90: The Golden State


“Make sure you’ll call right after you land,” Mom said.

“And call us when you get to the apartment,” Jenny added.

“Don’t sign anything if you’re not ready to sign,” Mom continued.

“And call us if they try to—“

“Ma, stop,” Judah groaned.

“We got this, mom,” I said to my mom as well.

My mom and Jenny were standing with us in front of the departure gate at the airport. Finally, it was time for Judah and me to leave for California. We got our two big suitcases with us and we were ready to go. Except, mom and Jenny kept trying to hold us from leaving, giving us advice after advice.

The two of them exchanged a look and a smile. They had been giving us the same advice over and over again the past week. But like Jesse said, moms will be moms.

“You’re right,” mom sighed finally. “I know you two will be fine,”

“But please, call us anyway,” Jenny added.

“We will,” Judah said as he hugged his mom. “I’ll miss you ma,”

“I’ll miss you too, sweetheart,” Jenny started crying as she leaned
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