Adriana and I stay in the quiet office for what felt like forever. The dead body growing cold by the minute.

I had spared her a glance fo make sure she was fine. Seeing someone be killed right in front of you is horrendous. I was forced to witness this when I was five years old.

I know how damaging it is. And she has probably never seen anything like it.

She looked fine surprisingly. Save for the shock you could see. Nothing was amiss.

I made a mental note to call someone for cleanup. But to actually mindlink them to get it done seemed like hardwork.

The weight of what just happened settled in much later. Getting on my nerves more.

What the fuck was Donovan thinking? This was the only hope we had. Now what does he expect us to do? And better yet, what the hell did she find out what she was about to say? Why did he stop her?

I’ve known him for all my life. So I definitely know he has a reason for doing that. Donovan never does anything without thinking it through. Among the
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