14: The Tongue Tied


“So, what brings you to my neck of the woods?” Judah asked.

"Um, why weren't you at school today? Or in the past three days?" I asked back.

"Eh, I just didn't feel like going," he shrugged and stalked to the kitchen with the empty bottles.

"…And your parents are okay with that?" I asked.

"Mom's out working 'til late every day. She won't even notice,"

"And your dad?"

"Dead," he said casually as he entered the living room again.

"Oh, I'm sorry—"

"Nah, you know, shit happens,"

He didn't seem bothered at all. He simply threw himself on the empty spot next to mine and proceeded to crack his neck.

"So, is that why’re you’re here? Did old man Finn send you?”

"No, b

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Kevin N Jessica
Patiently waiting for a update.. loving it so far!!

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