112 : Nice Seeing You Again

• Paris, France •

"How many times a month d'you gotta see your shrink?"


"Like every week?"

"As often as necessary." Théo glanced up from his phone after his best friend's question sank in, distracting him from composing a new message for his ex.  

Veronica just texted him an hour ago.  After weeks of radio silence.  It wasn't unexpected behavior from her, considering the circumstances the last time they saw each other in person.  

Why did she decide to reach out to him again?  Just because his grandmother died?  Or because it was almost his birthday?  Perhaps both convinced Veronica that it was time to rekindle their friendship again.

"You're paying for everything? Every session?" Tomek sat beside him and pouted, his pale hand clutching a can of root beer.  "Or your insurance covers half at least?"

Théo scoffed and almost laughed.  "I wish."  The a

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