I almost smiled at how cute Xander seemed, trying to progenr me from seeing the body of the dead woman. Cute had been the word that came to my head.

And it’s funny how I was relating that to, debated, the scariest man on earth.

I met him carry me to his room. It felt extra nice for some reason. Maybe it was his attention on me. Or the way he was extra careful. You would think he was carrying some kind of prized possession. Knowing I was being respected like that made butterflies swim in my stomach.

He deposited me on the bed. Gently. Then he walked to the bathroom. I was about to call him back, thinking he was trying to get away from telling me what he mentioned. But he stopped and turned by the door.

“Give me a moment to freshen up then we can get this over with.”

I nodded. Not really knowing what to say.

Should I say I was feeling nervous? I didn’t know what exactly he was going to say. But it definitely involved my mither.

I haven’t fully recovered from the dream I ha
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