Slaughter Hill a Paranormal Romance

Slaughter Hill a Paranormal Romance

By:  Sylvia Russell  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lillie the witch is in love with Paul. Paul has his eyes for a young maiden Jennifer. Jennifer works at the Art Gallery. Lillie paints in her studio and displays the paintings the Art Gallery. All the paintings have a special spell on them. Lillie cast a spell for Steve to fall in love with Jennifer. Jennifer hires the Voodoo doctor to help her get Paul to love her. A Battle between the Lillie the Witch and the Voodoo begins

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3 Chapters
Chapter One
Lillie Damon stared out the window of her cabin. The lightning in the midnight sky illuminated the forest on Slaughter Hill. Wind hissed through the forests. Thunder rang with a loud explosion that echoed for miles. She was determined it was a suitable midnight to cast a spell upon her suitor Paul. She went into the shower. Lying down on the counter was a comb that Paul used to comb his hair. Lillie picked up the hair from his comb. Lillie stepped onto the back deck and cleaned the soil off the underside of his loafers. She continued into the backyard and ignited a picture of him and picked up the ashes. She was squatting on the floor with torches all around her. The gleam of the torches produced shadows on the wall. She arranged the hair, dirt, ashes, and two short nails into an urn. She started reciting the words of the spell while stirring the elements. The urn became extremely hot for her to hold. She set the urn in a pan of water. Steam rose from the u
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Chapter Two
Lillie was determined to find a lover for Jennifer. She had provided her with Steve, a wealthy man with prestige in the community. Jennifer was not interested in him. She had already turned him down for a date. She still had her eyes on Paul. Lillie knew she had to find someone that would appeal to Jennifer. A man with money did not work. Lillie had to find someone that would catch the eye of Jennifer. But what would she do with the spell on Steve? She walked into the coffee shop and Steve was having a cup of coffee sitting alone at the bar. Lillie noticed an older lady, Mary, looking at the newspaper in the coffee shop, also sitting alone. She suddenly had the idea of finding a woman for Steve.Lillie sat with Mary and talked for a while. Mary was in her late sixty’s and had been widowed for many years. When Mary left the coffee shop, Lillie took the cup she had been drinking out of and rubbed her finger around the rim of the cup while cha
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Chapter Three
Jennifer returned to see Ellen. The reversal spell was not working as she wanted. She wanted a spell now to make Paul fall desperately in love with her. She invited him to have dinner, and he accepted. She planned for the night to be filled with dinner, dance, and romance. Paul arrived at her home and entered the kitchen for dinner. After dinner, they began to dance and hold each other tight. He looked deep into her eyes with serenity, peace, lust, and desire and said, “I can’t believe I meet someone like you. Where did you hide your Angel Wings? You are the greatest woman on this side of heaven. I want to hold you in my arms and never let you go. I want this moment to last forever.” Jennifer knew the spell placed by Ellen was working. Lillie gazed into the glass ball and saw Jennifer and Paul dancing. She walked to dresser and removed a doll. She began sticking a pin into the doll. Suddenly, Paul fell to the floor. His ba
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