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Rana and Ellen, being the wonderful and loving twins they both were—Well...was that going to last when Ellen accidental falls in love with Rana's boyfriend?READ ON TO KNOW MORE.THIS WAS ONE OF MY FIRST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN SO ALL I CAN SAY IS— YEAH~...No bad comments on it.Love you for reading.Leave a nice five-star review on it.😘

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Dr. Michael Very
Beloved, You are a fascinating and talented writer. Remain on Top, Sister
2021-05-05 03:12:36
user avatar
Judith O.
I was captivated from the blurb and the first chapter delivered strongly, good job!. I can't wait to read the remaining chaps
2020-07-29 20:00:03
user avatar
Priyal Dessai
Read the first two chapters and I must say they're well written! The flow is smooth ✨ Adding this one to my library because I want to know more about Ellen and Rana!
2020-07-23 00:43:43
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Chiaro De Luna
the least that could be said about this book is that it is interesting, not a single moment of boredom, and the story is very original, i love it
2020-07-21 02:49:29
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I'm loving this book already ?❤️
2020-07-18 16:21:15
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Lea Adams
Awesome, will find time to read this :)
2020-07-06 03:58:05
user avatar
The story has a different essence. Well written plot and good narrative. Keep it up ❤️❤️
2020-07-04 15:47:46
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Michael Shelby
Awesome book ❤ ❤ ❤
2020-07-01 05:25:43
user avatar
Gift Odulesi
Hello guys. To all my adorable readers, thanks for reading my book? I want you to know that this book will be updated more by next month, July 2020. ?? Please stay safe, stay at home and keep yourself busy during this COVID-19 by reading my books. Also check out my other book; His Obsession.
2020-06-29 13:05:53
user avatar
Nice story . Keep your good work.
2020-06-21 22:43:48
user avatar
Nice one.. really liked it :)
2020-06-20 23:43:51
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Ajiboye loveth
Wow I love this, nice one
2020-06-20 04:50:05
user avatar
It's really nice. ??
2020-06-11 01:38:18
user avatar
Splendid ?
2020-06-09 07:16:33
user avatar
Oni Kehinde Omotola
Nice book
2020-06-07 06:54:39
73 Chapters
Chapter One
 The fascinating smell of lavender suddenly made me jerk awake from my bed, accommodating me into the beautiful brightness of the morning.  I let out a slight cough as I was on the edge of my bed, my nose, resting on the top of the lavender shrubs on my bedside table. 
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Chapter Two
Ellen's POV"Boom!" Someone snapped at me, it caused me to squeak. I frowned at the familiar person."Ava!" I yelled at her, she giggled continuously and lounged on her locker, directly beside mine."Hi girl." She said in her high pitched, baby like voice, with a grin.Ava Smith was my best friend in high school, despite our contrasting character. Ava was timid, gentle, calm, sweet, loving, caring and anything you could ever imagine, so vulnerable and sometimes, or, most of the time, gullible. I was the opposite of that.I brought out a book from my locker and saw my Maths textbook. Oh my God, I yelled at Rana for no reason. I chuckled, and noticed Ava give me a weird, confused look. Her expression was funny, which caused me to chuckle again."You're weird." She still gave me that look, but it turned to a wide grin. "At least you're
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Chapter Three
Ellen's POVMy phone kept on ringing, it seemed like it was a stupid ring in my head. I didn't want to answer it. I scrunched my bed sheet, out of frustration."Ellen!" A voice suddenly screamed my name. I was damn sure it was Rana. "Ellen! You better get your stupid ass off that bed or you'll rue your decision." She kept on screaming. She was grueling.I decided to ignore but let out a yelp when I felt a great thud on my back."Rana!" I frowned then sat on the bed. I pouted my lips and put my hand on my face. "Why did you have to disturb my life break, sleep?" I asked, with furrowed brows."Your damn phone was ringing and singing jingle bells or shit." She frowned."You're such a gadfly. You're just causing an hassle." My phone rang again. It was Ava. "Hello!" I y
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Chapter Four
Rana's POV"Hi baby doll." Traven said, the instance he noticed me walk into the restaurant."Hi Traven." I grinned and sat on the chair beside the one he was sitting on.He planted a gentle kiss on my lips. It sent shivers down my spine. I could feel my face go red hot."Traven?!" I said shyly and looked around with a smile plastered on my face. "We're in public." "Do I care about public?" He smirked. How hot and romantic.I raised my eyebrows, opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I smiled, biting my inside cheek."Now don't blush to much." He gave me another kiss on my cheek. It felt warm and cold.Traven called a waiter and he came immediately."What would you like to eat Rana?" Traven asked, stroking my hair."Nothing. Okay? Just get me a cup of juice." I said to the wait
