Inyoka: The Snake Goddess

Inyoka: The Snake Goddess

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BOOK ONE OF THE IMMORTAL SERIES “Over a hundred people have reported you for aggravated assault, vandalism of property, several attempts at bullying, invasion of privacy, and reckless driving. Who are you?” The stupid police officer in front of me asked as he continued to read out, “Kidnapping??” “Mark I think that is enough,” Zachariah intervened. Mark closed the file that had all of my detailed crime reports as he glared at me. “And so on,” he said, placing it on the table that separated us from each other. “What do you have to say for yourself?” he asked. I sniffed into the air as I exhaled out deeply, my back relaxing less comfortably on the iron chair as I answered with not a single show of concern at all. “What can I say? They all deserved it.” I cackled as I admired my gloves, having nothing but evil thoughts as I looked at them.  ____________________________________________________________________ Cursed since birth to become the Snake Goddess and wield supernatural powers way stronger than she can imagine, Eve is on a journey to become one of the greatest the immortal realm has ever seen, and she won't be on this journey alone. But with her amulet still missing and the world slowly drowning into utter chaos because of her, time can only tell if there has been a mistake made in handing over such powers to her, as there are secrets that lie ahead of her that can either rip her apart or make her stronger.

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Dark souls
I am liking it so far! can't wait for more chapters. Also, Eve character can be kind of funny and annoying at the same time.
2024-05-27 18:28:20
32 Chapters
~EVE~Modern dayI sat in the back seat of my convertible, right in an insufferable dress that held me to the point of suffocation, my face palmed with frustration.Pamela knocked on the tinted glass window as I rolled it down for her. “Hello everyone,” Pamela greeted with a sharp smile. Looking in my direction, I could see the bizarre look on her face, staring deeply at my black dress and fascinator on my head as the net covered my entire face. She sank in her breath, not hiding her dislike that I was dressed up for a funeral rather than my long awaited book signing. “Eve,” she called with gritted teeth, “You look wonderful; I am sure you are as excited for your book fair as we are.”I was unperturbed by her brightness as I replied in a strained tone, “I am drowning in misery, Pamela; the corset I am wearing is like a bone meant to break through my rib cage; my lungs are screaming and want out; my feet hurt like a bunch of nails piercing me on them, so yay, you can guess I am excite
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~E V E~Seeing the happiness on that woman’s face as she held her son tightly made my stomach turn, because as she was relieved that her son was safe, I, on the other hand, was drowning in misery.The police officer, who looked around his mid-twenties and was seemingly proud of his job, carefully examined Gabriel. “Thank you so much, officer, for helping me in search of my son,” Gabriel’s mother thanked him.“Not a problem, ma’am; I am very happy to help.” The officer said with a heartwarming smile, which made me cringe. There is no way he loved his job this much; he was clearly faking it. “I see Gabriel is perfectly alright,” he added.“Alright?” This woman, who has now taken the hand of her daughter again, questioned, She just won’t get off my back, will she? “Miss, I suggest you file a report against this lady here,” she eyed me with spite. “This lady here pushed your son to the ground and made sure he stayed there while mocking him; I saw it happen,” the woman reported.Oh for hea
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~E V E~“Are you going to take the step or not?” I asked her as my soul took over my body again, frustrated that she had simply wasted my entire time with that back and forth. “I mean, it is not hard at all; you simply just have to put a step to it,” I demonstrated with my foot for her to see how easy it was. “See, simple, right?” the young girl nodded. “Now turn around and let’s try this again, alright?”The high school girl listened as she turned to take my words into action. I smiled mischievously at how sweet it will be to watch someone actually fall off a building. I always hear of it and come around the scene when it is already late, but now I get to watch it in real time.“Come on, take the step; we are wasting daylight. Hurry up,” I said, pointing towards the sky and how rapidly the sun was fading from it.The girl sniffed, "Wait, aren’t you an adult? Aren’t you supposed to try and stop me?”I groaned as this was heading towards a path that I would hate to see the end result o
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~E V E~“I have been looking everywhere for you,” Zachariah said as he grinned. “You are truly very stubborn; you didn’t even try to speak to them like I told you to,” he said. I tried moving away from him, but he just wouldn’t budge. “You seem to be in a hurry,” he said before shifting his eyes towards the rooftop I was running away from.I quickly pushed him aside as I ran off, skipping a lot of stairs with the hope that I wouldn’t trip in the process. I almost stopped when he called my name as he chased after me, “Eve, can you stop running?”How did he even know my name? Oh yeah, my name is written on my books, and all of my posters are everywhere.I looked behind me to see how quickly he had closed the gap between us. There was no way I planned on competing at this point; I needed an escape route and one that’s fast.I swallowed hard, accepting that an elevator was my only option; I just had to breathe and hope nobody was on it. I ran to the main hall and tapped repeatedly on the
