Kissing the Ballerina

Kissing the Ballerina

By:  Elizabeth Ukeh  Ongoing
Language: English
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Gigi is an awesome ballerina who has been in-love with a dashing male ballet dancer named Adam for as long as she can remember. When it seems that fate is finally uniting them, Gigi gets her heart brutally crushed as her crush falls for her best friend.When she meets Malik, she immediately falls for his good looks especially his captivating amber eyes. While she thinks it is nothing more than a crush, Malik is convinced that they are meant to be. Slowly, their romance starts to kindle and Gigi falls head over heels. But things are getting rocky for the couple as her ex-bestfriend, Cleo becomes her rival and Adam is asking for a second chance. How will she get herself untangled from the love triangle? Will she and Cleo ever patch things up?

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16 Chapters
 Chapter One. My whole life I wanted to be a ballerina.    It wasn’t some childhood fascination like the ones my pee
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Chapter TwoI lean over the toilet, expelling the minute contents of my stomach. Hot tears sting my tears as they rolled down my cheeks and into my mouth. I barely made it out of the hall before crumbling into a mess of hot tears and choking sobs on the floor. I forced myself to hug Cleo congratulations before making my getaway. Hopefully, she will be too busy getting congratulated to look for me. I do not want her to see me in the pitiful state that I am.    I cannot believe that I am casted as the understudy of the Sugarplum
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Chapter Three    “Gigi.” I twirl to meet Adam’s mesmerising eyes. The corner of his lip hikes up in something that resembles a smile and a smirk at the same time.    I hear Cleo gasp from beside me. I am more shocked than she is.
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Chapter Four       Dad is already waiting for me when I arrive at the reception.     He is wearing his oversized sweater, the one that is older than me—way older than me. The sweater was a gift from my mother when they were still a hormonal teenage couple. It is funny how big the sweater is on him now, after so many years and weight gain. I wonder how big it was on him when he was ninet
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Chapter Five  The next day, after nine hours of much needed sleep, I coax myself from bed and take a shower. Then I stretch on the barre until my muscles scream in agony.        The bedroom I now call my own belonged to my Mum. Dad insisted I have it because it was built for a ballerina. Her pic
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Chapter SixOn Sunday, after Dad and I attend Mass, he drops me off at school with a cheery wave.      I feel like I have gained five pounds just spending two days with my father. I tried to purge whatever I could but still, I feel the greasy fat layering itself on my hips, stomach and thighs.     I change into my pastel yellow leotards, pal
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Chapter Seven  On Monday, I only spend ten minutes with Cleo. Every time I try to talk to her, she is obsessing about the dancer on Friday night.       After lunch, I catch her slipping on her pointe shoes in her bedroom.
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 Chapter Eight On Wednesday, after breakfast and classes, I go to the studio to dance. I cannot afford to give Ms. Azizen the pleasure to yell at me once again.
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Chapter NineSomeone calls out from behind me. I duck into the shelter of a store, standing in front of the door. A figure jogs up to me. I can tell that it is a male. Broad shoulders, long legs and lean built. The figure ducks into the shelter and lets down his shield of umbrella.    When he looks up at me, the first things I see are his amber eyes. They glint and gleam under the light like the jewels they are named after. I want to open my mouth
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Chapter TenFinally, it is Friday. The air in the whole school is charged by anticipation and excitement. Even though the show is later on in the day, nobody seems to be calm in the refectory.     I toss the contents of my sandwich on my plate with my fingers. Cleo is nowhere to be found and Adam does not seem to be at his usual table. That means that they are off together practising. Suddenly, I lose the miniscule appetite I had worked up. I
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