Midnight Strays

Midnight Strays

By:  merwa_g  Completed
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'God, I'm late again!' Jane thought as she hurried through the streets. 'Mr. Smith is going to be so mad!' She decided to take a shortcut through some back alleys that she would normally rather avoid. Suddenly, she heard a series of whimpers, thumps, and yelps coming from another alley nearby. It sounded like a dog in pain, being beaten by something heavy 'Maybe if I make a noise, whatever is attacking that dog will get scared and run.' She stopped. She had just peaked her head around the corner and saw not one but two . . . men? . . . standing at the other end of a dead-end alley and overlooking a very large, furry pile of animals that seemed to be twitching. Normally, Jane would have been filled with terror at that moment, but terror was normally reserved for those with something to lose. There was a part of Jane, however, that still clung to the charade that was her life. Her hands began to tremble and her lungs released a scarcely audible gasp. Then the two standing figures turned and faced the end of the alley where Jane was hiding. "I'm going to call the police!" she shouted, lacking anything better to say. One of the figures shook his head and smiled. All his teeth seemed to be far too pointy. "That would be a very . . . terrible . . . mistake," he hissed, his words escaping his mouth like dead air from a pharaoh's tomb. And then both of them headed towards her at an inhuman pace. "No," one of them rasped. "Finish it. I'll get the girl." The other one stopped and snarled some kind of response.

