Lost Queen

Lost Queen

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Book #2 of the Lycan King Duet ADRIANA: “I’m the monster they created, and I’ve come to make them all pay.” XANDER: “I made mistakes with her and I regret them. I’m going to get her back at any cost.” He had her. He lost her. But he will do anything to get her back. They used her, played on her weaknesses. The one that was supposed to love her played a bigger role in breaking her. Now she is back, stronger than them all and she has vowed to make them pay for all she had to endure. She’ll make them bow before her. Hell hath no fury like a little wolf scorned. NOTE: This book can be read as a standalone but for a better grasp, please read the first book ‘Found by the lycan king’

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Lashundra M. Farmer
Love theses books! When is book 3 coming out?
2024-04-05 02:01:55
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Jen Jordan
Book is great to read. Love the characters. However: Chapters 145, 146, & 147 are the exact same. Please fix this.
2024-03-20 05:00:42
user avatar
Great read...
2024-02-27 17:41:40
default avatar
waiting for the day Adriana realizes her mother's play and comes back to Xander's side
2024-01-21 15:04:15
user avatar
just as interesting as the first book...
2023-12-08 03:13:43
default avatar
Great Book. Love the strong Alpha character l.
2023-10-20 07:50:26
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Bree Bentley
I want to like this book but it doesn’t flow well. Not too mention all the errors. It’s getting rough in book two.
2024-03-18 22:02:22
default avatar
Lisa Duggan
I’m having a hard time with this book , I’m really trying to get into it . I’m hoping it improves and she realizes her mate is not her enemy but she is being used by her mother
2024-01-14 01:52:44
159 Chapters
1: Pilot
ADRIANA“Welcome back, daughter.”A feminine voice said, sounding too far and too close at the same time.I peeled my eyes open with effort, blinking at the harsh brightness of the unfamiliar room.Why is it so bright in here?Where am I?I struggled to lift myself up from the bed I was lying in. It feels soft, not what I’m used to but it doesn’t seem comfortable.“You should not stress yourself, you’re only waking up.” The same woman spoke.I didn’t recognize her voice, but there was a knowledge, an inkling in the back of my mind telling me I knew who she was. Telling me exactly who she is.Mother.The thought came out of nowhere and it was all the motivation I needed to get up.I forced my body into an upright position, feeling the world shake underneath me. Or was that me?“Steady, steady.” Soft hands grip my shoulder, balancing me.I blink up at the shadow that helped me, calmness and a familiarity skating down my spine.“M-mother?” I asked in a broken whisper, scared and curious
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2: Dark Grave
ALPHA XANDERThe feeling of doom serenaded in my chest the nearer we got to the opposing building.I haven't been here in six months, but it felt like yesterday I last saw her, on that bed. Lifeless and blue.I lost my mate, and I lost part of myself with her. The most important part of me. I have been breathing and surviving, but I stopped living when she did too.She was out there, I know that she is. her crazy mother hexed her, killed her then took her. It sounded crazy, even thinking about it now. It sounded too insane to be true, but it is my reality and I'm living it.There is no way I can make up these emotions I'm feeling. the burning in my chest.I was once called heartless, ruthless and fearless. I know I am just a man now. A man who has lost.“Of course, it would rain today.” Daciana, my sister, leaned forward, looking out of the window of the car as we approached the manor.I tried to ignore the way my heart squeezed when I looked up. I couldn’t even look around the world I
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3: Born Ready
ADRIANAI shut the door on Kian’s face. Smiling to myself when I imagine the dumbstruck expression he must have had. He never expected me to actually do that.But what I can say, it was a dare and I have a thing for them.“Mum?” I called out her name as I took off my shoes.I couldn't hear anything in the house, which was weird. She said she would be here when I got back.I shrugged, running up my room. She might be with the other pack members.Kian and I had ditched them to go out for a little hike anyway. I made it clear it wasn’t a date and he said he agreed but the way he was smiling said otherwise. I wasn’t very worried about that because I had fun.I couldn’t remember the last time I had fun like that. I couldn’t even remember any time I had fun. All that was in my mind was how badly everyone I knew treated me.I couldn’t get most of my memory back, but from the snippets that I remember. I would rather not even recall at all.I was stupid, naïve and extremely weak. I didn’t want
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4: In The Books
ADRIANAI was able to convince mum I was ready for this. Ready for him. Ready to face him.It is all I have been preparing for nonstop for six months. My every waking moment was plagued with thoughts of how I was going to get my revenge.Like all the women in the history books I read.Vengeance is what gives you the most satisfaction. And nothing beats making the people that hurt you pay for what they have done.I picked up the book Kian had given me some time ago. I have read it more times than I can count one finger but I still find myself wanting to read more.Each time feels like the first time I’m reading it.Kian gets me more books when they go out, which isn’t a lot but none has been my favorite like this was. He got it for me the last time they went into town.I was never allowed to go to avoid anyone seeing me and then reporting back to the people I was staying away from.I wasn’t ready to be seen then, but now, we would do everything to make sure they saw us.Shaking my head
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5: New Life
