By:  Colin Anderson  Ongoing
Language: English
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one night will change the lives for those involved forever, and they will never ever be the same again and solve the mystery...

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Great read so far I can't wait for the rest of it
2021-03-28 10:17:27
9 Chapters
Chapter One
Tuesday 27th April 20100:00In hindsight the people involved in the events of the next few days should almost be able to hear the click that happens as Monday 26th April changes to Tuesday 27th April. Suddenly the events leading up to that point have gone from being the past and the events that are to follow are in a league of their own.When midnight strikes, there is an entire building in the dark with the exception of one solitary light, which threatens to burn into the night, rivalling the brightness of the moon. Regular passers by at this time of night would have spotted that this light never seems to be off, well at least as long as the darkness rules the sky. The light in question comes from the office of a Mr. David Oswald, the CEO of the modestly sized Progression Software. The light is on six storeys up and he owns the entire floor in this large building. There are many companies in here and it is sa
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Chapter 2
Tuesday 27th April 2010 00:43 David Oswald does not wear a big badge telling the world what he does for a living.  But he doesn’t have to.  The grey suit that he wears has come to symbolise something amongst the… enemies that he fights that seems to strike more fear than similar suits of different colours.He is sipping on a glass of water that he has just taken from the main office water cooler when he turns round and sees a man wearing one of these different coloured suits – a black one – staring at him.There is a look of recognition on David’s face and he smiles, putting the glass down on a desk.  This is a much warmer smile than the one he used to greet his previous visitor with.Still his question is a strange one.  Not “How are you, old friend”, but, instead, “What do you
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Chapter Three
CHAPTER THREE 1. Tuesday 27th April 2010 01:31 She has seen some surreal moments in her tenure at Progression Software, but for the first time in as long as she can remember, Alice finds that she is not exactly sure what is going on in David’s head.  She is desperate to voice this but she’s not one to admit this sudden weakness to anyone - especially not to him.She had honestly expected him to take her to the haunts.  It is the most natural place to go to hear word on what the enemy is up to.  There is always someone willing to talk, even though sometimes it takes a little bit of David’s natural charm and a smidgeon of Alice’s natural aggression.But instead he has entrusted that particular job to
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER FOUR 1. Tuesday 27th April 2010 02:08 There are a few things that the people under Ingrid Sanderson’s command know.  The first thing is that when you are on surveillance with her, you had better have money because she doesn’t carry any and gets angry if there is nobody about to pay for her.  People joke about this being down to false royal connections that she might have - but not to her face.The second thing is that they should never make her angry, under any circumstances.  There is a reason why she has risen through the ranks of Orson Industries so quickly.  She never gives anybody the chance to make more than one mistake.Tonight someone has made his first mistake and he is standing in front o
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER FIVE 1. Tuesday 27th April 2010 02:14 To say that coincidence does not exist and fate and destiny control everything is part of a larger argument that isn’t important right now.  Suffice to say, Robert is walking home with a couple of his friends around about the time that Edward and Belinda have walked into the Brethren Haunt, completely unaware of the messages that his co-workers have left on his answering machine.A strange twist of coincidence or fate or destiny… a strange twist of something anyway… is going to mean that he will find out about the events of the night before he reaches his house.As they walk home, one of his friends suddenly points over at the most horribly dingy bar that he has ever
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER SIX 1. Tuesday 27th April 2010 02:18 What happened next appeared in slow motion to everyone involved, and later on they all had a slightly different view on events, although none of the stories were different enough to be considered untrue.  Time somehow seemed to stretch and the next few seconds seemed to take an eternity to pass.  Each of them had always thought that this was just something that happened in films.Edward Davis saw Isabelle coming towards the woman he couldn’t say he loved but definitely had strong warm fuzzy feelings for.  Belinda seemed rooted with sudden fear and it looked like this was not at all going to end too well for her.With one extra hard push, he took Belinda out of the way of t
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Chapter 7
Tuesday 27th April 2010 02:54 Walter’s car comes to a stop outside his son’s house and the moon reflects on his face like static on a television screen.  He gets out and starts up the small path through the garden to the front door.  He knows already that Gary isn’t going to be here.  The car is gone and he is too late.He knocks on the door anyway and waits for a few moments, hoping that perhaps Gary has been out for a couple of drinks with people from work and has left his car in town, coming home by Taxi.  It isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination is it?After he feels that he has waited long enough he walks down the path, back towards his car.  He can drive around and see if he can find his son anywhere.  It is then that something catches his eye across the road.He could swear th
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Chapter 8
Tuesday 27th April 2010 07:58 Having just finished a particularly greasy breakfast in what referred to itself as a “restaurant” round the corner, Gary gets into the office earlier than anyone else, despite or because of the fact that he has not managed to get anything resembling sleep.He is not surprised to discover that the only person there is David Oswald.  He looks very bright and alert considering they have only left the Haunt just over five hours before, which is more than can be said for Gary.“Good morning, Gary!”  He says.David is by no means chipper when he says it, but he manages to rile Gary.“‘Good morning’, is that all you can say to me?”David looks slightly downcast.  “I’m sorry about Isabelle.”“I don’t understand w
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Chapter 9
Tuesday 27th April 2010 08:37 David’s face creased up with worry and he slammed the receiver down onto its cradle.  He turned to Robert.“That was Christopher…”“Christopher?”  Robert asked, not making any connections with the name.“Alice’s boyfriend.  She’s just been kidnapped.”Robert, who had chosen the wrong moment to take a swig of coffee, spat out the contents of his mouth onto the floor.  David looked at it with mild distaste for a second before remembering that there were more important things to contend with.“What?”  Robert asked.David turned and strode towards his office.  “Get Belinda on the phone.  I want her in here as soon as possible.  And Robert…”“Yeah?”
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