His Regret

His Regret

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[Think About A Passionate Sex Scene]: Cayden had snuck up behind Isla, his fated mate, and hauled her off the Couch and into the warming-depth of his muscle-packed body. Without warning, he circled her around, straddled her on his sturdy waist, and plunged a threatening length into her. Heavy thrust, pleasured squeals, venereal kisses, hip sways, electrifying pulses, hair pulls, dampened cuddles, vigorous growls, heated grinds… Name it! Cayden continued digging his way into Isla’s soul until her legs pleaded their surrender… [Think About A Pleasant Evening]: Cayden returns from an meeting and goes straight to meet Isla. But instead of carrying a pomander-Bouquet of pink lilies and tulips, he’s holding in his hands. Divorce papers. And he presents it to Isla, telling her to sign them and leave! And as if that’s not enough, he even cheats on her with his ex, Ivanka Haine. Isla is left heartbroken and confused about what she has done wrong. But even with the weight of her hurt, she still confronts Cayden and his reason is: “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A BEGGERED OMEGA WHO JUST WANTS MY MONEY AND PROPERTIES. LEAVE!” Sorrowful, Isla leaves Cayden’s life for good! [Then Think Of A Banquet Thrown By The Alpha King]: Cayden, being an Alpha, gets invited to the Alpha King’s Banquet. The Alpha king, being the sovereign ruler of the entire Werewolf race, hosted a Banquet in celebration of his daughter. But Cayden arrives at the Banquet just to realize the most shocking thing. Isla is also at the same Banquet. And she’s that daughter of the King! ** When Cayden realizes his mistake, will he be able to make Love prevail— even when a Princess has sworn to get her revenge? Or will it be ‘His Regret’? Find out…

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love how receptive the author was to the critique
2024-06-09 22:16:46
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Leah Marie
No steamy season yet in this book.only in the description of the story that’s it. Very misleading. I agree it started out great but the writing and character seem to be very childish I am loosing interest really fast. Even though it’s fave stars it should be two maybe three no more so far.
2024-06-02 15:49:36
user avatar
Lizette Loya
starts out good, then the main character turns into an immature toddler. did not hold my interest..
2024-06-02 06:29:24
user avatar
Heather W
The book has me in a blood pressure raising chokehold. Without spoilers, I'm always going to be team ANYBODY BUT CAYDEN. I just want someone to set him on fire, save his life, let him heal, and then set him on fire again while he's asleep and can't see it coming.
2024-06-01 12:23:53
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
121 chapters 5-30-24
2024-05-30 22:34:52
default avatar
Good app love it
2024-05-25 06:37:19
user avatar
Loving this book! Not your typical regret story. Can’t wait to read what happens next!
2024-05-11 10:48:31
default avatar
How often do you update! Very interesting story!! Many twists..
2024-05-06 23:40:25
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
94 chapters 5-5-24
2024-05-06 04:27:40
user avatar
You have a great story here. Why is nobody reading it? Your editor better get on this. I will continue this one.
2024-03-11 12:23:47
user avatar
Viola Cordell
I just hope she doesn't choose a scumbag cheater. that would be UGHHHHH
2024-06-01 13:28:30
165 Chapters
Chapter 1 ~ Betrayed!
