Her Saving Grace

Her Saving Grace

By:  Kadene  Completed
Language: English
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Kayla Green is not your typical girl. She is known and she has friends. People talk to her because of her easy going personality and caring attitude. Evan though Kayla seems happy at school and is always chirpy, she didn't have things easy at home, so she uses school and her friends as a way of escaping her problems. No one knew about her problems, not even her best friends. Carson Knight, the school's bad boy, who has his own secrets, has soon become a part of Kayla's life. He is very dangerous, cold hearted and a player. Would he be another bad thing to add to her life? Or would he be her saving grace?

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beautifully written story. As much as I love the steamy books on here... your book author was a great read how young love can blossom even when going through tough issues with family and friends. I recommend this book to everyone. Good luck in future writings.
2023-03-05 15:43:00
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I loved this story! They met at their worst moments and stick together through all, growing their love each day. Well done author!
2022-11-23 13:42:13
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Sonya Jones
I really enjoyed this story!! Great job author! Highly recommend!!
2022-08-03 07:56:44
77 Chapters
The Monster Living With Me
I was terrified all the time.I couldn't go on like this. I was even afraid of my own shadow.I heard a noise downstairs and I knew Allan was home. He was probably searching the cabinets for his stash of alcohol. He was more violent when he was drunk.I heard my stomach grumbled again. I was really hungry, but I couldn't go downstairs, because he would see me and find a reason to hit me.I really don't know why my mother had married him. What had she seen in him? I don't know why I ask that question, because I already knew the answer. He was rich and my mother needed the money.Dad died when I was ten and we started to have money issues. My mother had to do something in order for us to get by, so a year later she married Allan. She didn't love him and I knew he didn't love her either.Thinking about my mother, I touched the locket that was around my neck. My mother had given it to me when I was twelve. That was when she was healthy. Two years later, she became sick with lung cancer. A
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First Day Of School
I got up early the following morning and quickly got ready for school. As usual, I put on a lot of foundation and concealer to hide the bruises. I took up my bag and the house key and went downstairs.My stepfather was sprawled out on the couch, an empty bottle of beer hanging loosely in his hand. He was fast asleep and snoring loudly. I tiptoed through the living room and head to the front door. I was really hungry, but I didn't want to risk him waking up if I cook breakfast. I opened the door quickly and ran down the porch steps and began my journey to school.Since I got ready early, I reached school with a lot of time to spare. I walked passed the parking lot where a lot of students were gathered and went into the school building. I then head down the hall to my locker."Kayla!" I heard my name being screamed. I knew exactly who it was immediately. I turned around with a wide grin on my face."Jazzy!" I greeted one of my best friends; Jasmine Thomas. She finally reached me and flu
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Warning: Abusive content!******At the end of the day, I was putting my books in my locker, when Jasmine walked up to me."Hey, ready to go?" She asks."I have detention, remember?" I reminded her as I closed my locker."Oh yeah. That sucks." She replied, pulling a sad face."You have no idea." I sighed."Okay then, I'll see you tomorrow." She said as she walked away."Tomorrow." I said, waving goodbye. I then walked in the direction of the detention room. I still couldn't believe that I got detention. I really hope this one small mark on my permanent record won't affect my chances of getting into medical school.I reached the door that has 'Detention Room' written on it and pulled it open. I noted that only one person was in the room. A boy, who was busy tapping away on his phone. I entered and went to the desk to give my detention slip to the detention supervisor. I then turned around to walk to my seat and almost run into someone who had just entered the room behind me."Watch it!
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The next day, I woke up with a pounding headache. I stretched my sore limbs and went to take a shower. I turned the water to hot and went into the shower. I stood under the spray for five minutes, before I start to lather myself with soap.When I was done, I stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I then went into my room to get ready. I got dressed quickly into jeans and a baby blue sweater. As I put on my sweater, I cringed at the black and blue marks on my stomach. The old ones beside it was starting to look dark and ugly.I then went over to my dresser to comb my hair. I run my hands through my brown hair and noticed that a big chunk was torn out from when Allan grabbed it yesterday. I caught my hair into a high ponytail in order to hide it.When I was done, I began to apply makeup. I applied a lot of foundation and powder on my cheeks to hide the marks that had now turned a darkish blue colour. Thankfully, when I was done, it wasn't showing. I had gotten so us
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What Have I Done?