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~E V E~I hardly could sleep all through the night as I toiled around the bed. It was hard. All of a sudden, I felt emotions for a girl I had met just because I saw the Inyoka tattoo on her wrist, and I was worried that maybe I had killed her.Calm down, Eve, You haven’t done anything; what are you even saying? It couldn’t have been me; the Inyoka only visited because... why would it visit me exactly if I hadn’t used my powers before then? I need to invoke the spirit before it comes, and I didn’t, nor was I in danger for it to protect me, so why would it visit me?Or have I seen something wrong? No, the tattoo marking was definitely on her wrist; it was clear as day.So what could have caused this because of the way Rachel pleaded?My forehead furrowed as my eyes squinted, thinking deep into this; it was also a personal issue for me.All through the night, the rays of sunlight blasted through my curtain and attacked my eyes. I thought only of the possibilities that the Inyoka had been
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~E V E~Oh shit!“Why are the police here now?” Raghul asked as he rushed the stairs, seeing a few officers at our door through the transparent glass. He turned to me, plainly suggesting I had done something wrong from that accusing look on his face.I gave a shrug and said, “I don’t know.” Why does he think it is right to think I am always going to be at fault? “Hurry and go check it out,” I say as I hide behind the door. Raghul’s accusing eyes didn’t leave mine the more I acted suspicious.He opened the door and said, “Good morning, officers. To what shall we owe this pleasant visit?” I heard his sigh and a later groan as the police officer said, “We received information that this is the residence of the author, Miss Eve.”Raghul mumbled a silent, “Of course,” as he glared in my direction. “Yes,” he confided to the officer.“Is she around? We would like to bring her to the station to ask a couple of questions regarding a teen girl, Rachel, who died last night,” the officer said.“Th
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1568—The beginning of the witch hunt“Push! Push!” The midwife barked at the pregnant woman, who has been in labor for several hours, suffering excruciating pain as she bleeds all over the sheets.“I can’t,” The pregnant woman cried, “Tear me open and take my baby out of me; I don’t think I can go on any longer.” She wept; her body was frail, and she could barely breathe, panting profusely as the other midwives held her down.It was transcendent—no one could understand the reason this woman has been in labor for close to a day and still there is no sign of the baby."Goodness, gracious woman, I need you to push!” The lead midwife shouted at her, paying no heed to the pregnant woman’s plight. “I am going to count, and you are going to push with all of your might at the call of three.”“Mhm…” The pregnant woman nodded as the other women in the mud house with them surrounded her, holding her and ready to aid her. The pregnant woman took deep breaths, preparing herself for her final push
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~EVE POV~1573—the year of the witch hunt.“Burn the witch to the stake!” The crowd who had come to watch both my mother’s and my persecution yelled heartlessly. I saw the fright in my mother’s eyes as we were both separated from each other.“Close your eyes, my child; all of this will soon be over.” My mother consoled me, and I nodded, agreeing with each word she said, but I had no fear in me; I had already accepted the reality of it all.These cold-hearted humans have chased my mother since she had me and have never made her rest. I saw her tears each night as we moved from village to village; she never felt comfortable sleeping as she was worried I would be taken advantage of by her. I was always the target.The crowd cheered as a mighty man walked to the execution ground with a flare. He turned to my mother and smacked her in the face. “Wench!” he blatantly called her. He turned to the crowd of supporters and asked them, “What else should I do to her?”“Spit on her!” An old woman
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~EVE~I was brought into a room, which I would quite say was to investigate given the dimly lit overhead light that was shown above our heads as shadows covered the wall. Inside it, there was a tinted glass window that, if not for these contacts, I would see the humans who were in it; their scent was more than enough.I tapped my glove covered fingers on the iron table that separated us, waiting for both of them to at least speak. Obviously, they were trying to build tension, but I was unfazed as I stared back at them.Mark cleared his throat to throw off the silence as he began by opening a case file on his desk. “You won’t mind that we go ahead without your lawyer since he isn’t here yet?” he asked, seeking my permission.He clearly sounded like he would anyway, even if I declined. I wanted to give a snappy response, but Raghul warned that I should try and remain calm; he has been the one bearing all of my consequences. At least I should try and remain silent.I nodded in response t
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~EVE~Zachariah and Mark both ran out of the room as I followed, despite Zachariah demanding that I stay put. Whatever the reason that had them bothered, surely it was something big, and indeed it was.“Are you done? Should we leave?” Raghul swiftly asked the moment I approached him.“Not yet,” I say before moving away from there and heading to the table where Mark, Zachariah, and a lady were sitting. I don’t quite get who she is; opposite her were two girls, but I didn’t care.There were worried looks written on all of their faces as the lady who was seated asked, “What are we going to do now? This is serious.”I inched closer to see what exactly was displayed on the table. If humans mattered to me so much, then I would have gasped. I felt something, at least for the deceased, seeing all that was on the table.“Are you saying Rachel had a boyfriend who was doing all of these to her?” Zachariah asked in a calm tone as the grils who were seated nodded. My eyes went to the name tags of
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