In love with my rejected mate

In love with my rejected mate

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“You can't do this to me, Asher. I'm…" “I can do whatever I want because I'm the Alpha! Get her out, now!" He yelled and just then, some guards ran over and grabbed me by the arm as they dragged me away. “You can't do this to me! How dare you?!" I screamed as loud as I could as I cried bitterly. How did my fairy tale life end just like that? I didn't even have time to wrap my head around it. I turned back and he wasn't even looking at me. Rather he was letting Claire lead him away, further away from me and I finally saw red. “If I leave this pack, I will never love you again. You'll be dead to me!" I screamed loud enough for him to hear and he halted in his steps but still didn't turn around. “If I leave here, I'll forget you exist!" I screamed again as tears rolled down my cheeks but he still didn't turn around and that broke the last fragment of my heart. “I, Hazel Greene, reject Alpha Asher Stone as my mate and Alpha!" I uttered then yelled out as the pain sliced through my body but I still managed to look at Asher but still, he didn't glanced at me. I let my head fall as the guards dragged me away while I cried. The guards pushed me out of the gate and as soon as the heavy gate locked behind them, I placed my hand on my stomach as I gave it a little rub. “Don't worry my child, mummy is capable of taking care of you alone. I'll take care of you alone" I murmured softly as I took slow steady steps into the thick forest, trying my best to stop crying.

