King of Darkness

King of Darkness

By:  Caia Clearwood   Completed
Language: English
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(Completed) A vampire with memory loss. A fae with vampire issues. What happens when fate merges their path? -----———————— Willow, a fae, an assassin, and also known as 'whisperer' by a selected few, is ordered to spy on the vampire king by her Guild head. But before she can venture on her task, she stumbles on a vampire in need of dire help. Lothaire, a two-thousand-year-old vampire, also known as the most powerful vampire by a selected few, has only known the life of a prisoner since he woke up in a cage some years ago. But before he can escape his reality he was tied and left to die. What happens when these two meet? Can Willow help him before Lothaire's captors re-capture him to finish the job? Will Willow help him when she learns his identity? Who are those captors? Why do they want to kill Lothaire? Can they find out before it's too late?

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Akomolafe Faith
I love this book for its interesting outline. Vampire, assassination I am crazy about this book
2022-03-21 12:58:07
default avatar
Outstanding storyline and great read!!! Loved it
2021-11-01 10:28:00
37 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Dammit!" Willow swore as another arrow missed its mark.   "Don't sweat. You are at it for far too long. Perhaps, a little break will help you loosen your muscles," Reagan, the vampire, and her teammate said from behind her.   "It's not that," Willow dismissed.   "Then pray, tell what is?" Reagan said as she leaned on the door of the gym room with her arms folded, projecting a leisure pose. But only a fool will consider her calm.   Reagan is a master at creeping behind and killing the prey. But she sucks at being patient. Unlike Willow. Who can stand still for hours if the occasion calls for it?   And today that patience is eluding her. It might have to do with the absence of her teammates.   Defeated, she sighed and dropped her arms, her back protesting. With her bow in her right hand and the arrow in her left, she turned to meet the eyes of the vampire.
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Chapter 2
Willow went to her room and had a nice long shower. Just because the Guild's head called her, no need to run to cater to her needs. Her muscles protesting from the exercise, she scrubbed and washed her hair. Wrapped in a white towel, she used her left hand to wipe the mirror before gazing at herself. Her long blonde hair clung to her, a shade darker now, as it fell limply around her shoulders. It almost touched her butt. Her green eyes held many secrets as she scrutinized herself. She is tall like another fae. 5'.10". Her limbs and legs are well-toned, courtesy of her daily routine and the harsh life she lives. With her sharp cheekbones, pouty lips, many would say she is beautiful. To the point of looking almost ethereal. But only she knows what the skin hides. Pain. Thirst for vengeance. She turned her back to the mirror and swiftly got ready to head to the Guild head's office. Anything to make her
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Chapter 3
"Haven't you heard a word I said? The Guild can be in danger. Everything we built, everything we fought for, fighting for, can be snatched from us. Are you not concerned? Don't you want to contribute to your fellow members' safety?"   "Oh, stuff it. I said I won't go to the vampire kingdom. Not that I won't help"   "Willow.."   "I don't do vampires. Nor that kingdom. You know that. Hell, I bet the whole Guild knows that. I stayed away from them for a reason. I don't want anything to do with them. Then why are you pitting me against those... those monsters?"   "You should be honored you are selected for this job"   "Oh, I'm just stoked, trust me. But I'll pass"   "Don't forget that I'm your boss"   "Yet you ask to spy on the ones who sign your paycheck. It's fine as long as the Guild benefits or nothing blemishe
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Chapter 4
The calm with which she entered this section of the headquarters vanished with the news the Guild Head gave. Anger coursed through her veins. She wants to hit someone, kill something. A rage like no other circled inside her. Suddenly, she picks up speed, running along the corridors with no destination other than to get outside of this wretched place. She ran and ran and then ran some more until her legs gave out. With a jerk, she fell hard on her knees. Anger is a mild word for what she is feeling. With a cry, she gave a roar that echoed through the dark forest near the headquarters, shaking the trees and scaring the birds. Willow looked at the ground, her eyes unclear. She touched the grass beneath her with her hand as if holding the hands of a friend and wailed. Her body shook with the torment as she reminisced the pain, she thought buried deep within her. After 7 long years of waiting, assuming, expecting, hoping, she finally has an identity. A fac
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Chapter 5