{Isla's POV} “You make love to me so close just to throw me so far away,” I muttered in tears as I staggered through the shaggy forest path with my bruised heart and my wounded hope— I was literally drunk on my grief. Almost immediately, I realized I was being followed. I wasn’t quite sure who these creeping bunch were, but I knew they weren’t coming to have a chat. And I clearly understood why. It’s not every day you see the eminent Luna of GreyStone Pack wandering through the eerie Woodlands-- alone! I tried to creep faster now but the swollen weight of the grief in my chest hampered my already shaky legs from making any new advances. To be honest, there was no point in trying to escape from these prowlers. For all I know, nothing they could do to me would equally match my present agony. Nothing mattered anymore, not even my dear ‘esteemed’ life. So death was the least of my worries, and the stream of doleful tears still trailing from my eyes was an extra validation of this f
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Chapter 2 ~ Vain Confrontation
{Isla's POV} “Cayden!” I yelled, drawing all the glares at the table to my person. Cayden’s expression still remained straight as he didn’t bother sparing me a look, but in that instance, I wasn’t intimidated by it. I was there to pour out my heart and get answers, and that was what I did. “Who is she?” I started with a solid tone, aiming my finger at the crafty lady on his side. “For the past few days, this woman has been staying in this house and nobody has bothered saying anything? She and Cayden are suddenly so close, and everyone is chill about it? Don’t any of you think I deserve, at least, an explanation for all this muddle!” I was doing so well until my tears betrayed me and began trailing down my cheeks. However, I couldn’t blame the tears because, with the heat in my chest, even my heart was threatening to leap out. “You don’t get to talk to us that way!” Cayden’s mother, Sassaba, voiced as she shot to her feet. “Who do you think you are!” Who am I? Who is she! I motion
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Chapter 3 ~ Slow Regret…
{Cayden’s POV}“Did she just…” I knowingly stopped my attempt at continuing that sentence as I already completed it in my head. It was the plan all along— for her to take the compensation and quietly leave my life, but I didn’t expect her to reject me so suddenly and seriously.I was to do that! In fact, the whole episode was still very shocking to me as I had never known Isla to be so… so wild. She had shown me her confidence and a feisty spirit that I had never seen before in all our years as mates.I had been really provoked with how she talked to me but at the same time I had been too puzzled to react, and she had walked off leaving me that way.I could still hear my mum cursing and protesting in the background, and for some odd reason, I wasn’t really comfortable with her volume anymore.“She has no right to reject my son! A low-born Omega like her rejecting an Alpha? She should be killed!” She bewailed while Ivanka supported her claim.“Mum!” I bawled as I spindled myself to f
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Chapter 4 ~ Captured But Free
{Isla’s POV}“Be cautious. They say she’s almost as strong as him.” I heard one of the cronies still trailing behind me chatter and I couldn’t stop the smirk that threatened to grow on my lips even though it was very insignificant in that instance. I wasn’t going to fight them and I wished I could just tell them— maybe turn around, throw my hands in the air, and plead for them to capture me. But that would be too dramatic, even for me.In any case, I knew it was only a matter of seconds before they attacked and seized me, and for all I knew, I was already a prisoner. But who knows, it might serve as a very good distraction from my harrowing misery.I suddenly stopped cold in my tracks to make things easier for them and almost immediately, I felt the aggressive weight of three hefty bodies collapse on me, sending me forcefully to the icky dirt of the forest floor. My face dug into the dust as my body jounced vigorously from their wrestle. One of the trio’s claws dug into my sides and
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Chapter 5 ~ Home…
{Isla’s POV} The next time I woke up was due to the perception of hands gently wrapping around my body and lifting me. I slowly struggled my eyelids open and drove my misty gaze about in an attempt to know where I was, and my gaze promptly stretched with my realization. Home? Suddenly, I was forced to remember that I was still in the clasps of a stranger, so I immediately shifted my gaze to the figure’s face and my glare stretched even further. The figure had a graceful face that was complemented by his roughly coiled honey-blonde hair, well-groomed eyebrows, and a well-defined jawline that augmented his supremacy. He had fiery hazel eyes just like mine and from the breastplate resting over his unbelievably broad shoulders, I could tell he had just returned from scouting. “Dad? …” “Hush now, Buttercup. You’re safe now.” He pronounced in his warming baritone and I immediately dug myself into his snuggly embrace as tears trailed from the corners of my eyes. “Dad, I’m sor
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Chapter 6 ~ The Odd-looking Royalty Imprinted Baronial Letter
{Cayden’s POV}My head was still wobbling with distressing thoughts, but it was less chaotic now. I had busied myself— distracted myself if you may, with going through the Merger documents for the alliance between RockyHill Pack— Ivanka’s Pack, and mine, GreyStone.Since we were together now, it meant that her Pack and mine would have to merge, and since Ivanka’s father, the Alpha of RockyHill Pack, was about to step down due to his aging, Ivanka would ultimately have to become Luna since she was his first daughter. Hence the alliance.I would finally become the alpha of two of the biggest packs of the North, making me the biggest Alpha in the Northern Reigns! … which would ultimately increase my chances of being noticed by the Lord Alpha— the King.I was supposed to be happy. But I wasn’t. And I didn’t want to ask myself why.My office was peaceful, calm, and quiet— conducive enough to aid my office work. But the quietness seemed somewhat offensive to me.Yeah, weird. But It felt l
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Chapter 7 ~ It’s Crazy Beautiful, Carlot.
