Chapter 48 A Dilemma


"Let me help you," I said, not heeding her words that seemed like a knife that could easily make me bleed.

"Stop, Daphne! Just... Just go away. Get out!" She struggled with my touch.

"Alright. Alright. I'll leave you alone after this." I just want to help her change and feel comfortable so she can go to sleep.

"You are not listening, Daphne. I said leave!" She pointed to the door out. I gulp and freeze on my stand.

This is the first time Cara has driven me away. She must be distraught by me.

I couldn't do anything but follow her because I was already feeling pain from her sudden treatment.


When I left my room, Cara was also on her way out, which led us to bump into each other for not looking.

We both couldn't utter a word when our eyes met. Cara came closer to me, and before I figured it, we were already in each other's arms, kissing. It's my 2nd kiss, but Cara is the first girl I ever kiss.

But why are we in this fanciful?! And why I
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