Chapter 49 In A White Room


When I got conscious and gradually opened my eyes, I instantly closed it again 'cause of the pang in my head. I held on to it.

"Don't move yet." I should have gotten up. There was this urge I could not stop from igniting within me. I must see Cara before it's too late.

"Where's Cara? I have to go see Cara!!." I screamed out at the top of my lungs as I cupped my bandaged head.

I heard Craig sigh, an indication that something terrible had happened.

"Please, Craig. I need to talk to Cara. I can't lose her." I begged, trying to take off my bed.

"Yes, Daphne. I understand you, but in these times, you have to put yourself first. Get well first." What I perceived was not processed in my brain.

All I could think of was Cara. I have to stop her from leaving me for good.

"You don't understand me, Craig. I can't lose Cara. She needs to hear what I have to say." I feel like I'm losing her. I seem to be late, messing things up, and I could not afford that to happen.

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