Jasper: Love and Monsters (Book 2 of Jasper)

Jasper: Love and Monsters (Book 2 of Jasper)

By:  Eileen Sheehan, Ailene Frances, E.F. Sheehan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Picking up where "Jasper: The Beginning" left off, Jasper comes into his own as he searches for a way to rescue Lila and her fellow witches from the evil vampires while hiding his association with the zombies from the werewolves. Filled with thrills, chills, and intrigue, "Jasper: Love and Monsters" [book two of this exciting trilogy] will keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages!

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26 Chapters
The first thing that Lila did when she recovered from her fainting spell was to focus on her surroundings. They looked familiar. Yet, her still muddled mind couldn’t quite place them. It took several minutes of study before she realized that she was back in the wing of the vampire castle where she and Jasper had spent so many months. The room was closer to the lab than the one she’d occupied before her escape and much smaller. She’d used it to nap in a few times when she wanted a brief break from the lab but didn’t want to be too far from Jasper in case he needed her.Placing her hand on her stomach, she cradled the bump that seemed to have appeared overnight. Realizing that she was about to give birth to a baby in an environment that had never seen a vampire birth before sent a ripple of fear through her. She had no idea what to expect. She’d never had a human baby, let alone a vampire one. In fact, she didn’t even know that she’d ha
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Freya propped her bare feet onto the railing of her historical home’s wrap around front porch as she slumped back into her favorite Adirondack style chair. The sun was slowly creeping below the treetops, leaving in its wake a brilliant hue of reds and yellows that almost danced along the skyline.“I love this time of day,” she said in a soft voice to Marcus who’d just pulled a chair up next to her and was mimicking her seating style.“It has a certain ambiance,” he murmured as he lit a cigar. Tipping his head back and making smoke rings, he added,  “I’ll give it that.”“I am starting to feel the effects of the moon. It will be full in a few days,” she said. “Have you worked out a plan?”“I’ve got Jasper on it,” he replied.“Altering the genetics of the wolf so that we can turn at will instead of waiting for the full moon is a great long term s
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Jasper popped the last of the roast beef sandwich he’d made for his lunch into his mouth and shuddered. The closer it got to the moon being full, the less he cared for the taste of cooked meat. Even the rare roast beef tasted off to him. This wasn’t a common complaint of the other werewolves with which he’d been associating. Therefore he assumed that it was either the zombie toxins or the vampire genetics in him that the moon was enhancing. Because the werewolf genetics had proven to have the strongest influence, he was surprised that they didn’t simply overpower the other traits instead of enhancing them. Since it only happened during the time of the full moon, he was confident that he was correct with his deduction.Coming to this realization filled him with dread and trepidation.His dislike for cooked meat was getting stronger with each full moon. That in itself was a serious matter. What made it worse was the fact that his craving
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An expression of pure disgust consumed Samuel’s face as he and Oscar looked down at Cerie’s naked, sleeping form. Not only was her skin, dry, wrinkled, and grey from head to toe, but her ankles and wrists were tied to the bedposts. She’d struggled against the restraints so much that her flesh was raw almost to the bone.“She is damn gross,” Samuel spat.“She has lost a lot of magic,” Oscar said, “but there’s still some in her for the taking.”Visibly shuddering, the older vampire said with a grimace, “I’m not sure I can do it with the likes of that.”Raising a brow with surprise, Oscar said, “Really? You do not have to look at her. Just fuck her. Once you are doing it, keep your eyes closed and you will not know the difference. That is what I do.”“Damn,” Samuel hissed as he unfastened his pants and let them drop to his ankles. “I must be des
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Cora sucked in air as she cautiously approached the bed where Cerie lay. Even though the restraints were strong enough to protect the vampires from an ancient witch’s retaliation, she was still fearful of what the notorious magic woman would do to her.She’d seen very few witches in her day with only a few glimpses of Cerie on the occasions she’d paid Rowan a visit. She remembered her as being young and beautiful. The pitiful creature, shackled spread eagle to the bed, was anything but that.Her dry, grey looking flesh was loose and severely wrinkled. If Cora had to describe it, she’d have to say it looked like it belonged to a body three times the size of this woman. Her face was gaunt with dark hollows for eyes and thin lips that were practically lost amongst the wrinkles.Saying she looked monstrous was putting it lightly.Gathering her courage, she said with a bold voice that sounded far more confident than she felt, “I a
