Love And Ambition

Love And Ambition

By:  Dheasy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Old love passes, then comes a new love. Loyalty which is the measure of happiness, in fact, must go hand in hand with ambition. Without realizing it, love and ambition cannot go hand in hand.

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20 Chapters
That afternoon, Warung Lesehan Jogja, which is located on the outskirts of Malang, looks very crowded, because it coincides with lunch time. In addition, the Lesehan shop complex is an office area. Multi-storey buildings are located along the street. The price of food at the Lesehan stall is also quite affordable, so this Lesehan shop is never empty of visitors, especially during the daytime, because the employees who work in the company around the Lesehan stall during the day will take a break for lunch at the Lesehan stall. Especially for companies that do not provide lunch services for their employees.At one of the tables, a couple of lovers are enjoying their lunch. The woman seemed not
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Short Time
"What are you? Am I not careful? I should have said that. I've turned on the sign light, and honked you know, sis. But your sister did not heed, and now I blame you for not being careful? Seriously."“You know, the one who is wrong, and the victim is me, bro, not the gold. Think about it well, bro. Who is the real loser. Don't try to place yourself as a victim. Once again, I am the victim here. ""Sorry, I don't have time to serve scolding, miss, this is my name card. If something happens, please call that number, my secretary will take care of the rest. I was in a hurry.""What? You mean, bro, you want to pass on your mistakes with your secretary? That has to be the responsibility, mas, you know. Don't pretend you don't have time. You really piss me off. "The man who turned out to be known as Nosa could only put his hands on his hips while his eyes looked up, annoyed and angry at being one because the woman in front of him was blocking him with an
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Request More Time?
At 18.00 after the evening prayer, Kaylila got ready to go to a dinner party at Pak Sasongko's house. There will definitely be many important guests there, so Kaylila prepares herself as best she can. Because, the first impression will determine success.Kaylila wore a maroon red dress with a matching veil accented with gold thread as her accessories. Kaylila gave a thin polish on her face, to make it look more different.Because Kaylila usually prefers without make up. When finished, Kaylila did not forget to check again the cooperation documents that were requested by Mr. Wibisono. Once complete, Kaylila packed up. Shortly thereafter Pak Fauzi rang the house bell. Kaylila hurried off.At this hour, the congestion of the road has started to decrease due to the end of office hours, so Pak Fauzi drives slowly, because if you calculate the distance from Kaylila's house to Pak Sasongko's house, it only takes 30 minutes. So, we can be sure that before 19.00 Kaylila
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Right now, Kaylila seems to have stolen the heart of her mother, Mrs. Sasongko. Nosa could only be stunned. Pak Sasongko and Mrs. Sasongko never gave more attention, let alone invite Gladis to talk casually like Mrs. Sasongko treated Kaylila. There was a feeling of jealousy in Nosa's heart.Gladis is a model, who has high flight hours. Nosa knew Gladis when she was still studying in Singapore. Gladis is Nosa's junior at university, one major. Nosa, who is actually cool, is approached by Gladis who is friendly, warm and clever at making Nosa laugh. Love blossomed until now. Several times Nosa tried to beg Mr. Sasongko and Mrs. Sasongko to accept Gladis as their son-in-law, but Pak Sasongko and Mrs. Wibisono's answers still did not agree.“Nosa, Gladis is a model, who is used to showing her body in front of the camera, in front of many people. Do you want to marry someone like that? Is there nothing else? Until whenever I will not approve of your relationship. "
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Goodbye Love
Kaylila turned her head back towards Nosa. The disbelief that she had been harboring was now beginning to believe in her own hearing, that Kaylila had heard correctly. Kaylila narrowed her eyes. Meanwhile Nosa is still expressionless, and in a cold manner, making Kaylila feel furious.Marriage by appointment he said? He's really annoying."Sorry, sir, I already have a candidate."Kaylila answered succinctly and firmly, to prove that she cannot be played as she thinks. Nosa laughed sarcastically."Which candidate? Who tried to make fun of you by buying time to propose to you? ”Nosa smiled sarcastically again.Kaylila was surprised to hear Nosa's words."What does Mas Nosa mean? I don't understand what Mas Nosa said.""Are you always this naive? Or have you really been blinded by the love of that bastard? "Kaylila still couldn't believe her hearing. Nosa clearly cursed Genta, his lover."We are doing mutuall
