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A tale of a young girl who seeks out for love in the family of strangers. Will she ever find the reason to live?

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loving this, hope more releases soon!
2024-03-11 15:28:40
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Hezel Pilapil Rosos
I love the story
2023-10-06 10:23:38
33 Chapters
Elena’s Pov;Pain?The word wasn’t new for me.Infact my whole life I’ve tried to be alright but as there is a saying that, “the time passed will always be remembered even if you don't look back.”Oh how rude of me, let me explain.I’m Elena Smith, a youngster who is 12 years old and a fucking mess. And this is going to be my story tale.Back to where we were. So ever endured pain? Ever felt the need to die? I bet not.*Heading to my school, earphones dangling around my neck, my hands gripping my backpacks straps tightly as I walked into the school, ‘Willow high’.People were royalty here. Basically they were all rich brats who always bullied the weaklings.“Well well, who we have here, the fatty and freak of the school.” Allison said, who was leaning on my locker with her minions, probably waiting for me.Oh you all must have guessed until now that I was the weakling. A hurray for me, yay.Sighing, I went towards my locker. She smirked at me, giving me the space to open up the loc
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Elena’s pov;My reflection starred back at me, grinning. For once I tried to look pretty but I knew I was no where close to looking pretty. My flat chest made my stomach look fatter. My thighs looked even more fat than before.I had to loose weight.I was a mistake to my own mother. Mothers who are supposed to love you and care for you.But mine was nothing like that.She was never there for me. She never pecked me when I cried.She never hugged me when kids bullied me.My mother never cared about me, she was never home to raise me up, instead she brought a nanny for me who was a guy and was alcoholic. She was never there when I cried for help. Why? because of me, her parents disowned her. Her boyfriend also known as my father left her when he found about her early teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy was never in their plan. She skipped college and was considered a mistake back than. And now I was one.Shaking my head, I looked back in my eyes once again. They were empty. No love, no car
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Elena’s pov;We were currently sitting on the couch as I felt there hard gazes drilling on my head. The painkillers were withering away letting the pain kick back in. My hand felt numb. I couldn’t move it. Even if I tried, I couldn’t. It hurted, a lot.“We both have a great news for you all-" His face turned towards my mother "-Maddie would you like to tell them?” She smiled sweetly at him and nodded. “So we are getting married this week on Friday and then we’ll go to a vacation for a week or maybe more.” She spoke, happiness dripping from her voice.Everyone clapped and congratulated the new couple. “Also boys, I want you all on your best behavior, alright?” He scolded, a hint of playfulness lurking in his voice as he looked at the young ones. “We’re always on our best behavior, dad.” Zane replied with a smug face, his voice deep and rough just like his father.“Also show Elena her new room.” Damien smiled at me. A series of grunts were heard in the living room, but soon after, one o
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3rd pov;“Always trying to get away from me huh?” He backslapped her across the face, the sound echoing in the bright hallway.A whimper escaped through her lips.His eyes filled with rage. The blonde curls that fell on his forehead were now soaked with his own sweat. “You are such a disgusting human being, no wonder your mother left you to me, on my fucking mercy.” He gritted out. His jaw clenched, not liking the sounds of her innocent whimpers.The little girl flinched. She wanted to hug her mommy. “Liar.” She whispered. “My mommy wants me.”His eyebrow quirked at the sudden confidence of the little girl. Her eyes glistening with fresh tears. “Oh really? The mommy loves her princess?” He mocked, a scoff erupted from his mouth. “As if.” He mumbled.Gripping her forearm, he led her towards the basement. She always loathed the darkness. And he loved to torment her with her very own fears. She tried to yank her arm away but she knew he was much stronger and bulkier than her little f
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Elena’s pov;I’m drowning.I've always felt I was a broken girl when I was younger but as time passed I collected my broken pieces and tried to be stronger for myself.Right now, I dreaded the moment when I had to step out of the room and sit with the people I barely met including my mother. I never met the real her. Infact I never spoke to her.Releasing a sigh, I paced around the room. Stephan looked like he’ll kill me at any second.Gathering all of my courage I exited the room. It was now or never.My plan was to eat the breakfast quickly and go explore the city without telling anyone or maybe just write a note and leave it in my room if anyone asked about my whereabouts which I doubt someone will ask. Aren’t I a genius?Walking towards the table, I saw everyone seated. Some were on their phone while the others were gossiping. Mother wasn’t there. Where was she?My question was answered when she emerged from the kitchen. A bowl of salad within her hand. She placed it down and smi
