LOVE OF A QUISLING- A Blazing Inferno

LOVE OF A QUISLING- A Blazing Inferno

By:  Dumpling  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lia Harrison is a witch who cannot use magic. Her poor aptitude for magic is a stain to her mother's reputation. That is, until a wrong turn in the bustling city of New York leaves her stranded and in the company of a Demon. Travis, a high-ranking demon, is on a mission to kill the Jade witch. The first face he sees when he arrives on Earth is Lia’s. Lia thinks that he is a human. The fact that she has no knowledge of a demon’s traits only makes matters worse. Travis doesn’t sense any magical aura from Lia and also assumes she is human. And so the Demon and the witch become friends, both being none the wiser. In a world where witches and demons walk separate paths, will their love end up like the dying embers of a flame, or will it transform into a blazing inferno?

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Ava John
An amazing book author, more inspirations!
2022-01-04 00:14:51
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Authouress preshy
this book is so amazing. ...
2021-09-26 10:24:48
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awesome... please update more
2021-09-18 22:39:53
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Its so engaging!!
2021-09-18 22:39:14
54 Chapters
Student Lia.
“The assignment will be due by next month. You may come to see me if you have any other questions. Good day, class,” Mr. Declan says before exiting the class. Only then does everyone pack up and leave. His reputation as the most handsome teacher in Manville High is the only reason the students didn’t leave immediately the alarm signaling the end of lessons sounded. Being hot surely has its perks.Lia bolts out of the class as fast as her legs can carry her. It doesn’t help that she has to squeeze through tightly locked arms and sweaty bodies. “Ow! What a bitch!” exclaims a brunette with freckles. Lia doesn’t bother apologizing; she abandoned such courtesies a long time ago. Besides, staying back to say sorry would only make her later than she already is.“I don’t even know why I chose this school in the first place,” she huffs as she walks out of the close her school is situated in, irritated by the smell of s
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The Witch Council (I)
In a dimly lit cave, far away from mortal lands, sits the Witch Council. Nine women, all wearing cloaks imbued with the purest of magical essences, form a wide circle around their leader, the High Witch. With their hoods on, they levitate while sitting and continue to stare at their leader as she conducts a ritual. Utmost silence reigns in this cave, punctuated by the High Witch’s occasional muttering.The moment she concludes the ritual, a feeling of overwhelming calm and serenity pervades the already quiet atmosphere. All the witches present take of their hoods at this point, for the biennial meeting of the Witch Council, has begun.“Niam khawv koob, foom koob hmoov rau nws cov menyuam nrog lub zog, twsj hwm thiab hais kom ua. Raws li nws tau pib, yog tam sim no thiab puas yuav yog[1],” all chant before opening their eyes.With the necessary protocol out of the way, each witch gives a report of the status of their re
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The Witch Council (II)
The rest interpret her shudder as a sign of disgust for the demons and they burst into raucous laughter. “Do you all think this is funny? There is a possible threat to the peace we currently enjoy and you can still cackle like old hags?” Sandara asks, stupefied at their actions.“Don’t insult our intelligence, Sandra,” Herschey, the Silver Witch of the West remarks. Sandara simply rolls her eyes at the witch’s intentional mispronunciation of her name. She is too smart to be drawn in by such taunts.“Pray to tell me, o shrew, how I insulted your intelligence,” she responds, looking the witch in the eye. “Why, you!” Herschey exclaims, rising up in anger. “Remember that attacking a fellow council member is expressly forbidden,” Evanora, the Silver Witch of the East chips in. “But she provoked me first!” “She did not attack you, Witch of the West. Restrain yourself and maintain some s
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Plans and Schemes.
“You should have said something. If you had spoken up, Este…”“Estelle would’ve been unable to do anything. Even if she teleported there immediately, it would make no difference. The trail has gone cold. She will achieve nothing except wasting precious time. Instead of chiding me for what I should or should not have said, focus on learning as much as you can about the demons, protecting the humans, and raising the witch-born.”“She has a name, Nora, and it isn’t ‘witch-born’.”“Names become insignificant once you’ve lived as long as I have.”“But you call my sister by her name.”“She has proven herself over and again. I am yet to see the witch-born do so. Anyways, we digress. The issue of the demons is not one to be taken lightly and your sister knows that.”“You give her much more credit than she’s worth.”&l
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Final Assignment.