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My First Love
"Alright, it's okay. It's still pretty. "Genta smiled mischievously at Kaylila.Genta's words, which were used to make him lulled by him, are now considered normal. He just shrugged his shoulders. His steps had stopped temporarily. Then, without making a sound, he followed Genta's steps to his car. He made sure that the house was closed, after locking the door first.Genta brought Kaylila to a pecel shop around Kaylila's residence. Genta ordered 2 servings of pecel rice and warm sweet tea. While waiting for their orders to arrive, Genta was busy surfing with his android.Meanwhile, Kaylila just sat watching the busy street with pedestrians. Because it is Sunday, most residents of the housing spend their time exercising in the morning around the complex. Not infrequently, they just run a marathon with their family.Kaylila's thoughts returned to Nosa.Marriage by appointment, without love. Win-win solution. I can get married according to the
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Without Love
"Have you had breakfast?"Kaylila, who did not expect to be asked this, immediately answered with a shake of her head. Nosa then pulled Kaylila's hand again, half-ran them to the parking area, then took a taxi that was on standby at that time.While in the car, Kaylila and Nosa were silent. Nosa calls someone, while Kaylila is still remembering her fight with Genta. Kaylila convinced herself that she could live without Genta. Not felt, Kaylila's tears dripped again, regretting what had happened, between her and Genta.They should be able to complement each other and understand each other, when the pressure comes on Kaylila, about Kaylila's future, their future.***While Kaylila ran away, Genta was still on his knees, banging his fist on the road, until he bled. Genta annoyed with Kaylila's attitude, Kaylila's parents do not make sense.All pissed her off. Genta was still watching Kaylila's departure, who moved away from him, then fell becau
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Your Choice
Finally, the sentence came out of Kaylila's mouth. Nosa burst out laughing again, more freely. For a moment Kaylila was amazed at the beauty in front of her. New to know him, but seeing his loose laughter, Kaylila felt a beautiful sight. Make Kaylila forget her anxiety and anger for a while.Until the order arrived, Nosa was still laughing, making Kaylila pucker her mouth, annoyed. Kaylila lowered her head, unable to do anything. Then Nosa stopped laughing."What about my offer last night? Have you thought about it? As soon as possible. I just don't want to see you suffer any further with that bastard. " Nosa said trying to change the subject.Kaylila immediately raised her head, looked directly at Nosa's eyes. Kaylila still suspected that Nosa was joking. However, Kaylila was wrong. Nosa was very serious, very serious. It was impossible for Nosa to just play with what he said. However, is this covenant marriage good for me? Kaylila hesitated."Isn't that
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"You don't want to go home? Want to stay here? " Nosa asked back."To be honest, I don't want to go home, Mas. Take me to Mbak Della's house, my colleague at work. I want to calm down there. " Kaylila answered.Who wants to take you home to your house? Do you want to meet Genta again? Just so you know, Genta has been milling about in front of your house, and just passed from Della's house. " Nosa replied casually, but made Kaylila surprised. How could Nosa know this."What, Mas? Genta milling about in front of my house? How could Mas Nosa know? " Kaylila asked confused.Nosa ignored Kaylila's words. Nosa immediately stood up, and walked towards the cashier. Kaylila, who was still confused, stood up and followed Nosa's steps in a hurry. Again, Nosa stopped suddenly, and Kaylila hit Nosa's back again. Kaylila immediately stepped back, her face bowed embarrassed."Looks like you really have a hobby when it comes to crashing and crashing." Said Nosa th
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As Kaylila was cleaning herself in the guest room, Nosa entered her room on the second floor. Nosa tells the mbok to prepare for Kaylila's needs. Likewise with Pak Budi who was given the order to take clothes at the house of his youngest sister Nicken for Kaylila to wear.Nicken, who incidentally found out that Nosa was dating a model, was surprised when Nosa contacted him to prepare a set of Muslim clothes. Of course this is a big question for Nicken."Who are the clothes for, Mas? Gladis are not veiled, aren't they? Mas have a new girlfriend, huh? " Asked Nicken spontaneously. "What are you talking about? Don't ask too many questions, get it ready. " Nosa replied immediately."Idih ... Mas now using secrets. Introduce it, Mas. Mama and Papa must be happy to hear this news. " Nicken said.“Don't mess around. Now the important thing is that clothes must be immediately available. Pak Budi is on his way there. Hurry up. Mas, wait. Assalamualaikum." Th
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