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Elena’s pov;All I could feel was the darkness.Endless misery.I wanted to get away but I was stuck.Stuck in that exact same spot. The same hole which had drowned me.I wanted to feel.Sitting on the floor, my back against the wall I thought about several possibilities that if my father was still here with me could we be a happy family? Would my mother love me? Would I be normal like every other kid is?Bringing my knees to my chest, I wrapped my arms around my myself. Inhaling a deep breath, I tried to calm my breathing. My head dropped to my knees and I closed my eyes, listening to silence that enveloped me.Silence was always so known to me. Silence was something I seeked out for.Some people hate the idea of being alone but to me alone was something I preferred. My own personal space.A lump formed within my throat. My hands started to shake. Several tears gathered in the corner of my eyes.The scene kept replaying again and again.I was hurt. And no one cared.Droplets of sweat
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3rd pov;There she layed still.No one bothered to check the poor soul who had been knocked out.Pain struck face.She shivered on the cold surface.Tear stained face. Droplets of water dribbled down her forehead.Her breathing heavy and slow.Several hours later, she gained her conscious back. Her energy had been drained out. It felt as if her limbs were dead. Her body still shaky from the panic attack she had.Lifting herself up slowly, she sat on the floor, her head hung low. The curtain of hair falling on her face.She blew a breath out.Getting up slowly with the help of the bed, she went towards the bathroom. Her reflection was sad just like her.‘No one helped me..’ her words rang in the silent atmosphere.’No one cared..”A sarcastic chuckle erupted from her.‘I am definitely loved aren’t I?’ She sarcastically spoke.Turning the tap on, she splashed some water on her face to get rid of the sweat. Her eyes bloodshot. A small red puffy nose. Her cheeks flushed. Her hair was a me
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3rd pov;Elena halted.He looked at her, expecting an answer. But all she could think about his blankness emotions.Something shifted within her.Without thinking the words left her mouth, “It's okay to be weak sometimes.”The darkness in his eyes was haunting and eating his soul. She never knew how a person was capable of having such eyes. Yes, she was young but she had met a lot of people but he was something else, something cold and black.The ink on his arms showed it all. His way of escape was to write and draw and the canvas? was himself.Averting his gaze he didn't bother to answer her. Elena sighed and took that as a cue to leave until his heavy voice stopped her.“Weaklings are dangerous.”She frowned at his words. She slowly stalked back to the isle and stood a few meters away.“They lose their loved ones very quickly since they cant protect them from the dangers.” Elias hissed, his deep blue eyes penetrating her soul.His eyes reflected the color of the ocean. Dark ocean w
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3rd pov;Silence invaded the room. Each passing minute seemed to pour the tension in each of their hearts.Elena sat on the chair next to the brown oak desk. Fidgeting with her hands in her lap, she couldn't relax. All she could think was he heard her. Saw her weakness which she had tried to bottle up.She heard shuffling in the corner of the room, looking up her eyes trailed towards Lucifer who was busy going through his medical things.Sighing, she bit her lip. Maybe I should go. She thought to herself.Hearing the footsteps coming close to her, her head tilted upwards to see him standing infront of her with some surgical gloves on.Lucifer grabbed a chair from behind the desk and sat infront her. Looking through his supplies he took out a pair of tweezers.His orbs settled on her and she gulped. “Stay still and if it hurts just tap my thigh, okay?” She nodded weakly.His eyes captivated her. They were a beautiful color. A color that brought happiness. A color that could keep you sa
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3rd pov;“Mommy, mommy! Guess what I did today!” The little girl came running towards her mother who had visited her after several months.Her eyes filled up with disappointment when she saw her mother wasn't giving her any attention but rather was on the phone like her life depended on it.The girl stood next to her. Her hands gently grabbing the piece of her velvety dress. Tilting her head upwards to her mother, she nudged her gently. “Mommy?" Her mother gave her spare glance and went back on talking to the other person on the phone.“Mommy, I.. I learned something t-today.” She hesitantly said hoping her mother would acknowledge her. She nudged her mothers leg again but was stopped by her icy glare.The little one retreated her small hand back towards her chest. Her eyes were glistening with unshed tears. Backing away, she held her head down and walked back to her personal nightmare, the room.She sat on the ruptured futon. Cotton was sticking out from sides. Her back always ached
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