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Love this book so much keep re reading it please write more soon xx
2023-01-21 09:29:33
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Peter Omang
loving it, please update soon, much luv
2022-06-15 06:33:35
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Leanne Robertson
Love it so far! Quiet a good read.
2022-05-10 16:56:16
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I really like this story...
2022-04-29 07:46:41
60 Chapters
Chapter One
Once again, Jane made her way home from work. She almost scoffed at the idea of calling what she did "work." It almost made it seem legitimate to sling brown sludge into bent and broken shells at the local Taco Shack. As on most days, she had scored some of the leftovers and had salivated at the thought of it. And between the doors of her place of business and what constituted her home, she had found someone worse off than herself who needed the nourishment more. This time, it was Old Ben, a homeless man she had encountered before. He had thanked her, she had smiled while her stomach rebelled, and she had been on her way home.She arrived at her dingy, twelve-by-thirteen studio apartment in the worst part of Springfield. There was a twin bed, a two-burner stove, a mini-fridge, and a tiny shower stall next to the toilet. Once inside, she secured the three chain locks and two deadbolts and finally took a moment to relax. She took off her hair net and let her raven-black hair fa
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Chapter Two
----------- --------------------A few minutes later . . .----------- --------------------'God, I'm late again!' Jane thought as she hurried through the streets. 'Mr. Smith is going to be so mad!' She decided to take a shortcut through some back alleys that she would normally rather avoid. Sometimes she hated living in an urban jungle. As she made her way past piles of trash, she thought of her home in the country . . . where she had lived until her father had died and before her stepfather had entered the picture. She thought of wooden fences, round bails of hay, the garden next to the house, and that old beat-up tractor that her father had taken her for rides on. That was the last time she remembered being happy.Suddenly, she heard a series of whimpers, thumps, and yelps coming from another alley nearby. It sounded like a dog in pain, being beaten by something heavy. She took a step in the other direction. She couldn't be late for work. She couldn't
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Chapter Three
--------- ------------------------------Some unknown time later . . .--------- ------------------------------"She seems to be waking up!" came a voice from the void. Jane wanted to open her eyes but was afraid of what she'd see. But a dull throb in her ribs caused her to moan, which had tipped everyone off. But who was "everyone?"There was a pause. "Listen, we know you're awake, so you might as well stop faking." That voice was definitely a female."And Talia should know a thing or two about 'faking' it," came a male voice."Bite me.""Not tonight. I have a headache."Jane opened her eyes, expecting to see monsters. There was an annoyingly bright tungsten light directly overhead, and Jane was lying on a long metal table. A number of young men and women surrounded Jane, including the handsome young man she had seen briefly earlier."Where . . . am I?" she groaned, trying to sit up but quickly lying back down as the pa
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Chapter Four
----------- ----------- The next day . . . ------------ ----------- Jane awoke with a start but noticed the pain was less than the day before. She opened her eyes and took a look around. She seemed to be in some old, long building, but there was no natural light. It looked like a subway station, but one that hadn't been used in a long time. "This particular station was buried back in the fifties, and the city never thought it would be cost-effective to excavate it," said Arthur, who was sitting nearby. "We diverted some power lines and water pipes down here and voila! Instant home-sweet-home!" Talia approached. "Red and Tarloh are ready, and everyone is waiting." She looked at Jane. "Are you all right to move?" "Where . . . where are you taking me?" she asked. "Down the
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Chapter Five
----------- ----------------- A little while later . . . ----------- ----------------- "How is she?" Tarloh asked as Talia clambered into his bed aboard one of the abandoned rail cars in the tunnel. The two were good friends and often lovers, and Tarloh had sent word that he would like her company that night. When the alpha male called, it was hard to resist. "She's terrified," Talia said, peeling off her clothes before huddling against his massive frame. "I don't know how much she's been able to accept. And there's more," Talia added. "I think she's been abused, and pretty badly. She's scared of human contact, and the idea of finding a bunkmate almost sent her into a coma. I used to see cases like hers all the time." Tarloh took the black beauty's word on that. Talia had been a crisis counselor at a women's center, once upon a time. The center had closed, but Talia had been unwilling to leave the area. That is what had attracted the Strays to her . . . and it was why Tarloh himse
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Chapter Six
"You know what I want to hear?" he asked. She was grinning like . . . well, like a wolf. "Fuck me Daddy!" she said. "Fill your girl's pussy with your cum!" It was a little game they played, due to the fact that he had made her a werewolf in the first place. That was as far as their relationship actually had extended prior to her joining the Strays. "Oh Daddy, your cock is so big! It makes me want to . . . to cum!" And in just that moment, her back arched while her pussy enveloped the intruder in a death grip, holding it while she came all over it. "Thank you, Daddy!" "That's my Baby Girl," he replied. He bit the back of her neck and began fucking her again. "But I'm not done with you yet." Talia was chewing on the pillow, loving every moment of this. She knew that Tarloh saw her as an equal, but she was willing to submit to the alpha-male during sex. Mostly, she did it because she knew she was always sexually sated by the time it was done. And this time would be no exception. He ban
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Chapter Seven
-------------- --------------- That evening . . . -------------- --------------- Talia was sitting around a table on one of the abandoned subway cars, having a pleasant meal of ravioli when she sensed a presence at the door. Without looking up, Talia began to speak. "So, have you finished being a bitch for this week, or do you still have some minutes left on your plan?" "That's not fair," Red said, sitting down across from her friend. "It's completely fucking fair and you know it," Talia said irritably. Red closed her eyes. "Yeah, I guess so." Talia felt some of her anger melt away. Red had the best of intentions, but had been under a lot of stress. "As long as we agree on that," she said smugly. "I'm sorry things didn't go better in Los Angeles. Still no info on who is sending these hellspawn after us?" "I don't think they're after us specifically. I think their tribe is making some kind of power play. I just . . . what was Robbie thinking?" she asked bitterly, standing up and
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Chapter Eight
"C'mon," Anya was moaning. "Fuck my ass you fucking stud!"Unable to stop herself, Jane peeked out from behind the curtain again. Michael was lying with his back on the floor and Anya was sitting on top of him, grinding his cock into her cunt. Nathaniel has just squatted down behind her and shoved his cock into her asshole. He and Nathaniel quickly developed a rhythm, sliding in and out of her luscious body in tandem.Jane was feeling . . . slightly aroused. Those cocks filling Anya's lean, perfect body . . . making her moan like an animal in heat. She continued to watch as she conditioned her hair. Michael was sucking on Anya's light-brown breasts and dark nipples while he filled her pussy. Nathaniel was just gripping the woman's taut butt-cheeks as he violated her back door.While letting the conditioner seep in, Jane grabbed the razor and some shaving cream. She took care of her armpits and legs as Anya continued to get double-teamed. Then, the entire sexual
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Chapter Nine
-------------- --------------------------In another area of the Den . . .-------------- --------------------------"Hey Arthur," Mindy said as she went into the medical cubicle. "Here's the last of the gauze. I put it on the shopping list for the next scavenger hunt.""Thanks," the medic grumbled. "With Robbie's expedition and Jane's condition, I'm running short on some basic necessities."Mindy smiled and sat down in his lap. "But you manage to make it work," she said. "Both of them are looking much better, you little miracle-worker you.""I'm not surprised about Robbie, but Jane was just human. She was touch and go for the first few days."Mindy tussled his hair. Arthur was one of those kinds of guys that never gave himself the credit he deserved and always tried twice as hard as almost anyone else. "I hear she's going to the Node tomorrow. No one could have gotten her ready as fast as you did." She blonde girl stopped and kissed
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Chapter Ten
"Oooh! That's new!"The healer continued to ravish her anus while filling her pussy with his digits. Once her sphincter was nice and slimy, he pulled his head back and sank his thumb into her butt, all the way up to the palm. Then his free hand gave her a couple more swats."Arthur," she gasped, her body beginning to shake. "It's gonna happen!"Arthur knew what she wanted. While his fingers continued to penetrate her, he started to concentrate and focus his power. He had the ability to enhance the body's natural processes, so he caused all the pleasure centers in her brain and nerve endings in her crotch to amplify. The effect was instantaneous and dramatic.Mindy's eyes and mouth shot open as the mother of all climaxes wracked her body. She was shaking like train tracks when the Orange Blossom Special came rolling through. All the colors and lights in the room seemed impossibly bright, and every muscle she had was straining vainly against her bonds. And
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