109 : Back In His Arms


"Aya! Don't even...  Argh! Cazzo!"

"No, Aya!" Veronica could only stand and watch as Raffaele ran after his pregnant girlfriend.

He rushed out of the SUV the second Alodia started running for the tall gates.  They were wide open, almost too tempting to ignore, which eventually convinced Alodia to step into the property amid the ongoing standoff.

"Please don't shoot! Don't shoot!" Alodia kept screaming as her tears ran down her pale cheeks.  "He's... He's not himself! Please! I'm begging you. Don't shoot him!"  She was all eyes on Leandro while begging for the authorities to spare the guy's life.

Before she could even reach the parking lot surrounded by Italian cops and their heavily armed tactical team,  two taller guys clasped her arms, effortlessly holding her back, keeping her stuck and sobbing beside a police car.

Raffaele didn't get that far.  Three cops blocked his way before h

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