Invading Borders

Invading Borders

By:  Anine Giliomee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lily has finally found her mate. After being kidnapped, turned into a wolf and falling down countless trees, it is about time. Yet, even through all the perfect mushy things, something still seems off. Her mind keeps flickering to a certain somebody and there comes the question: Did she make a mistake?

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Linda Kirkland
Very good and interesting I wish there would have been more
2021-02-06 04:58:22
42 Chapters
Chapter 1 Aftershock
They say that when a werewolf finds their mate, they will be able to identify him from miles away. It comes at an instant. One minute you will still be falling through trees and the next you’ll be faced with him. You’ll be face with the dark hair, the perfect sculptured face. Everything will be perfect.
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Chapter 2 Attack
Trudging through the woods, I try and recollect my thoughts. This had to happen. It’s only right that it happened. I wasn’t her mate. I should have known that from the beginning. Throughout the whole process I had known we weren’t destined to be. Yet – I still felt anger and hurt bubbling inside of me. I let out an eternal growl, sick of feelin
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Chapter 3 Parents
The words makes my wolf howl once again in my head, letting a thudding sensation build up. Felix’s hand slides off of my chin and wraps itself in my own hand, giving it a light squeeze. Our hands fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. He guides me out of the woods, moving slowly and continuously making sure I wasn’t hurt anywhere.
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Chapter 4 Damned
The vision was foggy, yet I could immediately identify who it was. I’d be able to identify her even if I was dead. Which I probably was because there’s no way she was with me right now. I could only see her face, it like an angel. She was lightly smiling, the image making it easier to bear that I had lost her. As if that had been a trigger, it started to f
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Chapter 5 Bonding
Once we part from my parents we head to the woods, me instantly relaxing a bit more. Thought that probably only lasted for five minutes. “Can I ask you something?” Felix squeezes my hand, letting shivers once again roam up my arm.  I nod, glancing at him through my curls. His eyebrows are knitted together and he
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Chapter 6 Girlfriend
Standing with a gaze that can only be described as Elsa can’t control her powers again (Frozen), stands the ice princess of the Moonlight pack. Princess suits her perfectly. She’s straightened her hair once again and is wearing a pair of shorts and a simple tank top in a way you’d think it was designed for the runway. Her arms are folded and the Elsa-stare is directed at me.
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Chapter 7 Absence
I glance over at the house for the millionth time before finally deciding to just do it. Chase had been my friend since we were babies. He knew every little thing about me. We were more than friends. We were brothers. And even if that sounded corny, corny was what we were. You get those types of friendships that are all about jokes and messing around. Those were what
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Chapter 8 Warmth
I spend the rest of the day trying to get hold of Felix thought it’s pretty useless. At about four o clock, when I’m starting to think he might regret being my mate, he finally shows up. He looks worn out, his hair dishevelled with leaves stuck in his curls. “Are you okay?” he enters my house, giving me a nod, “Just happy to be by you aga
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Chapter 9 Pool
Felix guides me into the woods thought we take a new route which makes me nervous. I haven’t explored the woods that much, even if it was my home away from home. I usually stuck to my routes, going north or east. There was unknowing of what was going on in the west but that was mostly because Felix and his gang would usually go there. Yet, now he was guiding me that way. We trudged through the woods up until Felix suddenly stopped.
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Chapter 10 Asshole
I’ve been here for two days. Two, asshole-filled, muscle aching days. My wrists were raw from me continuously trying to escape and my mood was about as sour as a sour worm. For the millionth time since I got here, I heard footsteps coming to the door. Who was going to bother me this time?
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