Love Ain't Easy

Love Ain't Easy

By:  NtombekhayaZibi  Completed
Language: English
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Sequel to #SHEKEEPSMEWARM Four years later.. when Lin gets the best job she has been waiting for... there's a surprise she isn't ready for... When the past haunts her, can she run away from this demon?

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Leanne Robertson
Love this book so far!!!
2022-06-11 15:30:56
41 Chapters
Chapter One
Finding a job as a graduate was like the most shittiest stage to ever hit in South Africa... We have unemployed youth running on the streets with degrees in their hands... A stage where you end up asking yourself if going to college or university was even worth in. I mean some students end up with dept of student loans and then get depressed since they ain't getting a job. It's horrible...It was so scary when I finished graduating but not that much scary because I've been a bit smart and thought ahead for myself. Pecks of staying with smart people. So while my friends and I were in college, Precious started a company and three years later it's blossoming like anyone's business. Susan was about to start working for the biggest IT company in the country and I... well lets just say I've been pretty awesome with words to a point where I published two of my books without even an editor. Tadaaaaaaaaa yep. All me..
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Chapter Two - I'm Sorry
 Friends that I have are seriously insane. I couldn't even call my mom and tell her."We will go home on Sunday and you'll tell her face to face dude.." Susan said and Precious nodded, "go get hot.. and please look tomboyish. You're getting laid tonight."I rolled my eyes but decided in not arguing. I went to my bathroom and cleaned up then put on my black ripped jeans and a white shirt with white sneakers. I fixed my hair since I didn't wanna be removing some wig and Shit.. I was going to get wasted. I put on my straight cap and walked out."fuuuuck.. look at you.." Precious said and I rolled my eyes, "you have a girlfriend.. don't make me call her."They laughed and Susan said, "get your phone and let's go, we are buying you alcohol tonight so just bring your phone only.."We got out, they locked and all headed to Precious's second car, a white VW polo.. the latest
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Chapter Three - This Is Not Happening
The rate at which my heart was beating at was scary as fuck. It was fast and loud. I felt like she could hear it or maybe it would jump out of my chest.. it was just insane.I looked up again and those eyes took me in. I had no idea what to say or do. She looked hot as ever and she was glowing. Three years, eight months, two weeks, three days later... she still look like that 27 year old..I suddenly felt hot and like shit for literally burning her with tea. "Shit.. are you okay?" I asked and she snapped her head and nodded as if I just kicked her back to reality, "shit.. yeah I'm.. it's.. fuck.. it's hot..""I'm sorry... shit... I'm really sorry I didn't look.. are you hurt...?" I mumbled. She held my hand instead and pulled me out of the lift carefully, "your hand..."I winced, "it's okay.. it's nothing.. I'm just worried about your chest.."She smiled a bit, "it's fine.. these are big girls they can handle hot things..."I furrowed my brows at her and she laughed nervously lookin
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Chapter Four - You're Using Her
I closed the door and pushed her against the wall roughly. She groaned when she felt my lips on her neck.."Fuck... I missed you..." she whispered while trying to pull up my dress but I pushed her hands away."Olwethu.." she whined and I laughed on her neck, "just let me first..." I snuck my hand inside her pants and was welcomed by warmth. "You're wet.." "You're kissing me and that's turning me on!" She said in a dah tone.I laughed while moving my hand up and down her clit making her sigh and flinch a bit. I moved the finger faster and without a warning I quickly penetrated her and she stopped breathing for a bit. I removed my lips from her neck and looked at her.. "Are you okay?" "Fuck..." she whispered and I started fucking her. "... right there...." I kept going like she asked me to. Pumping my fingers in and out of her. Soon, her breathing changed as she pulled me tight against her. I pushed her hard against the wall and kissed her neck. "Fuck..." she sighed before let
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Chapter Five - I Was Not Over Her
VALENTIA'S POVShe watched as I left my office. I mentally cursed at myself a thousand times for blurting that out. What was wrong with me? Why didn't I just shut the hell up. Things were getting harder everyday with Olwethu working here. Feelings I thought were buried a long time ago were surfacing and it wasn't good at all.I have worked so hard to get to this point... yet this was just difficult to ignore.After the ordeal of me having an affair with Olwethu back then.. I almost lost everything but mostly what I feared for was my freedom. I almost lost my freedom. But I was thankful to the principal for giving me another chance even though it was something I didn't want.Four years ago I made the most difficult choice and went against my heart. It was the most awful thing to do but it was good for me I guess. After apologizing to my wife I don't know for how long, she finally forgave me and I then vowed never to let anything come between us. Never to worse let anyone come betwee
