Let's Create a Wonderland (book 3)

Let's Create a Wonderland (book 3)

By:  mariehiggins  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lady Sarah Emiline Lucia needs to hide her identity for fear that mobs will kill her and her family after her uncle—Napoleon Bonaparte—is exiled to Melba. She is sent to Hampshire, England to stay with friends of her father. To stay safe, she must play the role of her maid, while her maid assumes Lady Sarah’s identity. Complications arise when she meets the very handsome man, and she suddenly wants him to look at her as a real woman, not a servant. Protecting her life, however, is more important than confessing the truthGabriel Lawrence’s pirate ship is almost captured and this time it was too close. He and his crew need to hide for a few months in hopes that Napoleon’s men who seek revenge, will soon forget about him. During his stay at his aunt and uncle’s in Hampshire, he meets the niece of his enemy. Because she doesn’t know who Gabe is, he will become close to her to see if she knows any more of her uncle’s secrets. But the beauty of her companion, Miss Emmie, captures his attention, and her quirky personality keeps him wanting more. But her over-zealous nature for adventure places both of them in danger and he’s forced to play the honorable rogue.How can he protect them both when an unknown spy is always one step ahead…and wants Gabe dead?

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33 Chapters
Something was not right. Unrest flittered in Emiline Lucia’s stomach, prickling the hairs on the back of her neck as her carriage rocked to a halt outside the family’s two-story townhouse in Calais. Servants scampered from the house, carrying trunks as they loaded them on a coach.Curiosity, and determination to discover what was going on, enveloped her as panic settled in her chest. She gave her hand to the footman as he helped her down from her carriage, and headed toward the front door. Several French soldiers stood guard near the white wrap-around porch as if they expected trouble at any moment. They eyed her warily until she walked closer, and then their postures relaxed a bit. She was used to being surrounded by some kin
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Gabriel Lawrence gnashed his teeth as he gripped the ship’s railing with one hand and balanced the spyglass with the other, watching the enemy ship coming toward them. All the crew on The Avenger scrambled into action as Gabe shouted orders over his shoulder. The Avenger was a fast ship, which is why it was perfect for his needs which was to assist Prince Regent with ridding all of Napoleon spies.One of Gabe’s best friends, Captain Hawk—also known as Marcus Thorne—had once commanded The Avenger. Now the ship was Gabe’s…as long as he could get away from the French ve
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Can this day possibly get any worse?Emmie’s legs wobbled as she raised out of the mud pit she and her maid had been tossed into when the vehicle had thrown them. Her heartbeat still hammered out of control, and the spinning in her head hadn’t subsided. She glanced up the small slope to where the vehicle had rolled before stopping in the muck. One minute they were riding along just fine, and the next minute, the coach jerked fitfully and flipped over. Within seconds, the door had broken open, throwing both Emmie and Anna out.
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Gabe submerged his body fully into the pond. Holding his breath, he hoped the water would not take away his new hair color. The old widow, Mrs. Baker, changed the color of his hair to brown and even gave him a cut. Gratefully, he had walked out of her house looking a new man. Now if he could just keep away from large crowds, all would be well in his world. At least for a few months. He prayed things would get back to normal soon after that.During his much-needed break, he didn’t want to think about the problems in his life. He didn’t want to have to constantly look over his shoulder and wonder who is a spy—and especially who might know his true identity as the fearsome pirate, Captain Hawk. Unfortunately, he couldn&rsqu
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Emmie stood behind Anna who sat on a stool facing her vanity table. The Crampton’s maid had already assisted in getting Anna ready for the ball, but Emmie was more particular in how she thought Anna’s hair should look. After the maid left, Emmie fixed Anna’s hair the right way.Anna wrung her hands against her middle as worry etched lines in her face. “Mr. and Mrs. Crampton are going to introduce me to their family and friends. Are you certain your father didn’t know anybody besides Mr. and Mrs. Crampton?”Emmie weaved a p
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 Gabe smiled politely at the lovely woman beside him. The longer he was in her presence, the more he became confused. Her charm was evident, and yet her shyness was a contradiction. She really didn’t talk much, and he couldn’t believe there was a woman out there who didn’t chatter like a crazed magpie. Now he found one he wished would talk a little more.So far he had told her about himself—at least what he wanted her to know—and now he wanted to hear about her. If she would tell him, that is. Every time he asked her about herself, she changed the subject, bringing th
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Once Gabe and Anna had walked away, Emmie released the breath she was holding and it came out in a gush. Thankfully, neither of them had seen her. Relief also poured through her, knowing that Anna had not let Gabe kiss her. Her maid played a role, and Lady Sarah would have not allowed a man to take the liberties in stealing a kiss…no matter how handsome he was.Then again, she had really never known any man as handsome as Gabe. And blast it all, it didn’t help that she kept seeing him in the water. Perhaps if she had been in Gabe’s arms, she would have been sorely tempted to let him place his lips on hers.
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Gabe stood stunned. Not because he’d kissed Emmie, but because he’d enjoyed it so much.Usually he preferred more experienced women, and those who definitely dressed better that made them look alluring. Certainly, she wasn’t the kind of woman he would seduce. Yet, he’d been thinking about doing that very thing since noticing her hiding behind the statue.Shaking his head, he turned back toward the house. His uncle and aunt were saying their goodbyes to the last of the guests who just wouldn’t leave, and Gabe really didn’t want to be included in that, but he had to go inside
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Gabe rose early in the morning and quickly dressed in his riding clothes, preparing to spend a leisurely afternoon doing nothing but enjoy his solitude in the countryside. It’d been two weeks since he’d come to visit his uncle, and restlessness and boredom began to consume Gabe’s mind. He’d led a busy life of spying these past few years and finding time for leisure was rarely heard of. Flying down the stairs, he hurried across the wooden floor as he made his way to the front door. When he neared his uncle’s study, Gabe slowed and treaded softly, hoping Henry wouldn’t see him. This was one time he did not want to be bothered. Unfortunately, Gabe’s wish
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“Gabriel? Would you come here for a moment?” Henry called as Gabe stepped outside through the side doors, preparing to head toward the stables.He swore under his breath. Not again! It had been a few days since he’d talked to his uncle in the study. Gabe didn’t want to have to rehash the same words.Hesitantly, he turned away from the stables and made his way to the green patch of lawn where his aunt, uncle, and cousin stood with Lady Sarah playing Trundling Hoop and Roll. Henry looked dashing in his red coat covering a golden shirt, and matching red breeches. Indeed, he looke
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