got. "Your name Adele is good one, why do you want to be called with strange one?" Ivy asked without thinking. laughed so much that she had to wipe the tears. Adele bent her face. "It seems that my real name is too pious, you know how I am..." can't resist being bullied. Ivy's face drew closer, her lips pouted. "How are you? Like a school chicken you mean! Huh? So are you aware about that?" Ivy jokes. "Jeez!" Adele hit Ivy's lips weakly. "Really, this mouth is too aggressive than pious." Adele is too hobbies to talk about
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Chapter 5 – Penguin Kingdom
In this place, in their own kingdom. The seniority law does not apply to juniors, all students are equal to one and another. Therefore sometimes situations and circumstances can be like being in the jungle. The atmosphere during recess or empty classes can be very noisy and boisterous with screaming voices. They run around, play ball or like the behavior of the class 10-5 for exemple, Debbie's classmates who are holding an impromptu concert. Hanging out in front of the class during lunch break singing a song from a well-known band that was popular at the time, entitled 'The Foolish Man'. Start from bridge: All stories have an end that must be passed Likewise, the end of this story must be beautiful Trying to survive with all my heart like a rock being hit by the waves The song that flows from the cellphone stuns them with melancholy lyrics that touch the heart. Bringing their feelings carried away with the music, until they simultaneously raised hands and waved them left and rig
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Chapter 6 - From The Past
Adele impatiently wanted to immediately report to Ivy about what she had just heard. When Ivy heard this news, it would definitely be an interesting entertainment for her to see Ivy's chaotic reaction. In between breaks, she came to the Red-cross extracurricular training. while she is also taking a break from extracurricular activities. “Have you heard about it, the camp?" Ivy nodded but her hands kept moving doing thing. “You're coming, right?” “I am." Adele replied quickly. “The problem is that your secret crush is uncertain will be able to go or not to participate.” The bad news that Adele below almost made Ivy spill a bottle of alcohol in her hand. Red-cross today practice on first aid procedures. Ivy is cleaning up the box of first aid used for training. “You lie, aren't you?” Ivy denies the whole truth. “You told me to be a spy. I keep doing what you ask me to do. why would I lie to you, for what?” Adele immediately ran here like this so that Ivy would know as soon as p
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Chapter 7 - First Friend
In the morning when Amy had just arrived at Class, Debbie was already sitting sweetly in her chair. For a moment the expression on Amy's face looked tense to find Debbie's presence that morning. Slowly she walked to the seat, Amy's mood that morning foggy sense of anxiety. "Morning...” greeting her to Debbie. “Morning too.” Amy placed the bag on the table, sat on the bench while glancing at Debbie who, as usual, was wrestling with her comic, reading it intensely. “Hey, do you want to play at my house?” Invite Amy. “Your house? Sure!” Without thinking, Debbie accepted the invitation. “Hmm..." Shyly Amy said, “but it was a little far, how?” Debbie raised her face looking at Amy's nervous face. With a smile Debbie said, “no problem, I also want to know your house.” "Okay... I also have something to say.” Amy turns moody when talking. But Debbie was not attentive enough to catch Amy's behavior. “What is it?” "Erm, I will tell you later, after school.” Amy forced a smile covering
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Chapter 8 - Extra Camp
On the day of departure Debbie missed the group bus because she came late. Again because her dad drove 30 minutes late from the gathering time. Debbie almost cried because she could not join the camp. The teacher looked for a way for her to leave, catch up and join others. “I went there too, sir. so Debbie can come with me.” One of the mentores gave advice. “That Right, Sir." said the teacher who handled the event. "Yes, but is it really okay?” staring at his daughter who looked anxious about the continuity of her fate. “Of course,” he put a smile then faced the young one among them. “Debbie, will you go with me in this car?" Asked the mentor this time. Debbie saw the car that would transport her to the location of camp. She was silent for a moment before finally deciding to accept the offer, nodding her head slowly. saw his daughter's made decision and give approval. no other way he must entrust Debbie in the care of the mentor teacher. “I'm sorry, sir, for causing such troubl
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Chapter 9 - Pressure Test
Pressure test in the sense of the word abbreviated from the word mental mentoring or mental guidance, is not a foreign thing even in the world of education in schools. This can be found in school organizations, one of which is extracurricular activities. Back on the purpose of this camper is to build familiarity, train mental and independence of participants, especially first graders. in the middle of night events are entertainment that can not be separated in school events. Marching troop plans to gather at 02.00 A.M at a predetermined place. In the main event tonight the new members are shaken both physically and mentally. They were awakened at midnight by force, gathered in a queue. After that, it was divided into several groups and then told to walk around the camper location area. In the middle of a silent, desolate, cold and dark night they are gathered on their own. In that state they could only rely on each other's group mates no matter what. Reportedly, the seniors have pre
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Chapter 10 - Tape Mark
No one thinks she had a chance to see Alfred during this camp from close distance. Due to the fact that the location of red-cross and marching troop activities are always far apart. In addition to the campfire last night which took place briefly because of the rain to disperse the event. Then who would have thought that this morning Alfred came by himself when Ivy no longer hoped. The way of life is indeed strange, can not be guessed or planned once it can change. “Man, hold on, we've arrived at the health unit.” Harry was carrying Alfred whose face looked pale and his body limp. “Why is it? Is there a problem?” No, it was not Ivy who asked and handled Alfred but a senior. Ivy there only plays the role as a helpful extra. But actually the extra task is not just dumb but must be observed carefully. And learn from the way seniors handle or help people who need help. “He vomited after eating. May still feel nauseous or dizzy.” It is clear that Harry is in a state of panic. "Eat wha
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