113 : Setting Things Straight

Despite some misgivings, Veronica didn't push him aside or leave his bedroom.  She didn't want to leave him yet.  

She came back here to do radio interviews and promo shoots, but Théo was the main reason she decided to hop on a flight to Paris.  She hadn't seen him in months.  More importantly, they had a lot to hash out:

1)  Anastasia Valtieri

2)  Everything that happened in Rome

3)  The real reasons he went to Tuscany

The list went on and on... 

But she didn't plan to stay the night here in the loft.  They didn't have much privacy;  Théo was still living with his best friends.  The rest of the two-storey house seemed quiet, though.  

Where did Tomek and the guys go?

"Why didn't you tell me you're gonna be here?" Théo leaned against the closed door with his arms crossed, eyeing her with a curious squin

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