114 : We'll Make Our Own Future

"Sorry." Théo held her hand on his thigh.  A comfortable silence lingered in the room.  His calmer demeanor now seemed genuine and he kept staring into her eyes. 

Perhaps he was done trying to provoke another argument just for the sake of it.  The mumbled apology was giving her the distinct impression that he really wanted to work over their issues now. 

The thought, although comforting enough, still didn't get rid of her doubts.  Veronica kept still on the bed. "For?"

Théo averted his eyes.  He let go of her hand and gave her the flimsiest of shrugs.  "I was being a dick." 

"And?" She hid a grin using her bangs.

"I just...rushed to judgment."


"How's your mom?" 

A little surprised by the question, she leaned closer to his lap and smiled at him, content with his short but earnest apology. &n
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