All three of us pause in shock after the loud thud of a body meeting the ground.

Not that I recovered from the earlier one since Donovan walked in.

It didn’t even have much to do with his foreboding presence but rather the unexpectedness of his presence. And for him to see us in such an…intimate position. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to face him again.

I had found solace in Xander’s body. At first it was because I didnt know where else to go and it seemed like the safest option. I didn’t have a shirt on for God’s sake. And I wasn’t about to let him see me like that.

He isn’t even someone I like particularly. If anything, his presence scares me. And I’m not about to add more reasons why I shouldn’t be anywhere close to hi. This time it would be because I’m traumatized he saw me naked and very close to sleeping with his brother.

Damn Adriana, you are really gone.

The thought of what mum would think crosses my mind. But for the first time in a long while, I didn’t really
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