The Blood Rose Lady

The Blood Rose Lady

By:  Nymeria Yennefer Roisin  Completed
Language: English
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Rozelyn found out she is a vampire when she turned eighteen. To make matters worse, her stepmom is secretly a vampire as well and Cyrill, her stepmom's adoptive son, is a werewolf behind the shadows. As she live the life of being a vampire, several people had come for her—including the infamous Blood Mistress, a witch who hunts vampires and werewolves. Rozelyn become more fascinated with the vampire life, especially when she found out that sex plays a huge role in a vampire's everyday living and it acts like blood: once they tasted it, they will crave for it even more. Will Rozelyn be able to voice out her secret love to Cyrill without risking the familial relationship they have built for years? Or will she watch her loved ones perish due to her identity as the most powerful vampire to ever live? Amidst all these, only one thing is certain: Blood is thicker than water—either literally or figuratively.

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Don Thyro Lamion
go go goooo. galingggg cathhh
2021-11-15 11:36:39
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You make everything interesting. Normally, I wouldn't get invested by a character telling the origin of their name, but I actually didn't skip that part. I haven't read the entire chapter yet, but so far your narrative voice is a chef's kiss. Good job!
2021-10-26 10:11:04
user avatar
Nice blurb. ...
2021-09-26 21:33:34
71 Chapters
A Talk with Journal
  Rozelyn. That was the name my Irish mother Visenna gave me before her very last breath. My father said in his journal— the one I’ve found in that God-forsaken room and recently read minutes ago— that he can still recall her last moments after she gave birth to me. He declared that it was indeed haunting to a person even up to this day. Haunting because being able to witness with your eyes the moment your loved one took their last breath will forever be marked in your memories. After my Irish mother closed her very eyes, my African father gave me my second name. He told me that the name was derived from a Japanese flower, kind of resembling a tulip but more elegant compared to a usual one. Nadeshiko. He told me it had a silent “I” when you pronounce it. He told me that he named me after a flower because, despite my mixed races,
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Chapter 1
Rozelyn just finished her first week of being a freshman. Psychology was the major subject she chose and Philosophy was the minor one. She currently studies at St. Patrick’s College, located only five minutes from their abode in the heart of Shamrock, Ireland. Her raven-black hair was in a tight bun, causing her nape to be wholly exposed as she walked by the streets of the city. The sky was already enveloped by the tawny sunset when she arrived home. Their house was not that grandiose, but it can already be called home due to its cozy ambiance and serene atmosphere. Romaine was cooking an Irish stew and some anchovies. Rozelyn’s appetite suddenly dropped from being famished to being forcefully full. She hasn't liked anchovies or Irish stew since she was five years ol
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Chapter 2
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Cyrill’s voice was as loud as an ambulance’ siren. It was his voice that woke her up from her seemingly surreal dream. He turned around to face the thick burgundy curtains that hinder the sunlight from entering the chilled room by the glass window. He then grasped the hems and swiftly split it open. Rozelyn looked to her left. Her alarm clock reads 6:15 in the morning; too early for a Saturday birthday celebration. The sunlight swept the darkness; filling her entire room with beaming light that glared at her emerald green eyes, causing her to slip away from her vivid thoughts—courtesy of last night’s nightmare. She groaned as she covered her eyes with the ‘Avengers’ pillow from the blinding rays of the sun while suddenly realizing the presence of her stepmom’s adoptive son.
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Chapter 3
Her violet-colored bed remained empty even when the morning star began to climb in the vast heavenly blanket. Rozelyn continued reading her father’s journal that she found in that revolting room. She didn’t know how to process her father’s words and messages. She doesn’t even want to continue reading, if not for the awestrucking revelation her parent have divulged. So, she talked with her journal in order to calm herself. She always does that when she’s anxious or perturbed. Her father even told her the origins of her name in his diary—causing her to reminisce about her childhood experience with him and her uncle Imani Onai. As she was
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Chapter 4
