Last Date

Last Date

By:  J Kaloko  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jennifer invites Terrance to her house to have their first date. The date starts off romantic and emotional, until a traumatic event happens. As the story continues, you get to learn what exactly happened on this first date and why it became their last.

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The Dream Elixir
And the lives of this characters pictured that truth accurately. Well done, James. Excellent job ❤️
2020-10-17 19:23:07
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The Dream Elixir
I must say that this book was indeed a beautiful one. It mirrored so many harsh realities of life and the fact that life is pain and pain is inevitable. We as humans can either chose to move on from the pain or die in the pain. Healing is a choice and a process.
2020-10-17 19:22:30
17 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Meetup
Friday, June 29th, 2018 Terrance drove through a suburban area late at night, trying to find the location to Jennifer's house. The suburbs felt empty as there were no lights inside the houses and the streets were silent. He looked for a corner on the street to park his car, so that he may text Jennifer if he is close to her house. His phone is at a low percent and forgot to bring his charger. So Terrance texted quickly, so that he could make sure that he was at the right neighborhood.
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Chapter 2: The Portrait
As Jennifer closed the door, she gave Terrance a welcome hug."I want to thank you for coming to my house.", Jennifer said."No Problem!", said Terrance.Jennifer lets go of Terrance and showed him the kitchen. Terrance was speechless by how nice, huge, and clean her house was."This has got to be the best looking house I have ever stepped in. Did you do this all by yourself?", he said in amazement."Yeah, it took me two years to get this house at my standards. It was not easy, but I'm happy with the way I made it become", she responded back.As they walked towards the kitchen, Terrance noticed a portrait of Jennifer. The portrait showed Jennifer wearing red lingerie and posing sexy on bed holding handcuffs. Terrance walked towards the living room, picked up the portrait, and questioned Jennifer about it."What is this photo all about?", he asked."Oh, I did not know you noticed it.", she repli
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Chapter 3: The Dinner
Jennifer and Terrance arrived in the kitchen. Terrance admired how beautiful Jennifer's kitchen looked."Is every place in this house this spotless and beautiful? I feel like I'm in heaven being in here.", he said."Thank you. I
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Chapter 4: The Movies
Jennifer got done cleaning the kitchen and headed towards the living room. She sat down on the sofa and snuggled up against Terrance. Jennifer grabbed the remote for her TV and goes to an online streaming app."So.... What movie do you want to watch?", she asked him."I honestly do not know. I don't watch too many movies or have any knowledge of the recent films that are out. How about you choose and I'll watch it with you.", he explained."Alright. Now you made things hard for me, because there are a lot of movies that I want you to watch with me.", she replied."How about a love movie? Since this is our first date and we could have a romantic atmosphere.", he recommended to her."Nah, that's predictable and boring. Ooh.... We could watch a horror film. I love horror and it is my favorite genre of movies. Are you okay watching a scary movie?", she asked."I'm not really into horror. But whatever you want to watch,
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Chapter 5: The Bedroom
Jennifer led Terrance to her bedroom. The room was clean and filled with romance. The lights were dimmed, scented candles giving the room a lovely smell, chocolate and rose petals on the king size bed, and red wine on the nightstand. Jennifer closed the bedroom door and stood next to it posing sexually. "So.... Is this the surprise? If so, then I am pleased.", he said with amazement.
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Chapter 6: The Woman In The Mirror
"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCK!!!!!!", she yelled."I just did a terrible. OH MY GOD JENNIFER... YOU JUST DID A TERRIBLE THING, SHIT!!!!", she yelled while freaking out and pulling on her hair.Jenni
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Chapter 7: The Pink Devil
Silence is filled up in Jennifer's house. Every part of the house is roaming with darkness, especially her bedroom. Terrance is still unconscious. A few seconds later, he slowly started to gain consciousness. His eyes are slightly opened, but he can not see anything since it is so dark. He is breathing heavily and groaning. He then felt an excruciating pain on the back of his head; unaware that Jennifer hit him hard with a pistol. He tried to get up, until he got stopped by chains. He tried again to get up, but the chains held him back. He started to panic and his breathing got intense. He tried several more times to break the chains loose and escape, but nothing was working. He paused for a moment and started to hyperventilate. Fifteen seconds later, he used all of his strength to escape from these chains. The chains were making a lot of noise as he was struggling to get out.
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Chapter 8: The Dancing Man
The Pink Devil walked toward to the closet and grabbed some items. Terrance still had tears falling from his eyes and is in excruciating pain after The Pink Devil choked him out. The Pink Devil walked out from the closet and closed the door with items in her hands. She came closer to the bed and explained to him what his first punishment will be."Are you ready for your first punishment?", she asked.
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Chapter 9: The Underneath
Terrance is surrounded by darkness. He cannot see a thing and is having a tough time moving around. The Underneath is so cold that he tried breathing heavily to warm himself up. He then started talking to himself to keep from losing his sanity."What have you gotten yourself into? All I wanted was to have a great first date, but now I'm trapped inside a dark and cold basement wearing a dress and makeup. This is just great!", he said to himself.
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Chapter 10: The Breakup
Jennifer and Terrance arrived at her bedroom after leaving The Underneath. Jennifer walked inside the room first and then Terrance followed behind her. Terrance shuts the door. They both stare at each other awkwardly and there is an uncomfortable atmosphere between the two."So... Now that we are back inside my room... What are you going to do?", she asked while crossing her arms together and paced slowly.
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