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Daphne Yildiz's life seems playful as she meets twins Craig and Cara White. Because of the past, she was allegedly running away, and she was forced to hold on to the knife and accept the twins' offer to her. She will marry Craig in exchange for her education and safety in the hands of the people looking for her. Soon she falls for Craig because of his kindness, but she doesn't know why the man doesn't seem to look at her as a woman. She is left frustrated by Craig's lack of affection until she gets close to Cara and forms a romance that shouldn't be. In the end, who weighs more, the first man who made her heart beat or its sister who made her so crazy in love?

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Ansh Marie Toperz
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Ansh Marie Toperz
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20 Chapters
When I left my room, Cara was also on her way out, which led us to bump into each other for not looking. We both couldn't utter a word when our eyes met. Cara came closer to me, and before I figured it, we were already in each other's arms, kissing. It's my 2nd kiss, but Cara is the first girl I ever kiss. But why are we in this fanciful?! And why I couldn't resist it? I could feel her avidity as her lips moved on mine, and I couldn't deny that I liked it. It made me retaliate. Her taste caused me to be weak, trapped in its underlying love spell. Why?! Why do I feel like I'm being cradled in a cloud? I wanted to push her, but my body froze. The back of my mind was protesting, telling me that it wasn't right, but my traitor self seemed to surrender and did not want to stop the moment. Her hand slightly squeezes my waist, causing what seems to be electrified. I like it too. That's killing me. Why?! Why am I so excited for her? Her touch made me ask for more. "We can't do this. T
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Chapter 1 Rose a Prostitute
"Rose! Wait!" Daryl came running closer. "Oh?! What's wrong? Are you gonna pester me again?!" Rose blurted out irritably as soon as Daryl approached."That's harsh. I was just gonna accompany you, heading to work. Even that I'm not allowed to?" Disappointedly, the young man said. He has been falling head over heels with Rose for two years, even though they don't have a thing. "Can't you just mind your life and leave mine?." Rose protested, then continued walking. Daryl followed silently. When she reached the club, Daryl's feet stopped spontaneously.He never went in there because he didn't want to see the different men hanging around Rose.He gulped as the sweat dripped down his face."Oh, the queen of the night is here." A woman like Rose said. "Why are you late?" Her friend asked her."Better to be late than never," Rose replied. She went straight to her seat after entering their quarters as the club's dressing room. She put the bag down and then took out the makeup."A lot of peop
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Chapter 2 Life full of Roller Coaster
"When are you going to stop? Huh? Don't you intend to settle down for good?" Rose looked away and went to her room. Daryl also followed. "Talk to me, Rose. Is this really the life you want? How many more men will pass you by? Don't you feel sorry for yourself??" Daryl raised his voice. His whole body trembled with the depth of emotion he felt at that time. "What do you want, Daryl? What's not clear to you? Huh? You! Don't you feel sorry for yourself? How many more times do I have to push you away? Is everything you see not enough to stop bothering me?? I'm a dirty girl, Daryl.. There are many girls out there that suits you.." Rose's eyes spoke. Daryl's gaze stayed on Rose. He held both of Rose's shoulders. "I love you.. I hope it's as easy as you want it to be. Do you think I'll take this long to catch up with you if I can stay away from you?! Do you think I want the stupidity I'm doing? But what can I do, Rose? This stupid heart of mine and you.. you are the one this goddamn heart
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Chapter 3 Daphne Yildiz
Three years had gone, and Rose got pregnant by a Turkish man named Ferit Yildiz, one of her customers in the club. Among all her customers, Ferit was different because he promised her a good life. She hoped the man would marry her and take her to Turkey, but when she was probably pregnant, the man disappeared and never showed up."Mother! Mother!" She shouted as she felt the sudden pain in her belly. "What is it? The noise has reached the house next door..." She said as she approached Rose, who couldn't paint her face. "It's about to come out.. Ah!!" It screamed, writhing in pain. "Wait... Shit! What am I going to do.." Her mother panicked and left the room. It dialed the phone quickly. "What?!" Alright.. I'm on my way.." Daryl answered worriedly.In less than 15 mins, Daryl was in front of the house. "Man, just wait.." He said to the taxi driver and hurried inside. "Mother! What is this animal doing here??" Rose complains when she sees Daryl. It's been two years since she ended h
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Chapter 4 A Old Rich Man
Today is Daphne's first day as a waitress at the club where Rose works. Primitively, Daphne didn't know what to do. Eventually, the job became easy for her, taking orders, bringing food to the table, and cleaning stuff, except for talking to drunken customers."Miss, can you sit with me and perhaps show some extra service..?" Someone said to Daphne. The girl's chest promptly heaved. "I'm just a waiter here.." She stuttered, talking back, and immediately left as she placed the bucket of Pilsen on the table.As the days passed, Mother Lili noticed that Daphne became the apple of the eye of every customer who spent nights at the club.The others even come back often just to see and fantasize about Daphne."Hey, Amiga.." Monique gasped when she saw Rose."Oh? What's up?" Rose answered while looking in the direction of her daughter. She was leaning on the pole of the countertop of the bar."What came into your mind, and you put my goddaughter to work here?!""What's wrong with that? It's o