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Chapter Six - I CAN'T BE MORE THAN THAT...
OLWETHU'S POV I was left trying to catch my breath. I couldn't believe she did that. I could not believe that she touched me and then left me just like that. I sighed and got off from her desk and went to my office. I started packing up my laptop and locked getting ready to leave. When I reached the reception desk my name was called. "Olwethu..." I thought about just ignoring her and leaving for the shit she just did. I thought about it, but my heart wouldn't let me and I wanted to tell her that I'm not a fucking toy. So I turned around and looked at her. She looked tired or torn it made me worry deep down....but I was also pissed for the stunt she pulled 20 minutes ago. "What the fuck was that Valentia? What the fuck do you call what you just did??"She swallowed, "I deserve that.. I'm sorry.. I... I wasn't thinking I just let my feelings take over. I just... I'm sorry." She let her feelings take over? So she still got feelings for me? Fuck!!!!! This was not good. I mean I
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chapter Seven - YOU ARE SELFISH...!
VALENTIA'S POV I sighed watching a pissed Olwethu leave my office, I turned to my wife not ready to get into any fight, "baby calm down.." "Don't baby me... now that you're cau..""If I was you I would thread very carefully from here and watch what I say..." I said calmly and she shook her head, "Valentia what did I do to deserve this? Her? Her again? And you didn't even have the nerve to tell me about it. So I'm over here looking like a fucken stupid idiot while my wife works with the person she cheated on me with nicely....." "Can you sit down..and Keep your voice down too so we can talk like adults babe..." "Don't fucken tell me what to do after the stunt you been pulling. Don't even think about it..." I sat there and just stared at her. I was starting to get pissed because Olwethu and I were finalizing what needed to be done here.. but I kept my cool. And I honestly hated how she spoke to Olwethu, worse since we didn't even do anything wrong. I wasn't on the hiring committee.
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OLWETHU'S POVI was tired and a little bit nervous... This friday was huge and I got to call the winner... the book was already edited and in works for printing. I was just delighted. I walked to the office and was welcomed by Jeremy, "hey hey little star.. how are you?" "I'm good thanks and how are you Jerry..." "All good.. so today we are announcing the winner..?" "Yes.. God this is exciting..." Last week we called the top three to the office and they were interviewed and talked with the design team. They designed beautiful covers for each book and the guys picked the one they loved. So this made it easy to actually publish the winning book. Jerry smiled, "your boss is coming and can this woman ever stop being so attractive.." I giggled and thought she's always been pretty hot.. "Morning guys.. good to see you here early Jerry..." "I would totally turn lesbian for you boss.. like God dammit woman you are everything.." Jeremy said and Valentia actually stopped and looked at
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Chapter Nine - I Don't Even Know Who You Are
VALENTIA'S POV I have to say, I was pretty much surprised to hear Sandra Buckle on the phone and that she's a journalist. My heart skipped a bit as she explained to Olwethu what was going on. The poor girl looked like she's seen a ghost.. I mean she might as well, she was talking to a ghost. My mind raced to what almost happened if that phone had not rang. We probably would have kissed because no one seemed to want to stop.. but I felt bad. I mean I was going through personal shit and this was just worse to add her on."Sandra? Is this some kind of a sick joke?" Olwethu asked on the phone taking me away from my thoughts and Sandra responded, 'you can call any of the media houses or start with the venue.. like what's up? The launch is supposed to be on Sunday.. check before people actually cancel..' Olwethu hung up and looked at me. "Valentia what's going on? Did we change plans..?"I shook my head, "no we didn't.."She was shaking a bit, probably freaked out. I understood, this w
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Chapter Ten - Are You Okay
OLWETHU'S POVI was honestly panicking but after I told Susan and Precious what was up they told me to calm down... Susan promised to actually help me find out who it was ... "Just take it easy and sleep.. all will be good, in between my work I promise I'll find out who this bitch or sun of a bitch is..." I hugged her. I honestly was going to be lost without them. They were my life.. my sisters from other mothers.. Talking about mothers, mom and Lizzie were coming tomorrow to join me on the event. And I was pretty excited. I went to bed still a tiny bit worried. Hoping that tomorrow will guarantee that Sunday will be a bliss. .Saturday came and I fetched my family and took them to our apartment. I was so worried about tomorrow. I felt like calling Vee to ask what's up but I waited impatiently. She was going to call me...The day went pretty slow.. Lizzie tried keeping my mind busy by telling me shit about her school and how Theo was now old and crushing on her. It was cute and f
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