Chapter 4 A Old Rich Man

Today is Daphne's first day as a waitress at the club where Rose works. Primitively, Daphne didn't know what to do. Eventually, the job became easy for her, taking orders, bringing food to the table, and cleaning stuff, except for talking to drunken customers.

"Miss, can you sit with me and perhaps show some extra service..?" Someone said to Daphne. The girl's chest promptly heaved. "I'm just a waiter here.." She stuttered, talking back, and immediately left as she placed the bucket of Pilsen on the table.

As the days passed, Mother Lili noticed that Daphne became the apple of the eye of every customer who spent nights at the club.

The others even come back often just to see and fantasize about Daphne.

"Hey, Amiga.." Monique gasped when she saw Rose.

"Oh? What's up?" Rose answered while looking in the direction of her daughter. She was leaning on the pole of the countertop of the bar.

"What came into your mind, and you put my goddaughter to work here?!"

"What's wrong with that? It's only temporary.."

"Heh! Stop it, Rose. If Mother Lili can deceive you, not me. Can't you see what evil that old lady is planning for Daphne?!" Rose is throwing her friend a fierce look.

"What are you talking about, Monique? Did you see my daughter dance or tabled customer?!" It looks like the tension between them is rising. 

"I don't know about you. Are you being mean or just plain stupid..." Monique ran away with a sigh. Rose was left wondering.

Meanwhile, a man in his 40s approached the countertop and looked for the bar's owner.

"Are you the owner?" Husky's voice asked Mother Lili. The old lady nodded confidently.

"I want that girl.. Did you see her?" He pointed to Daphne, who was currently busy bussing the table.

"No.. You got it wrong. She's not...." Mother Lili tried to clear things up, but the old man cut her off.

"You got me wrong.." The foreigner interrupted. "I want to marry her. I want her to be my wife. I can give her extravagant life.." Mother Lili's eyes widened upon hearing this.




The next day, Mother Lili excitedly talked to Rose about it.

"I am not selling my daughter, Mother Lili. You know that. I did her work here to save for her education, not to find a husband."

"I didn't say anything like that, Rose. It's a terrible thing to say selling. Think about it, Rose. Your daughter will be able to study without having to scrub, and you, too, will live like a queen in a big mansion. Where will your daughter suppose to head? Eventually getting married as well? I learned that one is an old man but deadly rich, so you're in the jackpot. What are you worried about?!"

"I'll go head first.. I'll take my daughter with me too.." Rose replied as she stepped forward and didn't say a word to the old lady.

"Hey! Wait! Daphne's out is later!" Mother Lili shouted after her. In her haste, Rose bumped into Monique.

"What happened to that?!" Monique asked Mother Lili in wonder. "I do not know." She shrugs.

"Come on! We're going home.." Rose scolded her daughter.

"Mom, I still have two hours. It's a shame."

"Who will follow? You or me?" Rose responded angrily. Daphne eventually obeyed her mother.

Two days passed without Rose letting her daughter enter the club. At the same time, day and night thinking about what to do. Her mind was debating whether she should follow Mother Lili's suggestion.

It also occurred to her that a good life awaits her daughter.

She also remembered the appearance of the rich old man. In her opinion, he's handsome and doesn't seem like a bad person.




"Mr. Bolat, she's my daughter, Daphne.." Rose introduced them personally. "Show respect, my daughter, okay?" Daphne, seemingly petrified, without any action and just bowed.

Daphne tentatively raised her hand to the old man for a handshake. She couldn't look at him for fear. She couldn't explain.

"He will provide for your studies and everything you need. You don't have to come to the club, you can buy everything you want. Do you want that?" Daphne didn't say a word and kept her head down. She was constantly fidgeting with her fingers. Her swallowing is also steady.

"You are so beautiful. I really like you.." The old man's eyes twinkled brightly as his smile spread across his lips.

"What are you doing, Rose?!" Daryl suddenly arrived and immediately pulled Rose and Daphne. "Just for a while, Mr. Bolat.." Rose said while walking away due to Daryl pulling her.

"What is your problem??" Rose asked to hold back the scream. Daphne's tears started rolling down her cheeks. This is the first time Daryl has entered the club.

"What are you doing, huh?!" Daryl asked angrily.

"And what am I doing? What do you mean?!" Rose responded with sharp eyes.

"You know what I'm saying, Rose. Did you see that man? I'm going to take Daphne home.." He pulled Daphne by the hand, which Rose immediately stopped from leaving.

"I will decide for my daughter's future, Daryl. Who are you to interfere?!"

"For her future?? With that old man? Can you hear yourself, Rose? Are you asleep and in the middle of a nightmare? Don't you love your daughter? That person is a demon, Rose! Wake up. Owe it to me! You will destroy what you say is Daphne's future." Daryl said darkly. Rose got even worst.

"Her life will be good! I love my daughter. That's why I'm doing this, Daryl! If you can't see that, that's your problem! Don't drag us into your messy life!"

"Mother... What's going on?!" Daphne was sobbing as if her young mind had realized what her mother wanted to happen.

"Daphne, Kid.. You're not going with that person, okay. I'll keep you away from here. Come on..." Daryl can't be persuaded.

"Let go of my daughter!" Rose shouted. Monique noticed what seemed to be a disturbance, so she came closer.

"Daphne, my dear. Come to godmother!" Monique called her. The girl came to her in tears.

"You too, Monique. You're probably the one behind this!" Monique's mouth opened, and her eyebrows crossed.

"Why do you instantly see Monique? Even if she doesn't say it, gossip has wings and a mouth, Rose. Let's talk about what you plan to do with your daughter! Have a fear of God."

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