Blake's Story


“Blake, no!” My mom said rather sternly. She was blocking the door to my dad’s office with her body. “Your father’s not in a good mood right now,” she hissed.

“This can’t wait,” I said simply and pushed past inside.

“Blake!” she called after me, but I only shut the door behind her.

My dad finally came back from his business trip to Nevada. He was gone for weeks. When I heard that he was back tonight, I left the prom right away and went home. I was still in my prom attire as I walked into his office. I yanked my tie open and stepped inside. He was alone, sitting at his desk, and a glass of bourbon was by his side. You could tell a lot about my dad’s condition by his choice of drink. Scotch meant that he was happy, and bourbon meant that he just had a bad deal. He mustn’t be in a good mood right now.

“Dad, I have to talk to you,” I said once I stood in front of his desk.

“Not now son,” he sighed and tipped his head back. “It’s been a long day,”

“It can’t wait, dad,”

I had
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