To an immortal, time is but a number. As such, highly ranked demons have no little to no interest in lowly-ranked members of their kind whose lifespan is over in the blink of an eye. Since years of exposure to tragedy gradually desensitizes a mere human, a demon whose base instinct is evil and has experienced unimaginable tragedy cannot be expected to fare any better. To them, emotions are dispensable because they have a time limit.This knowledge makes Klade ecstatic because his encounter with Pride will catapult him into the next level. When he was chosen for this mission, his family made arrangements for his funeral, as a demon of Pride’s caliber would only ever actively seek out a subordinate for two reasons- death or promotion. Getting promoted seemed to be the last thing that could happen to him, as the mission was a highly difficult one.A portal opens. Pride’s voice is heard on the other side. “Step forward Klade Gregor, of the House of Gregor
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Klade cannot believe his ears. He did not see this one coming. Even if his ancestor is joking with him, his eyes and super senses cannot deny the blatant truth. This young demon, who could be mistaken for a human, albeit a very handsome one, is none other than the rumored scion of Pride, his beloved ancestor.If demons believed in luck, he would be congratulating himself for having Mother Luck look upon him with favor. But demons detest anything that has to do with luck, more especially the demons of Pride. Acknowledging luck in any way goes against their core beliefs. A dissonance in their core beliefs can totally disrupt their essence and cause severe harm to their True Souls.Unlike other Sins, Pride kept his scion hidden, for reasons best known to him. Thus, everyone knows that he has a son. Nothing more. Klade concludes that the rumors flying around did the young demon a grave injustice. “He is healthy. His life force seems average, but his aura is not any w
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When Travis received the news that he was to go to the realm of the ghouls for further education, he expected a magnificent edifice bustling with students and tutors alike, each one doing his own thing. He imagined making do with an abode whose standards would not be far off from the least of his father's hearths. Perhaps, he might even decide to prolong his stay, just to toy with his father and drive him to near insanity. It is his job, after all, to keep the older demon on his toes.However, he soon realized that he was wrong. Horribly wrong."Why didn't you tell me that we were going to a rundown shack?" Travis stops his guard, Klade, from walking any further. "You never asked." "Never asked? Never asked you say? How would I have known that this-this-this th-thing" Travis struggles to find the appropriate words to describe the place they just exited. "is where I'm expected to be tutored for two decades? Two decades, Klade, and in case you don't know what a decade me
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The next morning sees Travis standing in front of a crisscross of rotting bamboo shoots that would most likely fall apart if a bit of force is exerted on it, with a decrepit signboard that reads Bahghül’s Shol of mal, other letters having disappeared to Lucifer knows where.I don’t know what father saw in this place. But I can’t return without the Maestro’s approval. Only Lucifer knows how hard this is for me. Travis’ thought is a reflection of the outcome of the conversation with his father a day prior.He is tempted to push the gate open, but he immediately rejects such a suggestion- he’d only be inviting trouble for himself by doing so. Due to the fact that Klade opened the gate yesterday, he was unable to realize that the gate could not be opened without magic. Had Klade not stopped him from pushing the gate and explaining the Maestro’s tactic to him, he would have been seriously injured by some of the guards
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A soulmate literally means the other half of a being’s soul, the word being derived from the story of the powerful but lonely souls who decided to split into two exact halves and go in different directions, with the aim of finding each other again. The concept of a soulmate is an integral part of every supernatural culture. Demons, werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and dragons, amongst many others, treasure it highly- although they have different words for it. Even witches, who do not have soulmates, understand and respect the culture of the soulmates. It is the lifeblood of every realm, be it as high as the heavens or in the innermost depths of hell.Travis understands the importance of soulmates to the supernatural world, regardless of species. He feels upset and embarrassed about his father’s words yesterday and the Maestro’s behavior towards him today, but he is not stupid. You allowed your emotions to overwhelm you not once, but several times.
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Lia has not felt well for the past four days. It first started with a negligible ache in her joints, something she attributed to a lack of proper exercise and rest. “With good food, a well-deserved break from mining, a proper massage session, a long overdue visit to the gym, and a good night’s rest to top it all, I’ll be as good as new in no time.”The above list sounds good. Awesome even. She didn’t account for one thing, however- the fact that reality doesn’t always happen as planned. Actually, it NEVER happens as planned.Four days down the drain, and she isn’t getting any better. She’s tempted to go for a check-up at the hospital but immediately shrugs off that thought. What would mere humans know about a witch’s body? No human can decode the physiology of a being of the supernatural world. Hence, all the tests would give messed-up values that would only create a barrage of questions. Her ‘lovely’ au
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