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Keep up the good work, your book is nice
2024-07-17 19:47:06
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Naomi Osale
this is soo interesting......!!!...I really want to know who was behind those letterssssss......
2024-07-16 03:48:11
61 Chapters
Chapter one
~HAZEL~ I blinked my eyelids frantically to try and hold back the tears as I stared at the man that confessed his undying love for me just yesterday, holding another woman in his arms. It wasn't just any woman, it was my step sister Claire. “What's… what's going on? Asher?" I called out for him as I tried reaching out but he flinched away and gave me a dirty look. “I want you out of my pack this instance. Get out" He muttered and my blood ran cold. “What are you talking about?" I tried reaching out for him again but he just grabbed onto my wrist and pushed me away so hard that I fell on the ground, scraping my arm on the granite ground. I glanced up at him, expecting to see some sort of reaction after what he did but he just stared back at me with cold, unfeeling eyes. Those gray eyes that once held love for me stared back at me like I was dirt beneath his feet. “My Claire doesn't feel safe with you around so It will be better if you left" He uttered and m
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Chapter two
~HAZEL~ “I can't… I can't go with you" I blurted out and I hated the way a frown appeared on Tristan's face but I couldn't go, I couldn't see Asher and risk him finding out about Jaden. No one knew my story, I only told Tristan that I had run away from my pack and nothing else because I didn't want the past to haunt me. So I could understand why there was a confused look on his face as he stared at me. He grabbed onto my hand as his eyes softened. “Come on, Hazel. It's just a dance and I promise if…" “I can't go, Tristan. I'm sorry, I really can't" I muttered as I stared at him pleadingly,hoping he would drop it but he just straightened up with a sigh. “I didn't want to have to do this but you are coming with me whether you like it or not. It's not a request this time but an order" My eyes widened as I stared at him. “You can't do that, I have the right…" “You do have the right and you'll always have the right" He interjected as his h
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Chapter three
Before I could utter another word, Rose brought out her phone and dialed a bunch of numbers then in minutes, a hairstylist and make-up artist was by my door. “Call King Tristan and tell him you're coming while they get you ready. I run down to a store and get you a dress that's surely going to leave everyone in awe. Chop chop guys, she's in a hurry" She said in a sing-along voice before grabbing Tristan card and running out of the house. I let out a sigh as a smile slowly crept onto my face before I grabbed my phone and dialed Tristan's number. He seemed over the moon that I decided to come and said he was going to pick me up by eight which meant I had only one hour and some minutes to get ready. “Don't worry, we'll be over in no time and you'll look spectacular. You already have a pretty face and your hair is in great shape so there's not much to do" The make-up artist uttered as they sat me down and began their magic. Jaden woke up some minutes later and
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Chapter four
~HAZEL~ As we rode silently in Tristan's car, I couldn't stop myself from fidgeting on my seat. What if something happened? What if I saw more familiar faces and they tried to disgrace me or something? Was this really a good idea? Tristan placed his hand over mine and gave it a little squeeze, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Are you okay? If you don't want to go then I won't force you Hazel" He murmured as he stared at him with concern on his face and I flashed him a tight smile. “We are already almost there, no use turning back now" I uttered then let out a sigh. He stared at me for a while then his hands tightened on mine. “You know you can always tell me anything, right? If something is going on with you,I can help" He uttered and I turned to him with a genuine smile this time. “Yeah I know that, thank you but I'm already too indebted to you and I don't want to burden you with my problems" I murmured and he frowned. “You can never be a burden
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Chapter five
I stared into Asher's gray cold eyes in shock. He was the last person I wanted to see. “I asked you a question, Hazel. Why are you with him?" He questioned as he tightened his hold on my hand and I glared at him while holding back the tears that were threatening to fall. Why? Why did he have to have the face of the man I had been in love with? Why did he have to have his smell? As soon as his smell invaded my nostrils, the urge to cry grew stronger as the familiarity slapped me in the face, reminding me of how insignificant I had been to him whereas he had been my world. “Let go of me" I struggled against his hold as I tried staring at anything and everything so I won't have to look at his face. “Hello? Hazel!? What's wrong?" Rose's voice suddenly sounded from the phone. “If Tristan sees us this way…" I began. “I don't ever want to hear another man's name on your lips" Asher interjected as he tightened his fingers painfully around my wrist. “I do
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Chapter six
“I just want my phone back!” I winced as the pain sliced through my body and I slowly stood up. Refusing to look him in the eye, I quickly took my phone out of his hands as he stretched it forward and I looked him in the eyes letting him know just how much I really hate him and want nothing to be around him right now. And I turned to take my leave refusing to utter any word to him. “Please take me home Tristan” I muttered refusing to show my pain in front of Asher and Claire. The ride back home was as quiet and calm as the Dead Sea. “I just need to hold my baby in my hands” I thought to myself as I tried to fight the pains flooding through me. “Why was your phone with him? Are you okay and did he hurt you?” Tristan finally lets out. I could feel that he had lots of questions to ask but there’s no way I’m going back into that puddle anymore. “I’m fine” I responded in a hurry. I hate to be like this in front of anyone but I needed him to know that it’s best I’m left alone f
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Chapter seven
~Hazel~ It was another day to shove that man’s name behind me and move on. I stand up to get ready as light peered in from the window. ‘I just need to occupy myself in the shop’ I thought as I got myself and Jaden ready to go open the shop. “Mama, can I have more chocolates?” His sweet tiny voice echoed through the shop grabbing my attention. Jaden is the best thing that has happened to me and I’ll do everything to keep him safe, no matter what it takes. It was a relief that he didn’t have to go to school, I know I needed him closer to me today, “No baby, that’s a lot already. Why don’t you come help mama here in the kitchen “ “Good morning aunty rose!” He immediately walks over to Rose who walks over lazily, she was never an early riser. “What is it Jaden?” She asks, leaning forward. “My mama needs help in the kitchen, please can you help” he asks in the most cute way giving Rose the puppy eyes. It’s so funny how she never sees this coming and always falls pr
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Chapter eight
~Hazel~ “What’s the problem Hazel, what are you not telling me?” He asked, towering over me as he gazed into my eyes to search for his answers. With the way Rose zoomed outside upon hearing his voice, I know there was no way to ask her to get me out of this. Standing upright to look up at him “it’s nothing, I just didn’t know what to say to you after ruining your night” I said, telling half the truth. He doesn’t need to know anything and definitely not about Asher. “You didn’t ruin anything, my night would have been shit if you didn’t go with me in the first place.” He adds revealing a small smile which showed too much emotions in it for a lycan king. I stand there barely reaching his chest as I wonder what he really expects from a single mom who is just a lone wolf in his kingdom. “Why did she call you a slut? I swear I wanted to split her throat” he muttered with a fierce look and the bloodshot eyes he has on whenever he was to spill some blood comes upfront. I
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Chapter nine
~Hazel~ “What’s the problem?” He said immediately into his phone as his face changed. I don’t know if anything is wrong or if anything happened but I’m glad the call came in. Whoever is the reason for the call is such a lifesaver. What exactly would I have told him? That my child’s father hurt me?! I couldn’t tell him the truth on why I ran away and it’ll remain like that. I couldn’t lose the peace I’ve found now and Jaden is safer here. “Bring him here, I totally forgot we had a meeting.” He mutters through the phone. “Who’s coming over? Do you need me to prepare anything?” I asked, wanting nothing but to return to our old conversation. “No, it's fine. It should be a quick one,it’s Alpha Asher and it’s just to go over some propositions” he uttered saying nothing else as he stared at me knowing fully well that I avoided his question about Jaden’s father. I take my words back, that man is no life saver but a destroyer. “Don’t you think you need to go to the head h
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Chapter ten
~Asher~ After seeing his proposal I just couldn’t back down, I needed to come see for myself. He wanted to do business with us and was granting free access to his kingdoms and was asking the same from mine. There are a thousand things I could gain from this but I wanted to know if there’s another motive. Everyone always wants to be on the winning side so why do I seem to gain more from this proposal if I agree to it? On getting to the head house with my beta and enforcers, I saw just how functional and big his kingdom was. And when I heard that we would have the meeting somewhere else, my defences were up but agreed. I need to know if it’s a trap. “Aunty Rose!” I heard a faint voice call out. Then the scent hit me, I looked back in a hurry looking at my beta and enforcers. They looked all too normal with their defences up, having no single idea what I smelled. I turned to look back again to where I smelled the wolf and was backed by a lycan who was definitely talking to so
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