LDR (Lock Down Romance)

LDR (Lock Down Romance)

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Mary Ann “Maan” Perez resigned from her work as an office secretary in their province to apply as a Customer Service Representative (call center agent) in Manila. After receiving a message from her prospective employer for a scheduled interview, she decided to contact her cousin to tell her to fetch her at the bus terminal in Manila for she will be staying with them for a week. Unfortunately while on her way to Manila, her cousin Joan, had an emergency to attend to and would not be able to fetch her. Instead Joan’s cousin from her mother's side of the family came to fetch Maan. Virgil ‘Gil” Velasco (Joan’s cousin) who lives in his own apartment brought Maan to his house with an agreement that Joan will be fetching Maan that day. Later that day, Joan called to inform them that she could not fetch Maan because her mother is suspected to have contracted COVID-19 and needs to be under observation for at least 14 days and if it wasn’t bad news enough, an announcement was made that night that the government decided to put National Capital Region (NCR) and the entire Luzon under lock down. Going in and out of the area is prohibited for 1 month!Locked in together for a month, will they catch the virus called love and start a romance or will it end when the lock down ends?

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I love it so cute
2021-02-23 13:29:27
60 Chapters
Meet Up
Thursday, March 12, 2020 1 Message Received from unknown number 
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Lock Down
They stopped in front of a new, red, Toyota Vios car. He placed her bag at the passenger seat at the back instead of putting it inside the trunk of the car then they both got inside the front seat.“
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Set Up
Saturday March 14, 2020Maan woke up late that morning. She could not sleep last night because of too many worries on her mind. She went down immediately to prepare breakfast.She saw Gil setting up something on the desktop. 
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Chatter Day
CHAPTER 4 -  CHATTER DAYMaan felt exhausted after the turn of events. She sat limply on the sofa.
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Sun Date
CHAPTER 5 - SUN DATESunday, March 15, 2020
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Monday March 16, 2020When Maan woke that morning,she unplugged her cellphone and opened it to check the time.  She turned off her phone last night after posting some photos on Facebook.  It showed five in the morning on her phone. All the notification suddenly came
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Social Media
 1 Message Received from Joan  “ Couz! Hav
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# GilYan
 Gil spent most of the time singing his heart away if not for his sister’s text that they will have a video call he wouldn’t stop singing. It’s been a long time since he did that. He usually goes out with friends to the bar twice a  month to unwind or to celebrate something.
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Gil ate his dinner alone then decided to watch his favorite series on Netflix. His phone alarmed  with Facebook Notifications. He got curious and decided to open his Facebook  account.  JoanVP tagged you and Maan Perez in a post. Caption:
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Suave Moves
Tuesday, March 17,2020 It was seven in the morning when Gil woke up. It was the second day off from the office due to cancellation of work by the government brought about by the pandemic of COVID -19. It was still quiet when he went to the kitchen so he decided to make breakfast. After eating, he opened the telev
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