The vampire kingdom is a dark, damp, and cold place as Willow expected. She scrunched her nose as her foot landed on another muddy puddle, slowly ruining her sneakers. The vampire kingdom is located between the werewolf and fae kingdom. Hence, it is colder than fae and damper than werewolf one where cold is a constant companion. "I hate this place," Willow muttered under her breath. Fae likes sunshine and autumn. The dewy, fresh smell of the leaves, the scents that a flower emits while blooming, the warm sun rays on the skin, everything is wonderful. Which is not the case with this kingdom.
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Chapter 6
Willow quickly ducked behind the tree before they could look at her. She unzipped her hoodie and took out the ring she always carries. It is a special ring given by Brenda to every member of her team. This ring can conceal the nature of the wearer. In other words, it hides the smell and aura of the wearer. She swiftly wore the ring on the forefinger of her left hand. After taking a few deep breaths to calm her heartbeat, she made the vine of the tree grow longer. Holding the
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Chapter 7
"Did all the vampires in this kingdom go to the same school?" Willow drawled, hiding the rising panic inside her behind sarcasm. "What did you say, bitch?" The vampire advanced, trying to corner her with each step. Willow checked the warehouse behind the vampire as if his presence doesn't concern her. Only one. Good. She can use her power but overuse may leave her defenseless later when she may need it more. She doesn't know who else found out about her. Even now, someone could be approaching the warehouse or already heard this vampire and might be waiting for her if this vampire fails. She couldn't risk it. Decision made, Willow completely dropped to the floor and swiped her right leg tackling the vampire to the ground before he could bat an eyelash. But the vampire is fast. He swiftly stood up and grinned, licking his fangs. "You want to play, doll? Let's play," the vampire made a rude gesture clutching his crotch. Willow wri
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Chapter 8
If she has to do it, she must do it right. Willow closed the journal and put it back in her bag. Her hands accidentally brushed the red file that Guild's head gave to her. She backed her hand as if it had been burned. The red file laid there at the bottom of her bag, taunting her to open. Without looking at it, she closed the bag and dialed the phone number Reagan. She refuses to call the Guild's head. If she wants the details, she can ask Reagan. And she would bet her last penny that Reagan would make her sweat before indulging her. Good. That old crone deserved it. "Reagan, we have a situation," Willow said glumly in the form of a greeting. Reagan, sensing the seriousness, kept her mouth shut. Willow relayed what she saw in those warehouses to Reagan. Reagan for her part kept quiet and didn't ask questions. After she filled her in, Reagan said, "this is more serious than we thought. I don't think you should be handling this alone. Shit Willo
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Chapter 9
Once she put down the phone, Willow started adding to the list on her journal.She needs to find who is behind this- the head honcho. From the groups of mercenaries, she is looking at a supernatural being who has lots of money at his/her disposal. But then, all vampires are rich. Could it be a member of the Elite council?There is a motive- Coveting throne. If the king can be shown as useless to the people, then it would become easy for the member to dethrone him.But why would they need the blood of other supernaturals? What about the mage? If it's a member of the Elite council, then it would be inner politics. Why drag other supernaturals?All this guesswork is getting her nowhere. She needs proof. Solid evidence leading somewhere.Rescue all of them at once. Even if she leaves one of them behind, the mercenaries will alert the head hydra making it impossible to rescue again.What's the deal with the king? Pe
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Chapter 10
Their discussion is interrupted when the security guard brings her a box. Willow would have checked if not for the person before her. His presence is intimidating the hell out of her.She carefully tucked it in her bag and pondered whether she should inform him of the situation or not.His presence has thrown her off-loop. Should she tell him? What happens if he is in league with them?Willow bit her lip in indecision. He could ruin everything she has achieved so far. He could kill those captives. But then, if he has to kill some supernaturals he could have already done that. With his power, he doesn't need minions or this charade of kidnapping.But if he is not in the league with them, then she could use some help. Deciding it's worth a gamble, Willow faced him and took a long breath."What is it, fae?" He asked, noting her jutted chin as if she had come to a decision."Do you know why I need this?" She asked, waving her bag."I don'
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