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Elsa lives two identities.One of her own, and the second is a guy, who she shares a body with.Everything started when Elsa decided to die because life had tested her to her limits.Now with living in two bodies Elsa tries to fix her ruined life. Will she be able to succeed?

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This is an excellent book, and unlike most books on here it is finished!!!
2022-10-28 09:35:33
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Sang'gre Celeste
I love mystery novels. Keep updating Mr. Grinch
2020-10-12 16:52:04
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Blaze fire
Thanks author.
2020-09-04 18:51:55
71 Chapters
Standing over the edge of the 20-floor building Elsa felt nothing at the time, her heart was empty. She had lost everything and jumping off the building seemed very easy to her rather than continuing with her ruined life. With her whole being drowned in debts and her name stained as a murderer Elsa felt like the only thing she could do to set her innocent self free was to jump off this building. Elsa's body swayed with the wind as she lifted her foot to step into the nothingness but then she was tugged from the back, somebody stopped her."Miss you don't have to do this" A velvet-like soothing voice spoke from behind the person holding on to her as if trying hard to stop her from jumping down, the grip that person had on her back was very firm but that didn't make Elsa look behind and think over her decision."Yes I have to do it," Elsa said with a sour voice and she jerked the firm hand from her back."I can help.." Said the voice and this time the grip on her
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chapter 1
The clock was ticking lightly as the wind blew the white net curtains gently over the patient lying on the bed. A nurse entered the room quietly and changed the flowers in the vase beside the beautiful boy, even the nurse blushed as she saw the handsome patient lying peacefully in the bed. The curtains blew over his face once more which made him open his eyes lightly."Huh? Where am I?" he said with a light voice that could make many maiden fall in love with his voice."You are at the hospital, you fainted so you were brought here," the nurse said sweetly."Fainted? But.." Elsa who was still thinking of this place as heaven got a little shocked at the nurse's words'I should be dead now, why am I still alive? Am I still alive?' Elsa thought to herself but the uncertainty was seen visibly on her face."Am I dead by any chance?" Elsa finally asked the nurse to clear her doubts"Sir is there a problem?" The nurse noticed a frown on the boy's fa
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Chapter 2
"Oh, my baby are you feeling better now?"  The lady said while seating Elsa in the car said with a smile"Hmm....." Elsa replied with a nod'The lady from before who is the mother of Michel kept on taking care of me, She was extremely worried about my health, the feeling of it was new and I was getting used to her love.'The car drove through the busy road and high buildings until we reached a housing area, it was somewhat familiar to Elsa as she lived there when she got adopted, the place had huge mansions and mostly only elite businessmen and superstars lived in those areas because the mansions were not sold to just anyone. Elsa looked out of the window as she saw the car drive across all the rank 3 mansions, that was where she lived before.For you to understand it more easily. The area was divided into three categories. Rank 1, Rank 2, and Rank 3.All the businessmen with good background and money lived in the Rank 3 mansions. The second r
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Chapter 3
For a short while, I was still shocked for what has happened but when I regained my senses again when I saw Mother looking at me with sad eyes, she patted my head and left the room along with him. A day passed and I did completely noting rather than sitting on my bed munching cookies or any other kind of snack I had in my grasp.Mother hadn't visited me since the incident the other day nor did the stone face approach me. I was living peacefully until I got a message from the butler that I had been skipping college for more than a week and I had to resume my studies which gave me a great shock. Because who would want to go to study when they have already graduated from college a long time ago.Alas, I had no choice other than going to college and study all over again and what more, I had to study business instead of my own subject from past. This was a huge blow for me but soon I got a hold of my heart and reassured myself that I was always good at studies so this won't
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Chapter 4
Michel walked out, to find himself standing before a navy blue Rolls-Royce Cullinan. At first, he didn't believe his eyes, Michel had a jaw drop just at the sight of that SUV. It had been her ultimate goal to buy this in her last life but she was unable to buy it. As Michel was still in shock the butler walk towards him and cleared his throat to gain his attention."Uhm… Young Master, your college has been transferred and you will be attending the new one from now on. Master has also said not to reveal your identity to anyone and keep a low profile so you have to be more careful.""Hide my identity? What am I a terrorist?" Michel asked unintentionallyAt this question, the butler looked blankly at Michel's face as if he was an idiot."There are many trying to stain the name of the Frost family so Master is keeping you save from the attention of media and his enemies, They might use any means possible to bring down the family," Butler spoke"
