All Chapters of Kissing the Bad Boy: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
97 Chapters
A/N: This book is a spin-off/prequel to "Dear Stepbrother". Look out for special appearances and easter eggs for those who love Ryder & Kara's love story. Enjoy ’s lunch, and Taya never even knew their names. There was the tall fat one, the short fat one, and the fat one with glasses, that was how Taya would refer to them."Now get outta here!" Ryder shouted again and the three kids scrambled away."I think you're too much, Ry. You're scaring them off," Taya said to Ryder, her older cousin, and they watched the three kids ran and fell on top of each other."That's the point. This is what you gotta do to bullies. You stand your ground, show them that you're not
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1: The New Moon
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *PRESENT DAYKAUAI, HAWAII* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *TAYA's POV :Essay Question: "What's your story? What are your greatest accomplishments? What are your aspirations for the future?"Your answer: _None. Sorry College App, I have absolutely no stories to tell you.For the past two and a half months, I had been staring at the same set of questions. I had all summer to start writing my college essay, and so far the total word count was zero point pathetic.All my life, I’ve always lived by the rules. I obeyed authorities, I colored inside the lines, and I never got into trouble. So when it was time for me to think for myself and decide what I want to be in the future, I hadn't got a clue. My whole existence had been reduced to nothing but a blank white page.There was an episode on Friends where Rachel said, "All my life, everyone's told me, 'You're a shoe! You're a shoe!' Well, what if I don't want to be a shoe? What if I want to be a purse or a hat?"
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2: The Night Flight
TAYA's POV :The full moon party was a party like no other. They got everything from a live DJ to fireworks, to bonfire at the beach, and even private rooms for... you know.This was my very first high school party and I was beyond excited. Little did I know, I was about to learn the three most important rules of partying, and I had to learn them the hard way. Starting with Rule Number 1: Never drink anything they put on the drinks bar.Ryder had warned me not to touch anything, drink anything, take anything, or talk to any guys at the party. But of course, I wasn't taking his advice, because that would practically leave me with nothing to do, while he was off somewhere gallivanting.Now there was a big bowl of what I thought was fruit punch on the table, I was parched and the drink looked mighty refreshing. So I took down a few huge gulps, only to realize later on, those weren't just fruit punch.Fifteen minutes into my first high school party and I already felt like throwing up. Cou
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3: The Drama Queen
TAYA's POV :"I am the furthest thing away to a Kate Winslet or Claire Danes. I can't possibly do this!" I stated firmly, tossing the script back to Hallee on the cafeteria table."I have faith in you, bestie, you can totally do this," she beamed. "Plus with your whole new blonde look, I could easily have mistaken you for a young Kate Winslet. And did I mention how much I love your hair, by the way, you are slaying it girlfriend!""Get your nose out of my ass, Hal. I'm not doing it," I rolled my eyes at her. "I can't act,""But you're so perfect for the part of Rose,"I sighed and eyed her suspiciously. "Not enough people signed up for the play, huh?"She replied with a sheepish grin."I told you I'm joining the theater club as a stagehand. There's no way I'm gonna be out there on the stage, acting, let alone be the female lead!"My best-friend Hallee had been a theater geek all her life. This year I finally decided to join her and the theater club, since I needed to impress colleges
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4: The Secret Society
TAYA's POV : "Well, hey there Blondie, we meet again," he stifled a laughed. "I told you not to call me that!" I hissed under my breath, firmly but soft enough so that no one could hear us. "Well, I never got your name," he shrugged. Being cheeky are we? "Everyone, we will take a short five minute break, and then we'll start rehearsals when we come back, alright?" Mrs. Zee's booming voice shouted over us all. Everyone started dispersing to different directions and Hallee raced over to us. "Hi Judah, welcome to the theater club. I'm Hallee, co-director and writer of the play. And this is Taya, she's going to be playing Rose," "Taya?" he raised an eyebrow and nodded. "That’s a unique name. I like it," "It's Japanese. Her mom's half-Japanese, so—" Hallee was just
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5: The Teenage Dirtbag
TAYA’s POV : Please, don’t tell me Judah saw Blake and me kissing behind the bleachers! Oh god, what if he tells other people? We live in a small town. Ryder’s gonna find out in no time and I’m gonna die! "Hey, how long have you been here?" I said nervously. "Long enough," he raised an eyebrow at me playfully. Of course, he’s sneering.  Pretending to be unfazed, I strode over and took the seat next to him. He leaned back and threw his gaze up to the sky. He was huffing and puffing smoke like a freaking chimney. "Those things will kill you, you know," I commented. "We all die in the end,” he replied. “This is just helping to smooth out the process," I didn't expect that answer at all. What a crazy ass, depressing dude! "Wh
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6: The Kissing Scene
TAYA's POV : Remember when I said that my love life was drier than the Sub-Saharan desert? Well... For the next couple of days, Blake and I were inseparable. We texted nonstop, we met up in secret every chance we got, and we made out, a lot. It had been a full week of secret rendezvous with Blake Harrison now. We did a great job at keeping things a secret too. I didn't even tell Hallee about any of it, when normally I'd tell her everything. This should be some kind of an accomplishment for me.  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Today was a Friday, and just like any other ordinary Fridays, the day began with my first period chemistry class. I was in the middle of listening to Mr. Deutsch's boring speech on molecular composition, when I saw Blake's head popped in front of the glass door and mo
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7: The First Date
TAYA's POV : "Mom, I'm going out! See ya!" I was racing down the staircase in my tight sequin dress and high heels, one wrong step and I'd snowball down the whole thing. I never wore heels before, ever. We lived in Hawaii, so slippers were always my go to. But for last Christmas, mom got me these cute silver heels and I had been saving them for a special occasion— such as this. I didn’t even wait for my mom’s response. I was out of the house within seconds. And as soon as I got out of the house, I spotted Blake's car waiting for me outside. My heart fluttered at the sight. "You look really pretty," Blake smiled widely as soon as I got into his Audi. "Thanks, you look really pretty too," I replied. He did look amazing. His hair was neatly pushed back, and he was wearing a crisp white shirt and jeans. If Paul Wesley and Robert
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8: The Cross Road
BLAKE’s POV : “If you can't make up your mind about me already by now, maybe you shouldn't even bother," Her words were haunting me as I drove down the empty road. I wasn’t expecting to have this talk tonight, so I didn’t have the best answer, but I was only trying to be honest. "So, am I just another Viviane to you?" Of course not. She was totally different from whatever Viviane was to me. Hell, she was different from all the girls I had been with before. "Blake, are you ashamed of me?" Again, no. I was never ashamed of her. But I was scared about dating a girl in general. And not just any girl too, she w
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9: The One Condition
TAYA's POV : "Just one grand romantic declaration, was that really too much to ask?" I groaned as I threw my body lazily on Hallee's bed. "All I wanted was for Blake to turn the car around, get out, and declare his undying love for me. I would've taken him back in a heartbeat!" "What a stinkin' bastard! I still can't believe he left you on the side of the road just like that," Hallee followed suit. "Well, maybe it was my fault. I was the one who told him to go and I was being a real bitch too," I shrugged. "Still, how could he do that to a girl? Maybe we should tell RJ about this, so he can have a little talk with Blake?" "And bring about the second wave Coronavirus? I don't think so. Hals, you've promised you're not gonna tell anyone about this," "Ah, fine," she sighed in defeat. After the fiasco tha
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10 Protection Status