ADRIANAHenry was the only person mum allowed me to come with. I know for a fact Kian wanted to come, but it is not the right time. I agreed with her on that.I needed to focus. Because though this is for me, I am not the only one involved which makes it bigger than me. Bigger than just revenge.“I’m right next door,” Henry says, handing me the key to my room.“Okay, thank you.” I replied, offering a grateful smile.He was nice enough to help me bring my things in.We are at a cheap motel on the outskirts of a small town. I asked if that was where Xander’s pack was but he said no. This is the closest place which wouldn’t draw attention and is close to the airport. Our flight is early tomorrow morning.We’ll go to a town close to Xander’s pack from then.I don’t remember where it is, I’m not even sure I ever knew it.He kept me like a prisoner, I was never allowed to step out so I couldn’t even tell.“I’ll leave you to it. You can order room service if you want anything.” He then nods
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6: Attacked
ADRIANAThe first phase of our plan is to make sure Xander knows we're here. Our plan for that was already well underway. The moment the plane landed, I was ready to be seen.I exchanged my simple top and jeans for a summer dress. And my brunette hair was let down. cascading over my back, covering what was left open by the dress.There was a town car waiting for us as we arrived. A woman was standing outside the back car, dressed in an impeccable suit with a stoic expression. A uniformed man is beside her and he holds a sign with our names on it."She is for us." Henry says, holding me by my elbow and steering me towards her.Our bags were already in the car from the looks of it because as soon as we approached, the man opened the door of the car."Welcome," the woman's voice is soft but firm.She speaks with an elegance I am not used to. Not in my memory and definitely not in my past life. I am not very good with people, I'm guessing it has to do with the way I grew up."I hope you h
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7: Best Everything
ADRIANAMy heart pounding in my ears, I laid flat on the floor. Eyes looking around the hall wildly trying to see if I can see anyone or where the shot came from.I did my best to not look at the unmoving body on the floor. The body of the woman that was just speaking with me. As much as I tried to not see her, I couldn't stop feeling her blood that was drying too fast on my face.A surge of adrenaline floods through me. It makes my already pounding heart almost seize.Run. I yell to myself in my head but it doesn't help in making me move from the floor.I know I need to get out of here. With no idea where Henry is or what held him this long.I should get out here. Whoever hurt her might still be close and I'm making myself vulnerable.I didn't train for months, pushed all my limits after all that has happened only to be killed on my first day back. I'm not even anywhere near my target and this might end, before it even starts.No. I have to do this. I can't lose my chance before I ev
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8: Masquerade Stranger
ALPHA XANDER There are a few things I hate in this world. Dreya, and social gatherings. I would have missed this masquerade but I got a tip that the woman who looked like Adriana will be here tonight. And when she comes, I’ll be here for her. I know she is still alive. Her mental state is what I’m not sure of, and if she is even okay. What Dreya did was dangerous, and any slight wrong move would have blown it all up in flames. Now, that is where we would have a real problem. I took a break to fully mourn my mate, now I am back for her and I’m vengeful. “Aren’t you glad you decided to come out?” Daciana tugs on my arm, making me swivel to face her. She chose to dress as Peresphone tonight, only she has a mask with flowers. I wasn’t in the mood for a party, talk less of one that required me to wear a mask. She understood that so she didn’t pressure me to dress up. But since the requirement for attending is the mask, she got me one for the devil. “No, I’m not.” I reply, keeping
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9: Arrogant Male
ADRIANAI hear when he comes in. My back stiffened and my heart raced in my chest. My hands which have been cold the entire night are now sweaty and clammy.I maintain my cool and wait for him to approach me.We both know I know of his presence, not that it makes me acknowledge him. According to what mum said, his arrogance wouldn’t let him leave. Being ignored is one of the things he hated.I hated men like that. Albeit, I haven’t met anyone like him in my current life. In the past, probably. Everyone in the pack is like family and they are humble.His footsteps are loud in the quiet room. You can’t hear the sound of the party from here. That must be why mum picked this room.I took in a small unnoticeable breath, reminding myself why I need to do this. I’m nothing like the Adriana he used to know. He should know this by the end of the night.“Not a big party goer.” He says, coming to stand beside me.“Mostly the ones where clothes are taken off in public.” My voice comes out cool an
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10: Mafia Airtight
XANDER“Remind me again, why are we throwing a party?”Daciana asks the same question she has asked five times already. each time, I give her no reply because she wouldn’t believe me anyway.“And why do you care so much about how it is planned? You usually avoid this like the plague.”“I felt like throwing a party, so I’m going to do it.” I replied. We both know that is a fucking lie.I hate parties and I hate throwing them even more. I didn’t have to perform any host duties. The people who make the invite list are usually fucking elated to be there that they know not to talk to me directly. “Bullshit.” She grumbles. “You’re hiding something, and I’m going to find out what.”She points a finger at me, squinting her eyes as she walks out of the room without turning back.Without her breathing over my shoulder, I pick out all the things I want faster. The organizer looked like she couldn’t wait to get the hell out of here. When I told her she could leave, I heard her sigh of relief.It
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