I couldn’t mistake the pleased look I was seeing on Adriana’s face. Something about her possessive turns me on beyond inhibition. Without thinking to stop myself, I thrusted upwards, entering her and buying myself to the hilt.

Her warmth clamps around me in a vice. It is the best thing I have ever felt.

I gripped both sides of her waist and led her movements as she slowly adjusts to me. Since she was very wet. But after a few thrusts, I could easily slip in and out of her. She held her hands on my shoulders for balance and rode me like she was born for this. Made for me.

We were perfect for each other. Perfect like this. Our bodies tailor made and fit like a glove. No one could ever compare.

When she came, she cried out my name. Her voice hauntingly sweet. I know I’ll need forget it. It influenced my own orgasm. I started moving roughly . Ravaging her like she was my last meal and I was a man starved. I moaned her name and bit down on her neck without thinking.

My fangs sunk

SEE YOU IN BOOK THREE. I know you’ll probably want to murder me but there’s a reason for this. The series turned into a trilogy (surprisingly) but bear with me please. I promise you’ll love the final installation which will be coming next month. It will have the same cover as this so please be on the lookout. As always, I’m so grateful for the support and love I’ve received with this book. You guys changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful for that. Get ready for the final battle between Xander, Adriana and Dreaya. And maybe….new enemies you never saw coming… Love, WriterA

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Jeri Rose
Still waiting for book three or is there still going to be a book three?
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Jeri Rose
Still waiting for book three! Any idea when we can expect it. I hope that you are feeling ok and ready to let us know what’s happening with the rest of the books
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Terri Garner
When can we expect more chapters

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