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Jasper entered the witch’s cave to find Ben pacing like a caged panther.“What’s wrong?” he asked with genuine concern.He’d come to see if Ben had learned anymore from Lila. The distraught look on the warlock’s face while he nervously moved about didn’t bode good news.“I still haven’t been able to figure out how to get her out of there,” Ben complained. “She’s not well. I’m worried there might be complications with the birth. Those fool vampires won’t have a clue what to do if there are.”“Would we?” Jasper asked.“At least we’re familiar with birth,” Ben replied. “I can’t imagine the birth of a vampire baby is much different than that of a human baby.”“Some of the female vampires had children before they were turned,” Jasper offered. “I imagine they will remember how it’s done.&
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The moon hung in the sky like a brilliant, oversized flashlight. Lila leaned her forehead against the window pane. It felt cool and soothing.Peering into the illuminated night, she looked out onto the mountain in hopes of spotting Marcus and his pack approaching the castle. She’d had no word from Ben about the rescue Jasper and the werewolves were planning for her, but this would be the prime time for them to do it. She closed her eyes and tried to visualize Jasper in his wolf form as he raced through the woods with the pack, but the pain in her back wouldn’t allow her mind to focus.Fearful of what was happening to her, she sent a telepathic message to Ben.“Ben, can you hear me?”He immediately responded with, “I’ve been trying to connect with you. What’s happening?”“I feel funny,” she replied. “My back feels like someone is stabbing me with a butch
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“This is probably the worst time to be out looking for witches,” Oscar grumbled as he and his small group of vampires followed Samuel into the forest. “The woods will be crawling with werewolves just itching for battle.”“That is true,” Samuel said with a slight nod as he stealthily moved forward. “This is also the time when the witches would not think us being out at all. It is an advantage that will get us a decent catch. Just keep alert.”“Do you know where to find this decent catch?” Oscar asked with a touch of sarcasm.Although Samuel was his maker and he was bound to serve him,  Oscar resented that his superior had returned to take control of the den when he not only felt that he was more suited for the position, but he coveted the power and the glory that came with it.“I do,” Samuel informed him. “I learned of their location when I was held prisoner by the wolves. T
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Jasper felt the effects of the moon more intensely than in the past. He wondered if it had anything to do with the zombie aspect of himself. Were zombies ruled by the moon? He had no idea. Ben seemed to know a great deal about them. He made a mental note to ask him about it when next they met.Concern that his zombie traits might surface while he was surrounded by a pack of werewolves under the full moon kept him more subdued than usual as they raced through the forest to expend their excess energy. He was stronger than the average werewolf even when he didn’t shift into a full wolf form, but stayed with a human body that had werewolf traits, but he wasn’t strong enough to fight off an entire pack of them should they decide to attack.Coming upon an unsuspecting deer, Joseph quickly took it down. With a long howl, he called for the rest of the pack to join him for the fresh kill. Worried that the zombie in him would take over upon the taste of the fresh mea
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Following the tantalizing human captives proved excruciating for Jasper. He longed to push back the vampire in him and return to either simple human form or werewolf form. At least, then, he wouldn’t have to fight the unbelievable urge to suck each and every one of those poor women dry of their life’s blood. He was practically foaming at the mouth from desire.When they reached the portal that camouflaged the castle, he was actually relieved to witness them disappear through the huge boulder that seemed to give way to them as they walked through it.Taking a moment to compose himself, he shifted back into werewolf/man form and marked a nearby tree trunk with his razor sharp claws to assure that he’d be able to find the boulder again before racing back toward the location where he’d left the pack. He’d search for zombies another time. The information he had to share was far too crucial to wait. His only dilemma was who to tell. Should he te
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