108 : A Defensive Stand

About half an hour of begging and tears eventually granted her wish.  Raffaele obviously hated to say yes to her request, but he gave in when she didn't stop pleading for him to take her to Castiglione.

Such an impulsive decision on her part—a choice that might put her life in serious danger, but she just couldn't stay behind.  Wait.  Do nothing.  

No thanks.  She had to be there.  See Théo with her own eyes.

This would be the last time she would be risking her own safety for him.  Seriously.  The last time.  

Her mother didn't even know she was back here in Italy, begging for help from strangers just to find her ex.  Raffaele didn't treat her like a stranger, though.  For the past 24 hours, he had been indulging her, consoling her, helping her to the best of his ability as though they were old friends.

Did it mean he already forgave Théo?  F

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