Chapter 50 Graduation Day

A few months passed, and Cara still didn't wake up, but I never gave up or stopped hoping that one day she would come back.

She needs to come back to know how much I love her. That I am ready to love her completely, love only her.

"Daphne.. Why don't you take a break? Go home. Rest assured, I'll keep an eye on her." Craig uttered, patting my back, but I don't want to.

"No.. She might open her eyes today. I don't want her to think I'm not on her side."

"Of course not. Cara will not think that way, Daphne. She knows you. You know each other well." He said those with a bit of a laugh in the end.

"You guys are like twins. Something connects your gut. Okay." For an instant, I come to think of it.

"Besides, don't you have class tomorrow?" He's right, and I'm kind of losing track of my Acads as my focus was on Cara's recovery.

"Fine.." I lifted my hands in defeat. "..But call me asap when she gains consciousness." Craig nodded.

From that day forward, Cara is a sleeping beauty. Nobody
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