It tastes like sticky sweet red wine. She never knew that the taste of blood was just like drinking refreshing cool water. Nevertheless, she enjoyed her orchard visit with her stepmom. Lush nature really makes one serene and cheerful and in a soothing mood. Romaine said that Cyrill wasn’t with them because he had a musical invitation from the local orchestra. It’s kind of disappointing for Rozelyn that her stepmom’s pup wasn’t with them to witness the paradise of the orchard. Anyway, she’s happy for him—what makes Cyrill happy, makes her happy. At least, he’s spending time with music again after his departure from England. Music always calms one’s soul since the dawn of time.
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Chapter 5
Her stepmom said that she’s an Elemental Vampire. According to her, it is one of the nine supernatural abilities that a vampire and werewolf can possess. An Elemental can spark flames in a snap and summon vicious storms in a single glance and can even break windows via the Elemental’s wind abilities. Nonetheless, she liked it anyway. She felt identical to X-men’s Storm and Beautiful Creatures’ Lena Duchannes. Romaine said that she’s still a “baby vampire”, which means that her abilities are not that vivid yet. It can be triggered mostly by extreme emotions like anger or fury. It takes three long months to fully prosper one’s powers, sometimes longer depending on the entity’s constant feeding. *** It’s a miracle that she’s already awake at four in the morning. Well, s
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Chapter 6
Silence seems to be the family’s emblem. Even though the three are not blood related, it still seems that they’re blood relatives due to the fact that a problem of one becomes the dilemma of everybody. Cyrill was the one driving the car this time. Romaine was in absolute quietude—probably because of anger and enigma, or both. Anger because of her step daughter accidentally setting Maebh’s dress on fire and Enigma because of her recent discovery of Rozelyn’s profound abilities. Rozelyn, on the other hand, seems to be in apparent ire and bereavement due to Maebh mentioning and insulting her late mother. Rozelyn is a kind of person that never wants to hear insults and mockery from people, especially when it concerns herself and her family.  Maebh was lucky that it
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Chapter 7
Eku was somehow anxious. He has made Visenna drink the Blood Rose by boiling its petals by the beginning of the latter’s final trimester. The blood rose water was no doubt identical to an oozing vibrant red blood. He doesn’t give a damn to the consequences for now. The only important thing in this instant is the survival of both his daughter and his Irish wife. He was still peering by the delivery room when Romaine, his wife’s best friend, approached him in a violet-fitting dress. “I’ve already told you Mazari,” Romaine addressed the botanist by his second name. “I’ve told you even before you ventured into that cursed blood rose that one flower will only save and immortalize one ind
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Chapter 8
Cooking seems to despise Rozelyn. She remembered the time she went for a sleepover at Anaztasia’s house. She was quite embarrassed to herself because she doesn’t even know how to cook a pancake whereas Anaztasia can proficiently cook even a roasted turkey and chicken cordon bleu. I’ve already woken up as early as I can to just cook a spanish omelette but my cooking skills seem to not cooperate at all. She thought annoyingly to herself.  “Perhaps you can just wait for Romaine to wake up and let her be the one to administer the kitchen, Rosie girl.” Rozelyn then looks around but sees no one at all. At the corner of her eye, she spotted a huge white Persian cat sitting solemnly on the cupboard. In a blink of an eye, the cat shifted from paws and tail into a handsome tall man. This made Rozelyn suddenly gape and utterly flabbergasted. “You’re...You’re a shapeshifter too, Cyrill? How long have you been
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Chapter 9
I’m sorry, Rozelyn. Your mother was already sick even before you’re born. Even though I’ve been your father’s mistress, I’ve been a good and caring mom to you, aren’t I? Romaine’s apology resonates into the ears of Rozelyn as they are on their way to their secluded destination. They were currently walking into the Fortress of the Rose, surrounded with a myriad of trees and foliage along the path. It made the place a bit darker if not for the ocherous lights of the well-arranged candles that illuminates their path. The October Hunter’s Moon was brightly shimmering in the sky above. Rozelyn first thought that it was about to rain. Though she quickly remembers that they are god-damn supernaturally gifted vampires and werewolves. It is obviously impossible that none of the people—an Elemental—inside the fort
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