{Isla’s POV}My room!The vivid scent of my blissful childhood and quirky teenagehood— youthful years, sorry— washed over my senses, and I entertained the colorful memories that lurked in every corner of this room.I had grown up behind these very walls and being here again after my ‘Love and War escapade’ was warming.Being here made me feel like a child again, even though I knew I wasn’t. I mean; I had kissed a guy, fallen stupidly in love, run away from home, fucked the same guy from the kiss, ruled a Pack as Luna, been cheated on by the same guy from the kiss, run away again, and had engaged in an actual fight, where I tore someone’s gut out!The last one was a lie, but I hope to do so one day.Alas, all these were testimonies of my current age and position, and reminders that I couldn’t go back. Reminders that I had made some decisions that made me who I was today.A fucked up, heartbroken Princess! But I will heal. On the bright side, that fucked up Princess had learned her le
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Chapter 8 ~ Hey, My Love
{Isla’s POV}Yep! I hugged the careless-maid-who-had-almost-killed-herself-with-a-Wardrobe-that-weighed-up-to-two-braford-bulls.As much as she was clumsy enough to take her own life, she was my favorite maid… and my best friend!“Andrea. You’re still so clumsy.” I squeezed her further into my embrace before I loosened it up to look at her.“My Princess.” Was all she could mutter. There was tears in her eyes.“I’ve missed you too,” I said, smiling. Andrea was ‘mon meilleur ami’, as the French usually call it. She has been with me since I clocked thirteen, as she began Palace service in order to be able to pay off her deceased father’s debts. Her father had stolen from mine and had ended his life, so my dad, being the merciless king he was then, had obligated Andrea to settle the debts with menial service.For this reason, I had taken pity on her and had made her my personal maid but treated her like a sister instead. I treat all my maids like sisters but Andrea is just special, even
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Chapter 9 ~ North Entrance Table
{Isla’s POV}Cayden was still staring, but I was not looking at his axis anymore.Why?Because I was too busy relishing the feeling that came with this moment. The satisfaction.I knew the rest of his cruel bunch would soon notice me and it made the feeling even more delightful.I gave it time, I relished the moment, and when I felt it was due, I turned my gaze back to them.They were all staring now, all four of them bathing me with shocked and staggered gazes.I didn’t mind, however. I understood they were puzzled— mystified by what sights were entertaining. You could just tell from the way they stood as bricks in the vibrant crowd.I smiled again and took my time to soak in these new expressions dancing off their faces. I needed to get used to seeing them this way, ‘cause whether they fancied it or not, this was how they would always appear before me. Scared!My dad rose up to his feet to give his opening speech and to lay the grounds of the event— my reinstatement, and I straight
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Chapter 10 ~ Rain Three Hells On Him
{Isla’s POV} So there might have been a time when I was madly in love with this one guy— Ralph Tinter. We had fallen in love during Combat Schooling and had started dating. Ralph had been the sweetest guy ever and I had been the happiest girl ever. Our love had been so dreamy and I had thought our bond was unbreakable… until I met Cayden that is. Ralph was romantic but Cayden wasn’t even trying. Cayden had effortlessly claimed my heart within mere days of us running into each other. Apart from the fact that Cayden was my mate, Cayden had charm! ... else I would have immediately rejected his Jerky ass and stayed with Ralph. But I didn’t, and I broke Ralph’s heart instead. A classical case of ‘Had I known’, am I right? But all that was behind me now, both men, I mean. But it didn’t mean I and Ralph were enemies. In fact, I hope to be his friend. It was the only reason why I had greeted his mother yesterday. Today; The sun was shining extra hot today, and I was in a bubbly mood
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