The following day at lunch time, my friends and I sat down at our table for lunch. We were busy joking around and talking about random things, when I looked up at the entrance to the cafeteria.Entering into the cafeteria, sporting all the confidence of the world was Carson and his three friends. There were Michael Evans and the twins; Jayden and Jordan Moore.They walked passed our table and Carson's eye caught mine. I look away quickly. They walked to their table and sat down. "What's up with you?" Jasmine asked when she realized that I had gone quiet."Nothing. I was just trying to avoid Carson." I replied."Carson Knight?" She asked and I nodded. "Why? Are you into him?""What? No!" I said shaking my head quickly.Jasmine laugh. "I was just asking. After all, he is hot." She said.I looked over to the table that Carson sat talking loudly with his friends. I have to admit, Jasmine is right. He is hot. I've always noticed his arrogance before, but if you really look at him, he was
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"Please Don't Leave Me"
I was running. I didn't know who or what I was running from, but I knew I was afraid. I was in a forest surrounded by tall trees and no matter how far I run, it seems like I can never reach the opening. I also felt like I wasn't moving at all, even though the chilly night air whipped at my skin. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks and my vision became blurry. I couldn't see where I was going anymore, but I kept running. The sky was dark and the clouds were dark and looming. I started to hear voices all around me. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but the voices sounded cold, angry and terrifying. I finally saw a bright light ahead of me and tried to increase my speed. I didn't want to be in the forest anymore. I didn't feel safe here. As soon as I neared the light, I closed my eyes from its intense glare. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt my feet gave out from under me. I looked down and realized that I was falling. I waved my hands and cried out as I fell. My body fel
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Money Trouble
WARNING: Abusive content, but only a small amount.******Today was now Saturday. On most Saturdays, Allan would go to a party or hang out at a bar with his drinking buddies. I love these days because he would drink all night and he would not come home until early the next morning.I was laying on my bed when I heard his car left the house. I took up my phone and looked at the time. It was a quarter pass two. I guess he decided to start his night out early.I left my room and went into the kitchen to see what was in the fridge to eat. The fridge was however empty. I saw only a small amount of milk left in the milk carton. It has been a while since I went shopping. This is due to the fact that I did not have any money as Allan spends the entire money on alcohol.He didn't care if there was food in the fridge or not. He did not care about me. All he cared about was his alcohols in the cabinet. My mother had left some money for me before she left, but it was not enough. It was fast runni
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The Ongoing Nightmare
On Wednesday morning, I was walking to school feeling weak and sore. Every step I took, I felt pain through my entire body. My stomach especially.Allan had cornered me last night and given me a hard beating. He was drunk and really angry. Because of what he did, I couldn't sleep. After he had finished hitting me, I went straight to my room for the entire night and I could not stop throwing up. He was hitting me frequently now and more harder. I really don't know how much more of it I could take. I didn't feel like going to school, but I really didn't want to miss school. After dragging myself to school for half an hour and ignoring the pain for the entire journey, I finally reached school. I walk inside the building and head to homeroom, so I can sit and rest my sore body.After roll call, Jasmine and I went to our first class of the day. As we sat at our seat in English class, she began to tell me about Tyler. Tyler was the boy who she went on a date with last week Wednesday. I was
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Exposed Truths And Accusations
On Saturday, I got ready to go to my first day of work at the coffee shop. When I was ready, I went to my room door and listened for any sound in the house. I didn't hear any, so I opened my room door slowly and slipped through.I heard loud snoring coming from the room down the hall as I walk to the stairs. Allan was still asleep, I thought to myself. I shook my head and quickly descend the stairs. I opened the front door and head out.After walking for fifteen long minutes, I was finally at the coffee shop. I opened the door and went inside. When Samantha saw me entered, she gave me a friendly smile and pointed in the direction of the backdoor. I greeted her and walked around the counter.I entered through the backdoor and head towards the small cubicle, that is Miranda's office. Miranda smiled when she saw me."Hey Kayla. You are here." She greeted. She got up from her chair and indicated for me to follow her. She lead me to a small room which contain lockers. "This is going to be
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Revenge Is Best Served Cold
WARNING: Abusive content!******I woke up the following morning with a stiff neck. I had slept in one position last night as I was watching the door. I didn't even know when I fell asleep.I got out of bed and took a quick shower. I was afraid to leave my room, so I decided to stay in. Now and then I would hear Allan downstairs or walking up or down the stairs. I knew he would not go anywhere as today was Sunday.For the entire day, I stayed in my room and before I knew it night came and I went to sleep. In the morning, I got ready for school and pulled my bedroom door open. I knew that Allan was here, because I didn't hear his car drive out.I was hoping that I could sneak out without him seeing me. I normally waited until he leaves, but he was taking longer than normal to leave and I didn't want to be late for school.I didn't hear any noise downstairs, do I took my chance. I slipped through the door and dashed for the stairs. As soon as I reached the stairs, I saw Allan stepped fr
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