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Chapter 5 At White's Mansion
"Mother... I don't want to marry that old guy. Please, even if I don't have to study anymore..." Daphne knelt down, begging her mother when they were at home. "Stop acting, Daphne. Stop crying! I thought you were smart. Why don't you use your brain now? Huh? Your life will be fine, baby... Listen to me. I know better what will be good for you..." "I don't want it, Mother..." Daphne whined. Rose turned back with her hand falling. She couldn't stop the tears from flowing down both her cheeks."I'm so tired, Daphne.. Please.. You're my only hope to get out of this miserable life. What will you do in return for all my sacrifices to raise you? Is this how you're going to repay?""But Mother, I can work.."####In so much fear, Daphne was not in the right frame, leading to a terrible decision she would ever make at her young age. Daphne strongly decided to leave while her mother was fast asleep. She brought the bag that her mother had packed earlier. She wandered on the road and stumb
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Chapter 6 To be someone's Wife
Cara got bored, waiting for Daphne to go down, so she followed her into the room. She looked over at Daphne, who was sleeping soundly. "Hmmm.. She's quite pretty.. Huh.." She smiled while crossing her arm."Am I going to wake you up or what? We need to talk.." Cara spoke to herself, still peeking at Daphne. She snorted and walked around the room. After a while, Daphne woke up."I'm sorry, Miss Cara, I fell asleep.." Cara faced her."No, it's fine. I'm sorry I woke you up, but it's right because we need to talk. It's about the job I'm going to offer you, Daphne. If you are still interested, of course.." As she spoke, her curly hair seemed to sway. "Yes. I'm interested. Any job.. I will not be fastidious, Miss Cara.. as I badly needed it." "First.. stop being so formal. Our age gap is just a little bit.." She explained to Daphne with a smile. "Alright, Cara.." Daphne said hesitantly. "Remove the Miss. I may look old.." "I'm sorry.. O-okay." Daphne said back."So, do you prefer to t
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Chapter 7 Having Fun
As Daphne refused the offer, she went back on the street, wandering around, but nothing exactly to look out for. She could hear her belly grumbling, touching it as it felt so frustrating that she was drawn in to go back but lifted her head and shook to stand on what she thinks is best. "I told you it won't work, Cara.." Craig said in dismay, staring at his sister and then walking out. Cara just sighed but still thinking the other way around. As she always does, choosing to play around rather than put herself under pressure. "Cara...." A husky voice interrupted her busy mind at the bar. "Hey.. What a coincidence, hmm." She said prominently. The guy just chuckled in a catchy tone, lowering his gaze as if admitting she was right. "So, I guess you already know me.. Come on, Cara. I like you. Didn't I miss making you feel? Don't you have the same way?" "Hmmm.." Cara is humming, nodding with a pretty smile fixed on her lips."I do feel the same way, Dilton, but you have known me for
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Chapter 8 The Past that still Lingers
[DAPHNE YILDIZ] I could not do anything but accept my destiny. Despite the thought of wanting just to die, I still tried to strive, walking nonstop, trying to find something I could use in my struggling journey at the dump of garbage. My feet are shaking... My head hurts cost of how many days without anything to sustain my body. I seem to lose hope and even myself, near to losing my sanity. I look around, but nothing to see. A sudden dropped of water seems to stir me up. It's about to rain. I abruptly haste, partly running to hide somewhere, but then the rain poured so harshly that it totally soaked me underneath. My mouth is already catching the falling rain due to so much thirst. Thankfully, it wetted my dried throat. I'm like a pitiful creature who has forcibly adapted to its surrounding. A few moments later, my stomach grumbled again. I was overwhelmed by the street restaurants. I feel so hungry that I want to grab any food I see.I feel like I just want to do bad things and
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Chapter 9 Hopeless
When Daphne got conscious, she was already lying in bed. A bunch of uncertainty knocked her off when her eyes rested on the surrounding. Terrible queries filled her. "Where am I? What am I doing here?" Running over and over again in her innocent mind. She got up and left the bed, heading to the big door. Her fist immediately came to its constant knocking. "Open it! Is there someone in there? Can you hear me? Let me out!" It screamed almost hoarsely, and her nerves came out from the side of her neck. Despite the noise, no one answered. Her energy just ran out, but no one paid her any attention even though she knew there was someone due to the soft laughter on the other door. After a few more hours of feeling hell, someone finally showed up—a girl with a bland face. "Hey! Help me out, please..." Pleading with agony, the girl leaves a plate of so-called food far from it and looks like garbage. Daphne shook it so it fell and scattered on the floor. She was helpless when left
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