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Chapter 5
The class ended without any further mishaps. Michel picked his books and stuffed them into his bag and was ready to leave when Marlin stopped him by standing in his way. At first, Michel avoided her and tried to walk off but she persisted him by continuously blocking his way."Do you have something to say to me?" Michel said after getting annoyed by the act"No" Marlin"then can you please get out of my way, I am getting late for my class," Michel said with his usual calm voice"Haah…you think you can ignore my presence and just walk away?" Marlin was trying hard to stir trouble with him but Michel was very scared of his father that he dared not stain his name on the first day off college."Miss I am not interested in your idle games, I have a class to attend" Michel jumped on the chair lying on the side and leaped to the other side without bating another eye towards the annoying lady.'Shoot I am late for the next class.'Elsa
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Chapter 6
Outside the 15 floor building, Michel stood with a card in his hand, the Doctor who messaged him a few days ago had a clinic on the top of the building.Michel who was rather dressed in a very Informal way looked extremely eye-catching, and a source of diversion for many passerby's. "Floor 14 it is then." Michel walked into the building's elevator, He pressed the 14th-floor button and waited for a few seconds before the doors dinged open. He stepped out of the elevator and walked over to the reception. "Excuse me I have an appointment with Dr. Ethan." "Name?" The old granny like lady asked in a rather sweet voice "Michel Frost" "you are up next, you can have a seat, in the waiting room," She said kindly."Thanks."  Michel walked over to the Sitting area and took a seat in the corner, He looked at the watch in front of him and counted every passing second when s
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Chapter 7
At her words Ethan didn't flinch nor got surprised, he stood there as if he had been expecting the answer. "Turns out you were a girl, after all," Ethan said under his breath, it was a very low voice but Elsa heard him."What do you mean?" Elsa turned around to investigate his words"Sigh,seems like you are interested in the story" Ethan turned around and walked over to his extremely messy couch and sat there like a stubborn brat."Are you telling me or not?" Elsa who was kind of getting weird feelings from the guy before her, because he seemed least bothered by the point that her gender changed from a boy to a girl."You want to know?" He said with a mischievous smile on his face"yes!" Elsa said in a prideful way with her head lifted in the proudest way"But I don't want to tell you, unless…" (Ethan)"Unless what?" (Elsa)"Unless you tell me your part of the story," He said as he got up from his couch and
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Chapter 8
Getting into the elevator which was right outside the main door, She felt relieved after a long time, her heart in the past felt like it was in a constant fight with someone but now she felt light as a feather,   the door of the Elevator closed and revealed Elsa's face in the almost mirror-like door. "Gasp…What is that thing, don't tell me that I look like that..." Her voice got stuck in her throat as she saw the horrible creature in front of her. 'I looked like this all along? Did I look this unpresentable in front of my first crush and most probably the last. Why did I  not die?' Elsa regretted crying like a baby in front of the person that made her heart bump for the first time in this and her previous life. While Elsa continuously banged her head on the elevator walls while plucking out all her hair because she was embarrassed, she didn't seem to notice that she had reached the ground floor alre
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Chapter 9
"Did you find it?" Ethan was on the phone, his face was on the usual no expression mode, the person on the other end gave him an answer at which he nodded and cut the call.Ethan headed into the room above the stairs in which Elsa was staying, he stood out of the door and knocked. There was no response from the inside so he knocked again and still nobody replied.Inside the room, on a huge comfy bed, Elsa was lying like a grizzly who was in the middle of his hibernation period. She didn't hear the knock on the door as her dream world was way more interesting than reality. Elsa smiled lightly while lying on the begin the most un-ladylike manner.The peach trees were in the full bloom and the pink flower petals flew in the air like butterflies, Elsa was standing amid the trees smiling at the beautiful scene when from afar approached a figure, he was tall and beautiful, his attractive face looked even more beautiful as he smiled at Elsa and held his hand towards he
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