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Chapter Five
Ellen's POV The image of Max kept flashing in my head. I had been dreaming about him all day long. I couldn't concentrate on anything, I was doing. He was ruddy hot. I didn't tell Rana about him, since the day I met him, which has not been 24 hours yet, because I didn't feel the need to, like my other, former crushes. But this guy was special. He needed attention. Rana had gone to church but I had a profane attitude. I felt it was too much stress. I heaved a sigh and sat on the living room floor. "Max! Damn you! Why don't you get out of my head, for even a second." I groaned. I felt a nudge and involuntarily squeaked. "Now, who the hell is Max?" Someone said from behind me. Rana! Asshole. I heaved a sigh then turned to look at her, giggling. I rolled my eyes. "Rana?" I crossed my
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Chapter Six
Ellen's POV"Please Rana!" I begged her, scurrying after her. She was ignoring me and went to the kitchen. I followed her."Stop pestering me and leave me alone. I'm not ready to go to that fashion designer with you." I had been begging Rana to go with me to choose the greatest designs for my graduation and prom clothes. My graduation was very soon!"Rana! Please!" I pouted my lips and did the best puppy eye I could ever do."You should really stop that." She scoffed. "It doesn't suite you." She laughed. She opened the fridge and took a plate of cooked, frozen chicken from it."Rana! You know how much I hate begging humans?" I said abruptly."Then don't." She snapped. "Why the hell are you even begging me?" She placed the chicken in the microwave, turned it on.I tried to create a fudge. I didn't want to choose any stupid design then later rue
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Chapter Seven.
Traven's POVEllen wasn't noticing my presence but talking with Beth about clothes for her graduation and prom. I rolled my eyes at her. She was taking those things as a big deal? Well, I guessed that was the way all girls were.I had to win the bet of the 'Black Zees'.Recall..."Hey guys." Ronald, the first, leader of our group, gruffed.Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and assembled around him.He nodded his head. "There's a new bet, and whoever wins it stands the chance of being promoted in this group." He informed with vexation."What's the bet?" I asked, curiously. I was the only one brave enough to talk or ask questions when Ronald was talking. The rest just always went dumb. He frowned. "I'm not done talking." He waved in chafe.
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Chapter Eight
Traven's POV I was thwart, at the fact that Rana was ready to leave, but I agreed to go on the date. I craned my neck to look at Rana. She looked really excited. I felt like an asshole for cheating on her. I promised, after high school, she would be the only woman in my life. Or, Ellen. I heaved a sigh and took a bite of my Beans on toast. "I'm sorry for yelling." Rana bent her head, in abash.  "It's fine." I grinned and brought my phone out of my pocket. I went to the ringtone to make it seem like I had a phone call. "Hello." I smiled. "Dad?" I looked at Rana. "Oh. Yes. I'm coming." I placed the phone back in my pocket. "You're leaving?" She frowned, sadness registered in her tone. I heaved a sigh, drove my fingers into my hair. "No. I have to meet my dad for business. I'll be right back." I pla
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Chapter Nine
Traven's POVI wrapped my arm around Ellen's waist, held the back of her head, tight, with the help of the hand of my other arm, and forced a hard kiss on her lips. I could tell that she was completely shocked, but melted into the sensation. I didn't want to break the kiss at that moment. It felt so good. I shut my eyes for a while, and, opened it. My eyes met with Rana's, across the road. It was really shocking. What was she doing there?Her eyes expressed a painful astonishment. I could feel my heart sink to my feet.None of my girlfriends, ever caught me cheating. Why Rana?!Tears rolled down her cheeks and her eyes became, instantly red. She shook her head, sobbing. Her entire body was vibrating.I didn't realise that I hadn't broken the kiss until she turned, and ran away with a very great speed.
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Chapter Ten
Rana's POVI sprinted to the living room."Ellen." I hollered.I noticed Ellen sitting on the chair and reading a newspaper. That was awkward, but I decided to brush it off with a shake of head."Ellen." I sat beside her."What?" She glared. "Traven said he is coming over." I wailed unexpectedly."So?" She rolled her eyes."I don't want to see him. I am not ready for that. I am in enough pain." I sniffed, wiped the tears on my cheeks."I know, but you have to talk." She smiled, dropped the tedious newspaper, on the table. She rested her palms on my thigh, heaved a sigh."I don't want to see that asshole. I can't believe he cheated. It drives me crazy when I think about it." I sobbed."You still have to listen to him." She stood up, placed her hands on her hips with a rol
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