111 : You've Done Enough, Sport

Disobeying a direct order.  Obstruction of an investigation.  Impeding the course of justice.

Whichever was most applicable to his case, he had no choice but to face the music.  His luck just kept running out lately.  

Saying he "meant well" wouldn't be enough for any of the big bosses,  but at least his mother had his back this time.  Well, somewhat.  A judge might be more sympathetic, actually.

Théo shifted on the hospital bed as he watched his mother wrap up another phone call.  Perhaps her 20th for the day.  Just part of her job.  Like cleaning up after his mess.

"Not like it's the first time," she would say.

He most probably embarrassed her after what happened, but at least she showed up today.  It must be just another debriefing.  Or she only came over to reprimand him for disobedience and his defiant actions that almost ended in a vendetta.  

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